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An Unjustifiable Decision

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Tar from Orion 4
Tar: Dear Brothers, here I am again with you.
Interlocutor: In the few minutes that we have of session I wanted to ask you about the reasons for which an incarnated spirit commits suicide. Specifically I refer to the case of the doctor Rene Favaloro*, a renowned cardiologist who commited suicide and who performed heart surgeries to many celebrities. His suicide caused a tremendous consternation and people considered that the reason was the economic situation in which his clinic was, we all know that he helped many people for free, but I suspect other reasons.
Tar: First of all, I want to inform you that the fact that he attempted against his physical life, making it disembody, has made him go down to the plane of error 3.
Interlocutor: Which was the reason that impelled him to commit suicide?
Tar: It was a problem of engramic nature.
Interlocutor: Perhaps the main problem was the death of his wife that plunged him down because he loved her very much...
Tar: Without any doubt the death of his biological wife was the biggest reason and also his deteriorated economic situation, and other incidents that it would be long for me to detail that drove him to a deep depression from which he sought to escape taking his own life.
Interlocutor: Can suicide be justifiable somehow?
Tar: “Suicide is never justifiable”
Interlocutor: I was wondering about it because I know what a depressive state means, in my own flesh, a depressive state from which one tries to get out at all costs.
Tar: Suicide doesn't stop from being ego, it doesn't stop being selfishness. That doctor in that moment only thought of himself. It is a topic to debate, since many incarnated beings won't think the same way, maybe saying: "you say that because you are not in the person's place.”
If those people knew what one suffers in the Eighth Sphere, that so particular place where the pain of oneself is not only suffered by one, but also one feels the pain of all the other spirits there!
Imagine a toothache, which is very cruel pain in the physical plane, multiplied a million times...
The pain in the Eighth Sphere cannot be eliminate with sedatives, like in the physical plane you do, there is no way of fainting as a last defense either. The pain doesn't have pause, it is something constant.
Then, that spirit, in the plane - 2, called also the Eighth Sphere, is feeling the pain of all the thousands and thousands of spirits that are there, and from which one is capable to only leave when one begins worrying for the pain of the other instead of his own pain. That thousandth of second in which one stops thinking of himself and starts thinking of the other automatically elevates the spirit from plane.
Then, I don’t express this with a critical spirit, those who think they know a lot, they don't realize that the pain that this beloved spirit embodied as Rene Favaloro felt, was not the even the millionth part of what a spirit in the Eighth Sphere feels.
Interlocutor: I believe that this issue is clear. Doctor Favaloro, studied his career and as a surgeon he necessarily had to sacrifice many animals. How did this circumstance influence when he disembodied?
Tar: That is one of the reasons for which that spirit has descended to the plane 3. That is to say, he stopped being a Master spirit due to the tremendous contempt he had for the life of the other living beings, to which he didn't respect.
I, as a Spirit of Light, don't believe that the animal spirits of the several animals in the different planets are "inferior" spirits, but spirits with less discernment, but they equally deserve the same respect. That is the way a Spirit of Light thinks.
They are not lower beings, I repeat, but beings with less discernment but with the same love. Although not all of them because there are inferior beings that are dominated by their stomach and even though they have love, they can eat you up.
Interlocutor: Leaving this topic behind and in the last seconds of session I want to ask you a personal question: Are the spirits of error and the "demons" hindering my mission?
Tar: The answer is yes. And they have two ways to do it: taking the weakest person spiritually speaking, in this case your wife in the terrestrial plane. And somehow they try to influence her against you through her body of desires or emotional body.
As we said many times, the body of desires of the incarnated person doesn't have anything to do with physical desires, but with negative ideas.
And the second way is making focus. The spirits can perform telekinesis, although in a very small scale and they can even end up hindering electronic devices.
Interlocutor: Do you mean, concretely, to my computer that sometimes has inexplicable problems?
Tar: In particular your computer. I will leave you because the vessel is very destabilized. I leave all my Light with you.
Interlocutor: See you later, Tar, and thank you.
* Rene Favaloro was a renowned Argentine cardiac surgeon who commited suicide in 2000

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