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The term “sexual slavery” was used in the end of the XIX century to refer to European women who were taken with sexual purposes to countries of Asia and Africa. But now it changed its name for “human trafficking”
Nowadays, women, children, boys and girls are trafficked across the borders and they are trafficked into sexual commercial exploitation against their will. They disappear, nobody finds them, they have no documents because they were stolen, they are shut up, isolated, tortured and even murdered.
These innocent victims are induced to commercial sex by force, fraud, or coercion, and they perform sex under the age of 18 years in many cases. (pedophilia)
Regrettably, Sexual slavery exists because there are “consumers”. Without consumers, prostitution, sex trafficking and pedophilia would not exist. Unfortunately, there are people who use other people to satisfy their sexual desires in spite of the karmic consequences and without respecting others.
We are not against the prostitute and her client who freely have sex by mutual agreement because this is part of their Free Will, but we are against the forced prostitution or sexual slavery that does not respect the free will of these women and innocent children.
The tragedy of Sexual slavery is that it’s practically impossible to fight against it, since it’s a clandestine business; in many cases the same authorities that should be fighting against it are involved.
In addition, many submissive women and children do not denounce the whoremongers (pimps) because they have been threatened, even with threats against their own families. If there is an accusation of a place that would be working as a brothel, the well-trained victims say that they work as waitresses. The fear of the countermeasures paradoxically impels them to defend their slavers

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Well, let's move on to another matter. Do you agree if we talk about the missing children?
Ruanel: Okay.
Interlocutor: I am going to name three children, only for their names, to protect their identities and publish this session: Jeremy, Madelaine and Sofia.
Ruanel: The first one was kidnapped to ask for a ransom and the other two are fallen into the topic of Child pornography.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking about pedophilia?
Ruanel: Yes, It is a topic that as a Master of Light hurts me very much and even more because I visualize a negative end in two of the three cases.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking about deaths?
Ruanel: Yes, to that point. What we, a group of Master of Light, are doing is sending Light of compassion in the causal bodies of those adults who have the power to revert the situation.
Interlocutor: I understand. We know that in the whole world many children disappear...
Ruanel: In all the cases we send Light.
Interlocutor: Okay, but I would like to know what these mobsters are doing with the children they kidnap. For example, do they raise them so that when they are big they could be devoted to prostitution, obviously in the benefit of these whoremongers?
Ruanel: In many cases they do not wait they grow up because there are many consumers who are sexually aberrant that pay two thousand, three thousand and even five thousand Euros just to be few minutes with some of these girls, even without performing sex, simply with an intimate approach.
Interlocutor: But who are these monsters?
Ruanel: We are speaking about deformed minds in their spiritual parts. All of this causes us deep pain, and although as Masters of Light we love every incarnated person, we have a big preponderance of Love for children.
Interlocutor: I would like to clarify a doubt, and it has to do with the percentage of missing children who are kidnapped for a ransom, those who are sold to couples that cannot have children or even pedophilia.
Ruanel: You have to add that they also kidnap children to extract their organs…
Interlocutor: I was not expecting that! I can barely believe it!! And what would be the percentage?
Ruanel: 30 % for ransom, 30 % for sale, 30 % for pedophilia and 10% to extract their organs. These are values merely approximated and difficult to establish, even the percentage of extraction of organs is lower.
Interlocutor: Some time ago, you obviously remember, I brought the photographs of about 100 children to see if it was possible to do something about it and you told me that the Masters of Light could not interfere because those cases were related to karmic issues.
Ruanel: Yes, in many cases there is karma in the middle, but not in the three cases you mentioned. I am going to leave you because it’s a topic that has put me very badly, even as a Master of Light.
Interlocutor: I understand how you feel. See you later Master, and thank you.
Ruanel: Good Bye.

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