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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: Once again, I’m communicated with the physical plane and I’ll try to elucidate enigmas. I’ll narrate several experiences that sometimes are like a notch in the memory. Experiences that one wonders as spiritual entity, how certain things happen or how an impulse of seconds can sometimes make collapse a work made in a long time. It is very difficult to build and very easy to destroy. Let’s say that, as you say in the physical plane, a good handicap.
I embodied a long time ago in Antares 4. In one of the experiences I was a philosopher, maybe not well-known as the dear Rah of the present time. My name was Rever and I wondered many experiences of the inhabitants of Antares. Antares 4 is another of the worlds that doesn't evolve technically and a thousand of your years can pass and the world continues the same. It is an immense barn, where when a crop is burnt by a lightning; all the other neighbors approach to offer their grains. Similar grains to wheat, similar grains to corn. Fruits are also harvested. There is an orange fruit very similar to the terrestrial tomato. We are a vegetarian race in Antares 4, although the Masters of Light say that the important thing is not what you eat, but how you act with your neighbor.
The life in Antares 4 somewhat bothered me. It is true that there was nobody unprotected! Contrary to Sun 3 that competes to see who takes the more benefit from the other, the competition in Antares 4.- if we can call it in this way-, was to see who was serving more to the other.
Generally, the person who was damaged by the loss of a crop was the one that had more at the end, because his neighbors gave him more, - always, he?-, more than what he had lost. But what a strange bird I was because, I didn't have incentive! It seemed to me a very monotonous world, a very monotonous society. Yes, it is true. They gathered at nights in warm times in front of a bonfire and they debated. There was always a philosophical chat and to me it gave me the impression that they were bothered to debate with me in that time.
Rever - What is your search? What do you want from life?
Antarian_1: - Well, Rever we have incorporated the concept of what sociable means, of what service means, of what the meaning of service stands for, and for that reason it is not necessary to be lonely or a person that has losses, because if somebody had a bad crop he or she is helped, he or she is assisted. And it is a chain because today I help you, tomorrow the other one helps me, and the other helps the other and so forth.
Rever: - But, what do you want me to tell you? I don’t see incentive.
Antariano_1: - How you don’t perceive incentive Rever? How great incentive is to be useful to the other? How great incentive is to serve? How great incentive is to always love? How great incentive is to love and be loved?
Rever: - I don’t doubt it and I don’t question it either, because I agree with you that service is love in action. And it is a sentence that a spiritual entity said in several opportunities.
Antarian_1: - Then, I don't understand your unconformity, Rever.
Rever: - Look, I don't know if the correct word is unconformity. But I see that you don't advance anywhere! You are a civilization that remains quiet. You don't differ from the animals with simple thought. We, as a race have abstract thinking. We are guided by feelings, in some cases by emotions, contrary to the other animals that are absolutely emotional and don't have abstract thinking. In what do you differ? That you have houses? That you have spouses? What do you do for yourselves? No. You don’t have treasures.
Antarian_1: - But Rever, Aren’t treasures attachments?
Rever: - I’m speaking about paintings, or those melodies that could be recorded, or some statues.
Antarian_1: - We have done some things, but the beings of the antiquity have transmitted generation after generation that what is treasured is vain; because the only thing that we can treasure is love, friendship, solidarity, mercy, compassion, piety. Everything else, Rever, doesn't mean anything.
Rever: - And I’m not against it, because perhaps you think I am. I am not against it! I mean that a painting or a musical theme sometimes marks an era. I believe that there are other worlds, I believe that there are other civilizations and they must mark different ages for their discoveries. There are no discoveries here! I don’t see emotion.
Antarian_1: - How don't you see emotion, Rever? We are much more advanced than other worlds as for the physical sensations. We are one of the few worlds where we hug each other with our partner and only with hugs we have like a kind of a cellular orgasm in our whole body. I don’t understand where you are going!
Rever: - Okay. You are speaking to me of something physical, of something organic, of a physiological reaction and it is perfect because it is true. Not all the worlds have that. You give preponderance to the hugs. It is true, we are a noble race, but I don't see incentive. I know that each race in each world is different. I have that intuition! And I know that there must be worlds where they speak more than one language, where there are different regions, where everything is not so mo-no-to-nous.
Antarian_1: - Rever, what are you talking about? Since when love, piety, compassion and mercy are monotonous? It is as if you had a recipient with nectar and you were drinking it and every time you drink it the more you like it. How would you consent to think that that nectar is boring or that your act of drinking is boring, if it is a jewel on your lips? Well, our society is a nectar that lives supporting, impeding that there are people unprotected. Do you think that we all are mistaken and you are right?
Rever: - No, no, no. That would be too petulant on my behalf. I don't say that I’m right and you are wrong. What I mean is that my point of view makes me see with annoyance these things. Yes, it is fine. A lightning burned the crop of Bruin and we all helped Bruin. Another lightning burned the crop of Shakal, we all helped Shakal! Nobody criticizes that! It is commendable, it is beautiful, and it is altruism in action! But as society, what else?
Antarian_1: - What else in which sense? I don’t understand and I believe that my siblings don’t understand you either.
Rever: - Sure! What else? I don’t see advances, there is no technology. Nobody is worried about inventing cars that could work with the energy of a star. I don't feel comfortable!
Antarian_1: - And haven’t you thought, Rever; that perhaps you are the one that doesn't fit here and not the society the one which is mistaken? We are thousands of individuals thousands, and nobody has had problems.
Rever: - And won't it be that nobody for a matter of habits questioned anything? What do I do here? What am I here for? I believe that we can sow motivation in order to do something.
Antarian_1: - No, because you would create to people... You speak of motivation, of creating things, of changing our way of thinking, but the same word says it: motivation. This is a world of harmony. You want to create restlessness.
Rever: - No! I want to stir up the interest.
Antarian_1: - But you have said motivation. If during so many years we have achieved a total harmony, what prevents us to continue doing it?
Rever: - Nobody, nothing. But many of you are philosophers. What do you think if we debate?
Antarian_1: - Okay, let’s see Albel, What do you say?
Albel: Listening to Rever, I think that he is not accordant with this world because he is not accordant with himself; since this world has opened its doors.
Rever: No! I am accordant with myself. Besides I have it clear that centering an idea won't change my world yet. I believe that the beings that embody come for something more than service. Somebody serves you and it is fine because that somebody then rises of level just to have served. But the curiosity of the race is missing! Without curiosity one cannot be completely happy! Something intrigues me and I want to know what it is about! Otherwise, we are not different from the other animals which thinking is not abstract and barely have something basic to think. But of course, if I somehow bring that motivation and there are thousands that think as you think, in a little while you will change the word motivation for discord and then you will think that I sow discord.
Antarian_1: - No, Rever. Don't take it in that way.
Rever: I don't feel very well. I believe that we are in a time of changes. I believe that we are in a time where things can be done better and I’m on the opposite sidewalk of what monotony means. I don't like monotony! I don’t like monotony, not even in service! And I see that this society is monotonous. Every year, every month passes by and everything is the same thing and the race doesn't advance. I believe in life beyond life and I am sure that in 2, 3, 4 generations, if I embody here again everything will be the same. Nothing will advance. You will tell me: - What is wrong as long as we are happy? - I don’t know if happy, because I believe that he who embodies needs that dose of curiosity somehow in order to know what he embodied for, what he came for, what is there beyond... Why we never question anything here? Why don't we ask if some entity impalpable exists?
…No, my experience in Antares is not over, but I simply want to say that I don't feel accordant. It’s not what I considered as 100% spirit. I cannot say that people's desires withered, because they cared for each other, they helped each other; they had a good time, etc. Not having a good time would be extremely risky. Every embodied being should have a good time! But. Something is missing! There is no challenging. That I wanted to comment.
Interlocutor: Okay. Thank you Morganel.
Morganel: You can ask me if you want to.
Interlocutor: Did you embody as Homo Sapiens-Sapiens in Antares 4? or it was another race
Morganel: Homo Sapiens Sapiens with a smaller body than terrestrials have. Below the average height 1.60 -1.65 meters.
Interlocutor: How long did you live in that planet?
Morganel: Approximately 600 of your years.
Interlocutor: Did you have family in that incarnation when you embodied as the philosopher Rever?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: Well. Another kind of questions. Morganel, we know for previous sessions that you had embodied exactly 25 times outside of Sun 3.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: You have already told us that you have a special affection for Sun 3 and for that reason you had embodied 99 times in this blue planet.
Morganel: It is very easy to describe affection. In Sun 3, the same flaws are the same virtues. Many times being embodied in Sun 3 as a philosopher in Italy, I thought the opposite I thought as Rever because I said:
- I know that there are other worlds. I know that there are many skeptics that don't believe in them and I do. And there must be other worlds that are united! Without opposites, with only one language, all harmonic. Without this chaos here on Sun 3.
However, when I embodied in Antares 4 I criticized the lack of a heterogeneous civilization. Everything was too homogeneous. Everything was so predictable. It lacked of incentive although they told me that it was beautiful to serve, - I don't doubt that it is so beautiful!-, and they are also some of the few beings in the universe that have an orgasm at cellular level. But It wasn’t enough for me! But what a paradox is being incarnated in that role as Domenico, which was the opposite from the role of Rever. Diversity bothered me, I couldn’t stand the boundaries, the religious schisms, I was looking for placidity where one could give to the other, etc. It is a tremendous irony! What do I think as a spiritual entity? To whom do I support? To Rever? To Domenico? Rever somehow had his respectful point of view. He was not against other postures. He criticized the grey areas, but he criticized them because there were no black or white! Everything was grey!
Interlocutor: Yes, now I understand.
Morganel: And in Italy, in Sun 3, I criticized the different nuances. I was like overwhelmed. Which is the truth? What do I say as spiritual entity? I say that everything is valid. I say that the posture of the role in Antares 4 is valid as well as the posture of Domenico in Sun 3. I say that because each moment, each situation, it is what one was compelled to live in that moment. As spiritual entity lacking of a leading role from my plane, at this time, if I saw the posture of Rever passionlessly, I would say: - Yes, it is true. It is a too homogeneous world. But homogeneous and that gives service, there is mercy and there is compassion, there is love and respect. - perhaps the flaw is not in the world, perhaps the flaw is in the role that I had in that incarnation, I was looking for something more and that society didn't give it to me.
However, I wonder and I do know the answer, wouldn't it be that I embodied there on purpose to adapt myself to another model of physical life like somehow to be able to taste different roles? Because after all, when the spirit embodies in a certain place, - it can embody in mission, it can embody for a certain karmic lesson, it can embody to try to overcome some engrams and perhaps instead of overcoming them, the spirit receives more engrams -, it is like tasting different roles and having experiences in the mental concept of the different lives in opposite situations.
One who is displeased with the homogeneity and the other that doesn't want heterogeneity? (Laughs). But How many thetans are there whose incarnated parts lived the same thing? I’d like there was a double of this vessel, so that the double channel Rah that would be An Antarian par excellence, and debate about his philosophy. A philosophy that one could take it as stagnant, without implanting motivation to the embodied being.
Interlocutor: Excuse me Morganel. You are speaking to us that you would like that there was another vessel capable to channel Rah. I understand that you as a thetan can communicate with Rah.
Morganel: Totally! It is simply to have something documented with regard to this debate.
Interlocutor: Ah! Now I understand.
Morganel: What I can do is to conceptualize his presence to debate in a tenth of your seconds and then transmit it through this vessel. It would be maybe more monotonous than a debate at two voices. I have already done it in several opportunities. I have played somehow for your understanding, the theatricality of a role while debating with another role in the physical plane. I have done it!
Interlocutor: Yes, you did it.
Morganel: And it was understood perfectly. Simply to my point of view, it would have been more satisfactory to do it with two voices on-line. I don’t believe I’m the owner of the truth with regard to what I think of Antares 4, I will not agree with to the way of thinking of Rah either. I approve service, I approve compassion. It doesn't make any sense repeating it. But I keep thinking that in Sun 3 in what you call the old Greece, there were several philosophical schools to which I smelled, figuratively speaking, certain motivation. That I don't perceive in the Antarian philosophy!
I perceive a philosophy more stagnant to my taste, but where not everything gives the same thing; because I know that they take a chance for the happiness of the other one. But there are no risks. And sometimes where there are no risks there are no advances. There is a unique world. Aldebaran! Where the risk is permanent (laughs) and there are no advances.
It's out of the pattern! Out of the common denominator! But I know, because I embodied in several worlds; that in the worlds where there is no motivation or an advance for eras, the world is like it’s appeased, the world doesn't progress. And sometimes, and this can be polemic, it is a service with very little effort in Antares 4. Because it is fine, I embody in Antares as Rever or as another character. Very sporadically can somebody lose a crop, because somehow it can be a bacteria or some small worm that ate the fruits or some insect, because in Antares doesn't mean that it is free of plagues. But it is not a service as hard for example as the service in Aldebaran, in Braco or in Sun 3.
They are services where one doesn’t run risks! In Antares there are no risks! Then it is a service that gives fewer points, and I apologize if I look like scheming, simply the language of the vessel is poor compared to my concept and it is poor the way my idea is expressed in the physical plane, but it is more or less what I mean. Of course that if everybody wanted to earn points, continuing with the same frame of mind, everybody would embody in risky places. But that is tricky because we don't have reincarnative memory! We don’t know what we will do. We embody in risky places where the civilization is permanently on the edge of war, and we embody to help pacification, which doesn't stop being a very good service, but since we don't have reincarnative memory, suddenly we are the leaders in battles; and we do the opposite of what we came to do when we embodied. And it doesn’t help if the thetan pulls the hairs out, figuratively speaking, because the 10% already made a mess!
Interlocutor: Yes, it seems it is. (Laughs). It seems that many times that has happened.
Morganel: But of course it is because we are beings and we learn with the help of our mistakes! How many times we have elaborated theories that go to nowhere that have dead ends?!
Interlocutor: We are in time of that.
Morganel: But it is logical that this happens! The most important thing is not to fold arms and cry the misfortune. The important thing is to try to visualize another path, and if that path leads to another wall, then visualize another path. And another and another. And this must be in everything! In diversity lies the interesting thing! Perhaps there are moments in which embodying in Antares is favorable because I am nobody to remove merits from Rah who is a Master of Light; because I can, I won't do it now, but somehow I can request him permission to glimpse his conceptual nucleus and see where the sublime Rah embodied previously. Perhaps I may be surprised to realize that he was a Langar! And how would you see the sublime Rah who in a previous was a Langar? Would his image be in your retina shattered to pieces? If it were like that, I would say, how little you have learned! Because, how many roles did we play, each one of us? And raise the hand he who says that all his roles were sublime!
We were mercenaries, executioners, we embodied as men and women, we raped and we have been raped, we led warships. In others we have been leaders with the banner of pacification. And each role is learning. I simply approached the topic of Antares 4 because I keep thinking about it and not to take it to the light would be the biggest hypocrisy because I would be hiding what I think and I must not, besides I don’t want to. And I am open to debate. I simply say that there are worlds where service is more risky. That doesn't mean that all are in a line, figuratively speaking, looking forward to embodying in that world. "Oh! I have 250 spirits ahead of me, but I want to embody in that world. I am awaiting an embryo because I want to serve there." It’s not like that! Because there are thousands and thousands of worlds for us to choose! Because there are conflicts in thousands and thousands of worlds.
Interlocutor: It seems that diversity in the universe is quite vast. More than what one can imagine.
Morganel: Very much more! And Elohim are still creating spirits! There are spirits that have millions of your years and Elohim are still creating spirits.
Interlocutor: Exactly this is a question that we had scheduled for another session, but since you approached the topic. Have Elohim created the spirits of our galaxy only or all the spirits of the universe?
Morganel: All the spirits of the universe! In addition, it is necessary to clarify it, because several of the Masters at the beginning of your sessions commented that there were 72 Elohim. Those 72 Elohim are those who dwell in this part of the universe! From those 72, there are 7 who are still working. But in other parts, in other galaxies there are other Elohim. The universe is so vast as vast the number of Elohim is!
Interlocutor: Were all the spirits created at once or there is, what we could call, a “continuous" creation of spirits?
Morganel: There is a continuous creation of spirits!
Interlocutor: Since the spirits cannot be destroyed, is the number of spirits constant or is it permanently increasing?
Morganel: It is permanently increasing.
Interlocutor: So is it variable!
Morganel: It is in permanently growing. And although I didn't know it, I asked the Master Kether to whom you call the Ancient of days and with Johnakan-Ur-El, the thetan of this vessel, and they comment me that when this universe stops growing and starts collapsing, already in the route of the Big Crunch, starting from that moment no more spirits will be created. But they will continue creating spirits until the last instant of the universal expansion. When the moment comes, and now I speak ironically when that elastic band reaches its limit and the universe begins to shrink there will be no more creation of spirits. Meanwhile, there is a continuous creation!
Interlocutor: There is a continuous creation. Then, Do you affirm that?
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Well, then with your 124 incarnations…
Morganel: For the time being!
Interlocutor: Sure, 124 with the current incarnation. You must be a very young spirit! Because if you said that there are spirits that have 1000 incarnations and others that have 10000 incarnations, you even said that there are spirits that are older than some stars.
Morganel: Of course!
Interlocutor: Morganel, do you know, as a spirit, the age of a spirit? I mean, How old are you, since you were created?
Morganel: I am a relatively new spirit. In your measures approximately 22 million years.
Interlocutor: And so that we have a comparison, do you know how old are the Master Johnakan-Ur-El or the same Master Jesus (Ien-el)?
Morganel: I would have to enter in their conceptual minds.
Interlocutor: Could you do it now or would we have to wait until another opportunity?
Morganel: No! [I will do it now]. Johnakan-Ur-El and the Master Jesus have 33 million years approximately each one of them.
Interlocutor: That is to say, they have a similar age.
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: But they are older than you.
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: And the antiquity is correlated with the number of incarnations?
Morganel: Not necessarily.
Interlocutor: No?
Morganel: Not necessarily. There are much younger spirits than me who have embodied thousands of times.
Interlocutor: Ah!
Morganel: But of course! We are sometimes thousands and thousands of years in the superphysical planes without embodying whether in mission, learning, or debating with other entities, etc.
Interlocutor: And it must be your case because you have 124 incarnations in 22 million years.
Morganel: It is atypical! If you do the math you can say: - You embodied once every certain number of years? But it is not like that. I had many incarnations in the last thousands of years. I was millions of years without embodying trying to deepen in the universe, trying to know it, to understand it and I still continue trying to understand it.
Interlocutor: Yes, you were already declared yourself as an investigator of spirits and as an investigator of the superphysical world.
Morganel: If my investigations were not so exciting, and I don’t say it literally because I would be unthankful with the Creator, my existence would not make sense. For that reason I said that I don't say it literally because I would be unthankful.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: Because life is valuable, investigation is valuable, growth is valuable, elevation is valuable, helping others is valuable, for that reason I said that I don't say it literally; but it is true, my incentive is investigation. It is like I am a spiritual entity but when I research, it is like I have a conceptual tachycardia.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morganel: Because the spirit doesn't have heart (laughs).
Interlocutor: Yes, yes, for that reason I know that it is figurative.
Morganel: The spirit has another kind of heart. It has the heart to give. And you adopted that language, because you don't speak about the heart as a muscle.
Interlocutor: No.
Morganel: You sometimes call “heart” to the capacity to love, to the capacity of tolerance.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: To tolerate as Johnakan explains it in the magnanimous sense, not in the egotistical sense like forgiving lives "Oh, I tolerate you!" No, no, no, but rather I tolerate you because I love you. In that sense. A beautiful tolerance, a tolerance from mercy, from compassion; because there is another tolerance. The egotistical tolerance.
Interlocutor: Morganel, I have a question that could be odd. It is related to what you were explaining previously about incarnations and the time that exists between incarnations. Could you tell us when and where did you embody for the first time since you were created by Elohim?
Morganel: In a world near to the center of the galaxy.
Interlocutor: Did you embody there for the first time?
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: And when?
Morganel: I embodied for the first time, about a million of years after I was created. That is to say, I stayed 1 million years investigating and knowing other conceptual entities.
Interlocutor: Without having embodied you were already investigating?
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: (Laughs). It is incredible.
Morganel: It is beautiful to investigate! And sometimes I debate lovingly, hey? because the spoken language is poor and one can think that one discredits to other entities, but no, it is not my purpose; but debating with other entities sometimes I ask them: How can you exist without the desire of investigating?
Interlocutor: And what do they answer?
Morganel: "How can you exist without the desire of contemplating?" Because they are contemplative spirits.
Interlocutor: (Laughs). I believe that there are different types of spirits.
Morganel: Sure! But I respect their contemplation and they respect my DESIRE to know. And I could not be in their role and I am speaking of spiritual role.
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand.
Morganel: It has nothing to do with the role when embodying. Neither the word would be role, but it is necessary to call it somehow, so that you understand.
Interlocutor: Yes, but they could not be in your role either. They are contemplative; they could not be as investigators. I believe that there must be both things in the universe!
Morganel: This is a very amusing. In one incarnation, and not here in Sun 3, I embodied as a gymnast. I liked a lot what here on Earth you call bodybuilding. And I had a friend who lived eating and he was practically a sphere with arms and legs. (Laughs). And we had trust on each other; then I asked him - they were no scornful or mocking questions -because I had a tremendous impersonal love towards that friend. Then I had the trust to ask him and didn't hurt him because he knew that I asked him with love, but with an irony of healthy jeer, right? And I told him: - How can you eat so much? And his answer was: "How can you eat nothing?"
Interlocutor: (Laughs)!
Morganel: It has to do with the investigative spirit and the contemplative spirit. "How can you investigate? How can you contemplate? How do you live without contemplating the wonderful things?" It is that I don't contemplate it! I want to deepen in why it is wonderful! (Laughs). And why that is not so attractive? And why does that have that shape? I would despair just contemplating and not delving in its roots, because I have my way of being. Because it is not true that all the spirits are all the same! Who spread that rumor?
Interlocutor: (Laughs)!
Morganel: Who?
Interlocutor: The esoteric schools.
Morganel: Ah!
Interlocutor: And speaking exactly of the esoteric schools they have affirmed throughout different times things that we find difficult to believe, but also that we don't know how to disprove. Among them, Look at a simple question. Is there some place closer to our planet, like the esoteric schools say where all the spirits are resting? I mean to human beings that have disincarnated. Even that place would exist near the Earth, if my memory serves me well, they call it the Belt of Venus. Nothing to do with the planet Venus, but they would call it in that way. It is a closer place to the Earth, to our planet, where the spirits of the human beings human that have died would rest. Does such a place exist?
Morganel: Absolutely NOT.
Interlocutor: I supposed so.
Morganel: I’ll give several reasons. First, it’s not true that spiritual entities don't rest, we rest, but we embody again. It’s not true that we disembody and we stay in a certain PLACE. Second mistake: Why closer to Earth, if the spirit is neither terrestrial nor extraterrestrial? The spirit is! Today I embody on Earth, tomorrow I embody in Braco, and later on I embody in Zircon or Albor. Why closer to Earth? Isn’t that very similar to what the priests of the first century thought that the Earth was the center of the universe? Aren’t those esoteric schools thinking the same thing?
Interlocutor: Those esoteric schools, in this sense, are consistent with this fact, they say closer to the Earth because: the spirits would only embody in the solar system. There would be spirits of the solar system and spirits of another system, but one doesn't embody in another solar system. That is to say, the spirits only embody in their own system. And each system would have its own spirits.
Morganel: Absolutely NOT.
Interlocutor: This is what the Blavatsky school and the theosophical Society say.
Morganel: But it is very simple to demonstrate they are wrong. First of all, Free Will exists. Free will gives us the option so that nothing limits us. Why must something limit us to embody in a certain system and not in another solar system? It doesn’t make any sense; it would be against Free Will! We would be prisoners of a solar system! In addition we are superphysical. We do not depend on a planetary system. It doesn’t make sense. That theory is not coherent. It is absolutely absurd!
Interlocutor: But, with that statement you are breaking the knees to the whole philosophy sustained traditionally by the theosophical Society.
Morganel: Welcome it is, if I break their knees.
Interlocutor: Yes. Well…
Morganel: Because I am breaking the knees in a conceptual way and not causing damage.
Interlocutor: No, you won't cause damage.
Morganel: And if some therapist of that philosophy is offended, as the Master Johnakan says, he who is offended is his/her ego, not the spiritual entity. The important thing is to speak with the truth. Notice that in the past most of the esoteric schools lured disciples out by means of mystery.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: Because mystery was attractive! Nowadays we speak the truth precisely avoiding mysteries.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: Because the truth is transparent! The mystery is not transparent! There were schools that had meetings after midnight, in the secret of the night, secret congregations; they had oaths of loyalty in some cases with blood, etc. They Ended up killing each other, if they found out that there were some that betrayed that oath! Even, like witch hunt, there were some that had enemies and they accused them before those chiefs that they had betrayed the oath when it was nothing like that and they sent them to kill them. Then all those congregations had the power in the conflict.
Interlocutor: Okay Morganel. I believe that it is already everything for this session. We will allow to our dear vessel to rest a little.
Morganel: I simply mean, to conclude, so that you are not stereotyped. You always have to be open-minded.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: A philosopher in old India said: "If you have a full recipient nothing else can enter. You have to have the wisdom of emptying that recipient first in order to be able to incorporate new knowledge." There are millennial spirits and there are spirits of millions of years, and it is not a simple rule of three- to such age so many incarnations-.
There are spirits that disembody in instants and they embody again because they don't stand to be in the superphysical plane. And there are other spirits that have so much attachment for the beings they have left in the physical plane, and since they don't stand that attachment, due to jealousy perhaps, they have a beloved being and they don’t stand to see that with time they are forgetting them and they have another love again. Then, what do they do? They immerse in the physical plane again, they embody again and it is done.
Interlocutor: That doesn't solve anything!
Morganel: But they don't realize in their stupidity that that doesn't solve anything because the one that forgets everything is only the 10%. The 90% spirit continues having that spiritual attachment! Nobody said that only the 10% is clumsy, sometimes the 90% is also clumsy or the 100% spirit. The only one infallible is our Creator. (Laughs).
Interlocutor: Okay. Thank you.
Morganel: See you soon.

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