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Psychoanalysis is an endless and obsolete therapy, which only deals with the superficial incidents of the patients; these incidents disappear momentarily and reappear in the future.
Psychoanalysis was developed by Sigmund Freud and it was merely a basic therapy that should have been improved, something that didn't happen due to the ineptitude of psychiatrists. At the present time, psychoanalysis doesn’t have any validity, it’s practically useless, and only ends when the patient runs out of money.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Rah, extraterrestrial from Antares 4.
Interlocutor: Who is present?
Rah: I am again with you transmitting messages and listening to your concerns. I Am Rah, from Antares 4.
Interlocutor: Hello, how are you are? I listen to your message.
Rah: I reiterate what I said in a previous session that in our world, as well as in the physical part agriculture prevails, in the mental part philosophy prevails. In our world philosophy is a life habit, as it was it in several countries of your past history.
Interlocutor: Yes, especially in Greece, although now it is only studied in some of our schools. I will ask you a question that I had from the previous session: How do you know so much of our world in Antares 4?
Rah: We know a lot about your world because we are permanently in contact with your Masters that are our brothers, and whose spirits have embodied in your planet Sun 3, like Socrates, Plato, Aristophanes and later on Descartes.
I’m seeing, with a lot of grief, how the current techniques are being distorted, although not on purpose.
Interlocutor: For example?
Rah: One of them, and it’s one of the most advanced is the one called "Transpersonal", some groups call it "Transpersonal Psychology", with some branches like Gestalt, where they practice altered states of consciousness by means of holotropic breathwork that leads to a state of oxygenation of your physical brain.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking of a normal oxygenation or an over-oxygenation?
Rah: We are speaking about an over-oxygenation. This state is achieved with a very advanced breathing therapy of breathing-in and breathing-out. Breathing-in is very deep and exhalation very brief and so forth until one looses notion of the body
Interlocutor: But is that good?
Rah: In most of the cases no, and I will explain the reason. As it is already known and it was said in previous sessions, not only by me, but also the dear Master Johnakan said it, many of the incarnated and disembodied beings have ego. And in the physical plane, mainly, they have dramatizations.
Then what happens? The altered states of consciousness weaken the immunologic psychic system.
Interlocutor: What should we understand for altered state of consciousness?
Rah: When one looses the notion of reality. Regrettably, many transpersonal therapists and Gestalt therapists believe erroneously that in this way their consciousness is expanded.
Interlocutor: Does anybody expand his or her consciousness with this system?
Rah: The percentage is tiny, hardly 1%. For that reason I consider it erroneous. Even, many of the terrestrial teachers that direct holotropic sessions make lose consciousness to their patients.
Interlocutor: Do they pass out?
Rah: No, they are in an altered state of consciousness and they can end up having a similar symptom to what you in the physical plane call catatonic state, they even end up attacking others and harming themselves.
Interlocutor: If I remember correctly, there are some religions that also practice holotropic breathwork.
Rah: Correct, for example, the Lutheran church also called Evangelical here, founded by Martin Luther. This person created a different religion that has been distorted in some countries, and many parishioners end up altering their consciousness in such way that they end up falling on the ground prey to big convulsions and even throwing up foam through their mouths.
Interlocutor: Does this have some connection with “demonic possession”? The Masters already explained us that demons have nothing to do in this case
Rah: Yes, but we will explain it correctly. In the altered state of consciousness – badly called "Higher state of consciousness" - they even end up having those attacks that in your planet medical science call "epilepsy."
To such point these seizures provoke convulsions that earthly therapists have to seize them so that they do not harm others or to themselves.
Interlocutor: How do you perceive this therapy from the spiritual planes?
Rah: We are always in contact with the Higher-selves or thetans of those incarnated persons that are suffering those altered states, and for that reason we know that they don't elevate their consciousness.
They don’t learn anything new either, they are not separated from reality, but rather they escape from it and they are totally dominated by their ego. I want this to be completely clear.
Interlocutor: But Aren’t we speaking of Transpersonal, which is considered one of the most advanced techniques?
Rah: It is one of the techniques they believe that are more advanced. However, not necessarily this kind of therapy is transpersonal Psychology, but a distorted branch of it. It is a branch that practices holotropic breathwork. And there are many schools that also use it.
Interlocutor: But Transpersonal Psychology doesn't have knowledge of ego, at least not like Psychointegration does, which has been developed by this vessel, and it doesn’t have any knowledge on the reactive mind of Dianetics and Scientology. The question is: Can a technique be considered valid if it ignores the ego and the reactive mind?
Rah: It is an advanced therapy compared to other therapies, but it is incomplete, and being incomplete, it will never give a good definition from the therapist to the patient, it will never end up completing the therapy of the patient, because while ignoring one of ten things, being that other techniques ignore five of ten. Then, if a therapist or a technique ignores one of ten, it will be a more advanced therapy, but being incomplete, the patient will never complete the therapy.
Interlocutor: I understood perfectly, but I wonder if…
Rah: Allow me to conclude the concept. The altered state of consciousness can set free a person who is prisoner of his emotions of many roles.
But this is merely fruit of chance. It is like the person that takes a drink that you call alcohol in the physical plane. There will be people that are loose and they are excellent comedians and there will be people that are released and they’ll unleash their lowest instincts and their aggressiveness. Something similar occurs with certain weeds.
Then. That therapy is not good because it creates engrams to that person who is experiencing an epileptic attack. It is not expanding his or her conscience.
When we communicate with Thetans or Higher selves that can be in the planes 2, 3, 4 or 5, they transmit to us that they suffer greatly for their incarnated parts because they are creating tremendous engrams and besides they are playing the role of victims, which make them increase their ego
Remember that in the physical plane, ego loves the role of victim, Ego is "happy" with that role.
Notice the atrocity of the treatment: the person suffers greatly and at the same time enjoys. Later on, unconsciously, the patient will accuse the therapists as the culprits.
Interlocutor: And what happens with that 1% remaining, I mean to the percentage of people that expand their consciousness?
Rah: If the embodied being belongs to the Light, he expands his consciousness, doesn't make any aggressive act and directly he or she is in tranquility and peace that he or she can even glimpse a parallel universe.
Interlocutor: To me this is a total novelty.
Rah: A being of Light that makes holotropic breathwork, and who belongs also to the Light in the physical plane – I take this with a grain of salt -, doesn’t need assistance. In this all the therapists, I refer to Gestalt and Transpersonal, they are wrong.
Regrettably, as well as they are wrong, they are also close-minded. They will never admit that their therapy is negative because they live off it. They love their therapy!
It’s not bad if they love their therapy, because each therapy in their own way can be useful. Whether Transpersonal or Gestalt, with holotropic breathwork are nine of ten and another technique is five of ten, obviously the first one is better and then the comparison is more valid.
I’m aware that comparisons are hateful, because they are egotistical, but either way what I say is valid.
Interlocutor: If you had to respond the question on which of all the terrestrial therapies is the most valid, what would you respond? The other question is: Are there techniques like Transpersonal, Dianetics, Scientology or Psychointegration in Antares 4?
Rah: The therapy that we use is based, somehow, in songs, but it is because we already have a different concept, and through songs and taking our hands we can communicate with each other.
I remember that in a session, in one I came also, in a certain moment I told you that in our world we could take the hand of each other and feel in chain the others and also with hugs we could feel the others.
Interlocutor: Does that eliminate engrams?
Rah: No. That doesn't eliminate engrams. What do I want to highlight? We have a technique of songs, with shut mouths, only changing tonalities, and when taking our hands those songs transmit the vibration and somehow produce healing manifestations that can make disappear symptoms of illnesses.
Interlocutor: Is it the only technique that you have?
Rah: No, it is not the only one. Another technique is the one you call Psychointegration and the brother Johnakan transmitted it to his incarnated part, that is to say, to this vessel.
Psychintegration can be ten of ten in the spiritual plane, but in the physical plane no, maybe it can reach a nine of ten, because in the physical plane perfection doesn't exist.
Interlocutor: And Dianetic auditing?
Rah: Dianetic auditing can eliminate engrams - here is with me the Master Ruanel that advises me - but as long as the embodied being is with very little ego. If that being has ego the engrams can end up getting worse. There would not be a permanent cleaning.
Interlocutor: I understand. Now then, when Ron Hubbard was incarnated, he realized that although Dianetics was a good system to eliminate engrams, even better that eliminating engrams was that the person stay away from the reactive bank so that the engrams not be restimulated. And so he developed Scientology.
Rah: I agree, but Ron didn't finish perfecting this technique of separation from the reactive bank.
Interlocutor: The question is if with Psychointegration one can eliminate engrams.
Rah: Psychointegration can end up eliminating engrams, independently from Auditing.
Interlocutor: I was treated with Dianetics and Scientology and I also audited my own Thetan with Psychoauditing, a technique developed by me through the teachings of Ron Hubbard. In addition, the same Higher-self or Thetan of this vessel - Johnakan Ur-El - applied to me, Psychointegration. The question is if I am totally separated from the reactive bank.
Rah: You are separated from the reactive bank in a higher percentage, but you are not exempt of falling down again. What you have is a tremendous control, exactly what most of the people lack due to their ego.
The ego, and I want to clarify this very well, is suspiciousness. There are many beings in the Mastery planes of Light, 4º and 5º that are the "untouchable ones." I am playing a prank, as you say, because in fact nobody is untouchable: if there is a smallest flash of wanting notoriety, the thetan automatically becomes dim and it lowers down of level. But in comparison with the physical plane, yes we are untouchable.
Rah: Now, when a being of Light of the plane 5 embodies and he or she is suspicious or sensitive in the physical plane, they can become offensive, they can have doubts and for that reason is very hard to be in control at all times.
I don’t want to make an evaluation in this moment about what symptom is more harmful, if the symptom created by engrams or the one created by the roles of ego.
I do know that the roles invade. It’s like they are everywhere, like the air you breathe, and in the same way you cannot stop breathing, you won’t avoid that those roles of ego be there.
Then, brothers, most of you are preys to those roles of ego and those roles create suspicions, they create doubts, they create fears, rejections, they even create memory loss and they can even create prejudice. Remember that one of the biggest roots of Ego is prejudice.
Interlocutor: What exactly means prejudice? I ask it because I don’t want to have any misunderstanding on the meaning of this word.
Rah: Prejudice means “to prejudge” What does it mean to prejudge? It means "To condemn without knowing if that person deserves condemnation”
Interlocutor: It’s clear.
Rah: Most of the people in the physical plane prejudge, even if their thetans are in elevated planes, they prejudge.
I clarify that Antares 4 is not a better planet than Sun 3; it simply advanced more in philosophy, so we have set deeply this behavior and we do not prejudice. It’s almost a habit not to do it.
Interlocutor: I understand. I wanted to ask you, since in this session we have treated the topic of therapies about Neuro-linguistic Programming.
Rah: This therapy doesn't eliminate engrams and it doesn’t eliminate roles of ego either because what it does is to change the shape, but not the essence.
Interlocutor: But does it have some validity?
Rah: I don’t understand the customs of your planet, but in my world, if something changes the shape, but not the content, then it didn't change anything, and if it didn't change anything it is not valid. The important thing is not the container but the liquid. And if the liquid is not changed, but the posture...
Interlocutor: I understand.
Rah: In your world, you have the habit to call “personality” to the facade. What that technique changes is the personality, because it has to do with something superficial: to please and to show off.
Then, if I have a certain problem and I see that changing my facade I am pleasurable, I am comfortable. But what is comfortable?
Interlocutor: The role?
Rah: The ego. That is what is comfortable. I suddenly get dressed in a certain way or I adopt certain posture and I crash with the environment I’m living in.
In our planet there are no problems of this sort, but in your planet yes due to great number of regions, the multiplicity of customs, multiplicity of outfits, and multiplicity of religions, with multiplicity in all things.
Then, this therapy allows to correct all those postures, fashions are corrected, discernments are corrected, with the consequence that one pleases the other and he eliminated that suffering of not being pleasant.
But what he eliminated is the suffering of ego without solving anything of the essence, because internally he continues being the same.
For example, if you are a sloppy person and your neighbors criticize you, and in order to please them you buy a new suit and as a result of that everybody applauds you and you feel very well for that reason, because you are being a prey to your ego, since you only changed your façade, but you are still the same sloppy person inside.
Instead of evolving you are retrogressing!
Interlocutor: I understood it perfectly.
Rah: Good. That is what Neuro-linguistic Programming does. This technique looks for that a person becomes pleasant to everybody, but it achieves it in detriment of his ego, and instead of integrating his ego as it should, this technique enlarges the ego.
It’s not bad for what you call "society", because that person will be happy in that society adapting to the pleasure of those who form part of that society, but internally the person continues being the same person with the same problems.
Interlocutor: At this time I’m confused. Don’t the therapies come from the planes of Light? I mean to the Masters of Light that suggest them to our causal bodies.
Rah: They don’t always come from the planes of Light because many come from ego. One of thetans that I have at my side is advising me and informing me that one of your big discoverers on what you call psyche, had infinity roles of egos and engrams and he questioned everything. And he was, as you say, an accomplished narcisist.
Interlocutor: Are you referring to Sigmund Freud?
Rah: Correct. And he was suffering until the last day of his incarnation of those roles of ego one after the other and questioning many things like religion, sex. Etc.
Interlocutor: Which was the mission that Freud had when embodying? Maybe to develop Psychoanalysis as a preparation for Dianetics?
Rah: His therapy was a basic therapy.
Interlocutor: But are basic therapies good?
Rah: All the basic therapies are good. That therapy was modified by another spirit that embodied as a direct relative.
Interlocutor: Are you referring to his daughter Ana Freud?
Rah: Correct. But that modification didn't stop being also a basic therapy. What happened was that on that basic therapy there were many comments, but nobody continued it. And if a basic therapy is not continued and refined, it ends up being obsolete, this is what happened to Psychoanalysis.
Interlocutor: So, didn’t Psychoanalysis have the purpose to prepare Dianetics?
Rah: No, not at all. It was a different ramification.
Interlocutor: And why it wasn’t continued and improved?
Rah: Because those who studied psychoanalysis took it to the letter, they developed psychoanalysis literally and they didn't continue it because they had a reverential fear to correct things.
Interlocutor: Maybe they were afraid of being censored?
Rah: Exactly. In those people ego prevailed. That basic therapy doesn’t exist in Antares 4 because the philosophy looks for to empathize with the patient and not to subject him as it happens in Psychoanalysis.
Interlocutor: I had never seen Psychoanalysis as a repressive therapy, but now that you mention it and remembering all those years I was psychoanalyzed I see that you are absolutely right.
Rah: Tell me, what happens to what is repressive?
Interlocutor: Well, I suppose that a person turns to be apathetic.
Rah: And also he or she creates a great resentment. And what is resentment?
Interlocutor: A role of ego?
Rah: Exactly. Then, I reiterate that all the therapies are good, as long as they don't keep being basic. All that stays basic is sterile.
Interlocutor: And Psychointegration?
Rah: It is a therapy that has a solid structure. At this time it is the only one that can integrate the roles of ego and it is important to continue developing it.
Another of the therapies that I advise, although I believe that here it was not created, it is the therapy of mantras channeling vibrations.
Interlocutor: As far as I know, it doesn't exist.
Rah: Then I will transmit it to Johnakan. It is a therapy where the energies are transmitted, by means of taking the hands or by means of hugs.
I will leave because the vessel is very destabilized. I leave all my Light to you all.
Interlocutor: See you later, Rah, and until the next session.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: What was the Freudian "unconscious"?
Ruanel: Freud's unconscious is simply the group of perceptions that enter in the bank of memories of the analytical mind without the conscience realizes that they have entered. Later on, the person looks for an answer and he or she finds it, without knowing that the answer was lying within.
It’s not exactly the reactive mind because they are two different things. The reactive mind is a mind that stalks and the only thing that it makes is to channel... it channels engrams, it channels the ego so that it roots in order to make it grow. The unconscious, on the other hand, it’s something that is in our inside, almost superficially, and then we don't realize it. We can reach to know things that are not superficially and suddenly to ask our inner-self and to make them conscious.
The inner-self would be the Freudian unconscious that doesn't have anything to do with the reactive mind because the unconscious can be good and the reactive mind is never good.
In fact, now it is not good, because centuries ago, for the primitive man, it was good because it was necessary for his survival.
Also, those perceptions that enter surreptitiously in the memory archives, enter when the person is analytical, otherwise, if one has fainted or passed out due to a hit, for example, they enter directly in the reactive mind as engrams. And engrams, as you know, they cannot be reached by the analytical mind because the analytical mind ignores that they have penetrated because it was diminished, totally or partially.
Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood... For example, I am watching a movie concentrated on what happens on the screen and suddenly somebody at my side tells me something I didn’t pay attention and without having realize it, since that event is in my memory bank, later on, I can bring it out suddenly to the conscience, maybe with surprise because I didn't know consciously that it was there. Is it something like that?
Ruanel: Totally. It’s not a very complicated thing.
Interlocutor: And can also be something that happened to me in past lives that I didn't remember and suddenly I made it conscious?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Did Freud speak of the unconscious in this sense?
Ruanel: Yes, the issue is that he looked for drives everywhere. To Freud, the unconscious was the "id." the whimsical, the one that wanted and wanted...
Interlocutor: But that was the impulsive reactive mind or emotional reactive mind!
Ruanel: Sure, and there is the confusion. Freud called "unconscious" to a role of ego. The role of ego that asks and asks... Freud's daughter, Ana, developed much more about that way of thinking, about the “Id” the whimsical boy that asks, asks and asks.
After that is the conscious “I”, which is the one that allows or doesn't allow, and lastly the Superego which is the censor and also another role of ego, which is the one that censors to the Ego because it has consented that "boy." But everything is part of oneself.
Suddenly, I being incarnated, my Id wants something, and my Ego impels me to do it, and as soon as I do it, my Superego recriminates for having done it, since I did what my "Id" - my unconscious -, requested and my Ego authorized, and then I feel a guilt complex.
We are speaking of three roles: the “id” which is the boy that asks, the ego, which is the one that consents, and the Superego the one that passes judgment later on: "why did you allow it?” Then, they are guilt complexes inside one person. Here we are not speaking of the interaction of a person with another, but about a single person.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Ruanel: It is the case of that obese person that goes to the freezer at night, when nobody sees him, and he eats, eats and eats, and the next day he feels a tremendous guilt complex and he hates himself, in addition he channels engrams. Because the same ego makes that he diminishes his analytical mind, and then he allows the reactive mind so that it continues channeling engrams and engrams.
The guilty “I” creates a great number of engrams. If the person, instead of feeling guilty, simple takes responsibility "indeed" he/she doesn't channel engrams, because the same responsibility puts the person "in cause."
To be in cause is to be analytical, and the person that is analytical doesn't receive engrams, in order to receive engrams one has to be necessarily with the analytical power diminished.
Interlocutor: I believe that here fits well what you said about feeling responsible and not guilty.
Ruanel: Responsibility is something wonderful. The responsible person can make things for the others. On the other hand, the person that feels guilty doesn't make anything, not even for himself. It is necessary to always put oneself in cause and not in effect.
Interlocutor: The point is clear.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Johnakan Ur-El.
Johnakan Ur-El: Dear brothers, it’s me Johnakan Ur-El...
Interlocutor: Ah! Johnakan, how've you been? It’s been a long time.
Johnakan Ur-El: ...With a lot of joy of being able to speak to you through my 10%. I feel a great harmony in my plane doing service and before we start with the questions that surely you have, I’d like to make an explanation on the different techniques of the physical plane.
There are therapists that when a person comes to their office, let’s suppose related to a topic of love, these therapists dig on the problem and not on the person. Then we will outline a hypothesis, do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Johnakan Ur-El: Well. Two male people are going out with two young girls. During a lapse or time and maybe within some weeks of difference they break up the relationship because the girls decided to have their independence, to be free from affective ties and both males are abandoned within days of difference. One of the men falls into a tremendous depressive crisis, on the other hand, the other man takes it saying: "Well, certainly it was not meant to be” and he takes in a broad way.
Interlocutor: Let’s say philosophically.
Johnakan Ur-El: The same thing can be said with two young women who are dating with two men and they abandon them, it is exactly the same thing. That is to say, it doesn't matter the gender here.
Then, the first man, the one who became depressive goes to a therapist and that therapist will stress - not all of them but some - on the girl who left him, he will outline that perhaps she left him because he didn't know how to treat her and bla bla bla... There is one way more - I would say - suitable to treat the person, because let’s remember that the second man was also dumped by the other girl and however he didn't fall into depression, he took it as you said, philosophically and he continued with his normal job, with his normal life, with his higher self-esteem, thinking that evidently that girl was not for him and that relationship was not meant to be.
My point is that the therapist, if he or she has a suitable treatment, he or she will treat the patient, not to the other person who originated the problem, because if the person originated the problem it was because the patient allowed a problem to be originated. Then my question would be – I do have the answer, I simply ask it as a pun- why the other person was not affected by the break-up? Maybe his spirit was stronger, maybe he was not in love as the first person was, perhaps his self-esteem was higher and it was enough for him, there can be a lot of “reasons” Then, it has nothing to do with what the source of the problem, it has to do with the person, why did the problem appear? It is the other way around.
Then that technique I have dictated to my 10% called psychointegration deals with the problem first from an impersonal point of view. Suddenly - you "X" - have a certain affective problem or certain problem at your job, and then this technique will treat the topic impersonally. For example: You will tell me: “I have problems interacting with people” Then, I, incarnated what I will make is to treat your person in order to see why you have problems, if it is a problem of roles of ego, if the problem has to do with engrams that prevents you to be sociable and so forth.
I wanted to clear that up - and yet it is not delved deeply - this is something that the 10% has to deal with, not me; I as a 90%, I leave it outlined so that psychontegration be specific in certain topics. I wanted to outline that.
I am at your disposal for the questions.
Now I wanted to move on to a topic that a while ago I had scheduled to ask you. I refer especially to Oedipus complex and complementarily to the so-called Electra complex and castration anxiety in Freudian Psychoanalysis.
I read the text related to Oedipus complex and Electra complex for the record:
In the Freudian psychoanalysis, Oedipus complex refers to the emotional conflict that appears during the childhood of all human beings of masculine sex when, on one hand, they feel an unconscious sexual attraction towards their mothers and, on the other (simultaneously), one also perceives a feeling of hate (also unconscious) toward the father. The period of manifestation of this complex would happen during the first six years of the boy's life, as a part of the phallic stage of the development of the libido. The Electra complex would be the sexual unconscious attraction that a girl feels toward her father.
Also, I want to ask you about castration anxiety and Penis envy
Johnakan Ur-El: Evidently, this being that embodied with the role of Sigmund Freud had a very big problem with what he called “Oedipus complex” and he transferred that idea to his patients implanting on them the convincing idea that this complex existed.
Interlocutor: And is it real...?
Johnakan Ur-El: Obviously it’s not true. The so-called Oedipus complex does not exist and the Electra complex doesn't exist either. The so-called Castration anxiety doesn't exist and penis envy in girls doesn’t exist...
Interlocutor: Are all these complexes false concepts?
Johnakan Ur-El: Correct, They are completely false, absolutely false concepts, because when any embodied being is born playing a certain gender he or she is adapted, he or she takes naturally everything related to his own gender. I’m speaking in general terms. I’m not approaching topics of homosexuality of any type at this moment.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Johnakan Ur-El: I am approaching this topic from a general point of view in order to not be deviated from the topic itself, yes.
Interlocutor: So, definitely, Sigmund Freud originated an engramic aberration as for the belief in Oedipus complex.
Johnakan Ur-El: Correct, one could say that yes, totally. But I go even further. Notice how ridiculous this thing is, no wonder why one smiles. I’m referring to a conceptual smile, always with a lot of respect, in the same way as a father smiles at his son that does something stupid when acting disguised in a party at the school. It is a healthy smile, full with pride, not a mocking smile, because he is a boy to whom he loves.
Interlocutor: I understand what you mean.
Johnakan Ur-El: Then, at this moment I smile conceptually, with a smile of understanding the limitations, when seeing that 95% of the students already graduated inherit what Freud taught and they don't have that Oedipus complex or Electra complex. That is to say, they don't look for a girlfriend similar to their mothers nor the girls are looking a boyfriend similar to their fathers or with similar characteristics, etc., etc.
These women, when they were little girls, have never seen their fathers more than a progenitor, they have never seen their fathers in an aberrated way, and however, these students, professors, graduates, doctors in Psychology believe literally in those two complexes, Oedipus and Electra, without having experienced them, they have only studied them by heart.
Then, what a great truth when we, as spiritual beings, say that the incarnated beings are sometimes "sleeping" and they are not interested in waking up.
Interlocutor: I believe that Freud should have had many engrams about it.
Johnakan Ur-El: Many engrams related to past lives. The surprising thing, not only of this role who invented Psychoanalysis, but from all the roles .students, professors, graduates, doctors in Psychology. Who have not even felt that complex
Interlocutor: They agree that it is valid.
Johnakan Ur-El: They say that these complexes are valid without having experience them, and the worse thing is that they leave aside their own discernment, and I give as an example my own 10% who has made courses on Freudian Psychology in two different universities without never having felt empathy for what they taught there.
Interlocutor: Okay, the key question now is: why did he do it?
Johnakan Ur-El: He simply wanted to experience somehow that learning.
Interlocutor: And Couldn’t affect him somehow?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, on the contrary, he could prove that the professors are so closed-minded that when they teach something by heart and some student objects that teaching, they simply respond: “Freud said it, period! ", as if what Freud said were the last word, as you would say in the earthly plane.
Interlocutor: Did Freud originate that aberrations called Oedipus and Electra complexes? Or did they exist before?
Johnakan Ur-El: In this humanity of Sun 3. We are not speaking of other worlds where there are other techniques because they have nothing to do with this case, there were always children that looked unconsciously at their parents with that curiosity.
Interlocutor: I understand what you mean.
Johnakan Ur-El: But at this time I want to emphasize in what a normal behavior in the boy is... If suddenly a child, maybe a four-year old child, barges in accidentally to the bathroom and sees her cousin peeing and she doesn't have the same genitalia he has, he takes it as a natural thing.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Johnakan Ur-El: He takes it as a natural thing as well as you take a natural thing that there are different races "homo sapiens sapiens" people with another skin color or somebody who has blond hair and another dark hair.
Interlocutor: Unless, obviously that there is some engram that makes him see the vagina as a result of the emasculation of the penis. But that would be another story, I suppose.
Johnakan Ur-El: Correct. That would be another story. We speak that in most of the cases, if the parents let their small children run naked when they go to the beach, it will be natural to the young girl to see the boy with his undeveloped penis, and it will also be natural to the boy seeing the girl with her small vagina. None of them will have mystery feelings toward the opposite sex.
Interlocutor: Okay Johnakan, the point was properly clarified that these complexes don't exist.
Johnakan Ur-El: Even morel, there are many cases where the children not only touched their genitalia, but rather they also touched the genitals of other children.
There are small children who have not even gone to the primary school and being semi-naked in a summer camp, they have been catched out by some grown-up touching their genitals and they have been rebuked in a badly way: "What you are doing, you are a pervert!".
The boy, being a small kid, doesn’t even know the concept of what a pervert means, and he receives an engram of castration of attitude, with the aggravating circumstance that later on, he will have the curiosity to know why they are prohibiting him that, or why something is bad, or why there is nothing bad if he touches his cheek and there is something bad if he touches his crotch.
Interlocutor: Obviously.
Johnakan Ur-El: Then the same grown-ups create to their children, or to the children that they are taking care of, certain engrams related to sex. And I don't want to approach the most polemic topic related to religion, where they directly take sex as a taboo and they inculcate it in this way to the children.
Interlocutor: All right, Johnakan, this topic is perfectly clear.
Johnakan Ur-El: The "normal" beings, although they have small engrams and some roles of ego, they don't have that curiosity, nor do they have that curiosity being teenagers, for the parents, neither the parents towards the children.
A father can have a young daughter who is the most beautiful girl in the world and however he won't feel the most minimum libido for her -as a man towards a woman's sense- Because she is the daughter that plays that role in that incarnation.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Johnakan Ur-El: I know that there are exceptions where fathers have had sexual relations with their own daughters, and mothers with their own sons...
Interlocutor: …But that is another issue.
Johnakan Ur-El: Correct, it’s another issue. Normally that type of complex is totally absurd, and I repeat it because it is very important that this be clarified properly to the people.
I don’t mind the author of this aberrant concept and these nonexistent complexes. I’m worried about the students that learn and they are graduates or doctors in Psychoanalysis and deep inside, not only have not experienced these complexes, but even reject that posture, but they accept them and teach them as an emblem as if there were a Pavlov's conditioned reflex. Do you Understand what I am conveying, dear brother?
Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly. Well, I believe that we can give the topic concluded.
Johnakan Ur-El: Okay, for that reason when I say “I laugh” I laugh like understanding, as if I were the dad of the boy who is in a play and suddenly he trip around and he laughs with love, not mockery. This is necessary to be clear because the egos are in the agenda, copying the terrestrial language.
If you don't have more questions, I’ll allow this vessel to rest who has a lot of work to do.
Interlocutor: Okay.

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