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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel (Manuel’s thetan)
Morganel: Once again I’m communicated with the physical plane, trying to elucidate different questions. We always have questions as spiritual entities! And that is not bad because having questions means that one is growing. He who doesn't have questions is because he has stopped his growth. You can ask me if you want to.
Interlocutor: Thank you. Morganel, you have already said that you had embodied exactly 124 times since you were created by Elohim.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: How many times have you exactly embodied in Sun 3?
Morganel: The same times I have embodied as male. I have embodied 99 times in Sun 3 and 99 times as male.
Interlocutor: Did you embody always as a male In Sun 3?
Morganel: No! I meant that I had embodied 99 times in Sun 3 and 25 times in other systems. I have embodied 99 times as a male and 25 as a female. But it doesn't mean that pattern. I embodied twice in Antares 4. The world where the philosopher Rah is known.
Interlocutor: Twice in Antares 4? Okay.
Morganel: Antares 4 is a world which sky is seen with a greenish color. It is such a serene world. It has several types of birds. More numerous birds than Sun 3 has. And it is a planet that gives pleasure. - Why have I embodied so many times in Sun 3? It would be the mandatory question to ask.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: Being that I as a thetan as many other Thetans feel special to have embodied once or twice in Aldebaran. Why didn’t I embody more times in Aldebaran? Because Aldebaran has a disadvantage, - this is my point of view -, and it doesn't mean that it is right, I simply visualize it in this way. The fact that Sun 3 is evolving, maybe not in moral issues, but it does evolve in technical issues, allows us as thetans to embody in different ages and those ages are differentiated.
Then, we can embody with different roles. In Aldebaran, for example, 2 millennia can pass and throughout 2 millennia, - which in astronomical measures is nothing, but it is a long time for embodied beings - the world doesn't have advances as for technology. There are still chariots; They don’t have what you call firearms, etc. Then, it is repeating roles!
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morganel: And sometimes a thetan or a spirit 100% pure wants to experience different roles. In Sun 3 one can be a mathematician of the II century, the XV century and the XXI century; and these are 3 different mathematicians. If I embody as a mathematician in Aldebaran in different centuries the only thing that would change is that I could embody in different places of the planet: in the central area, - which is middle earth -, in the south part, in the gelid part of the north, in the west continent, but it won't change the expectation a lot!
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morganel: I want to end the topic on Sun 3. We speak of 124 incarnations, in 99 of them I embodied in one single world [Sun 3]. It is exactly due to its huge diversity of ages that do not exist in other worlds. There are worlds that advance very much, but perhaps they take many millennia to advance!
Interlocutor: The dynamism is bigger, here on Earth?
Morganel: Yes. On Earth, in two of your centuries you have advanced as much as in the rest of the past centuries. I speak of the human age. The second mandatory question would be: How has time of human history was enough since I embodied 99 times in Sun 3, being that in some lives I have disincarnated of violent death or for an illness and they are only some centuries? Because most of the people that listen to the messages have the habit to count from the year 0 of the Christian era. And I embodied in many roles before the dear Master Jesus was born.
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand that you are not only referring to the Christian era. The civilization is much older.
Morganel: Of course! Because undoubtedly time would not be enough! Besides, I didn’t disembody and embodied immediately. Sometimes I took my time to lucubrate as a 100% spirit in the respective plane.
Interlocutor: Sure. Very well. Morganel, you have already defined yourself as an investigating spirit and you have already said that you are an “investigator of spirits."
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Could you clarify for us some concepts on the Paradigm of Reality?
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: For example. Does a thetan or a spirit have extension? I mean, length, width and height. Does it have "shape”?
Morganel: In the superphysical plane yes. Totally.
Interlocutor: Length, width and height?
Morganel: Not necessarily. We are energy, we occupy a volume. A volume that cannot be occupied by another spirit. That is to say, this is a stable law.
Interlocutor: The non-penetrability of matter.
Morganel: Sure. And super-matter or super-energy as you would like to call it. Two bodies cannot occupy the same physical space, and two energy beings in the superphysical plane cannot occupy the same place. We can contact with thousands of us, but we do not occupy the same place. That is to say, the word “place” exists because if there were no place, there would not be a way to move. On the contrary, the superphysical universe is much less limited than the physical universe for us to move.
Interlocutor: But, referring to that spatial extension of a spirit or a thetan, could you tell us the size that a spirit or a thetan has?
Morganel: Yes! It is a minimum extension. It is an extension that I could say 20x20x20 if I spoke of volume. It is measured in centimeters.
Interlocutor: 20 centimeters?
Morganel: If we were cubic, 20 centimeters per side.
Interlocutor: Can we imagine a spirit as a sphere which diameter is 20 centimeters or something similar?
Morganel: It could be, but we are not spherical. That is to say, we are shapeless energy that suddenly we can give that impression... Let’s play a small game. Let’s suppose that you in the physical plane could approach your head to spy the superphysical world as if it were a window. You would see us as shapeless lines or not, and suddenly when we are about to move in slow motion, we can end up having a small stretching to move as if we were masses of jello stretching out. But that would be a very poor example. Because first of all, the word mass doesn't exist to represent anything in the superphysical planes, because we are not matter. But, you would perceive us in this way, if we played the game of approaching the head to see the superphysical world.
Interlocutor: Yes, with this example we can understand it.
Morganel: But we are not a spherical. We are malleable.
Interlocutor: Do you, as spirits, have a variable geometry due to your dynamism?
Morganel: Totally. And we have a nucleus, but not like a cellular nucleus, where suddenly it has a thinking part in that nucleus and the rest of the energy body doesn't think. The spirit itself is thinking energy. And the whole spirit is conceptual element! Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes. Could we say that the spirit is continuous?
Morganel: It is a whole continuous, but it is true that there is denser nucleus that would be the main part of the spirit, the one that gives light to the spirit, the one that gives life to the spirit. The divine particle, if you want to call it like that. But it is not that that particle has preponderance. The spirit itself is a thinking spirit that lucubrates!
Interlocutor: I understood, thank you. You have already told us that a spirit (or a thetan) can be visualized from the physical plane by a biological unit, as a "line of light." How does a spirit (or a thetan) perceive the biological units and the physical world from the superphysical plane?
Morganel: Very good question, I have already perceived it from other thetans that have also asked that same question. There are other thetans of other incarnated beings that were also interested in the answer that I will give now.
Interlocutor: Well, please continue.
Morganel: Each incarnated being has a different way to perceive the same objects. There are reptiles in your world that perceive by means of heat. They perceive the bodies as if they were a detector of infrared rays. That is to say, we are speaking that the same living beings of the physical plane perceive things in different ways, - there are animals that don't perceive colors -, and it is absolutely different as we perceive it. We don't perceive shapes as you because we don't have eyes. We have no ears. That is to say, we can perceive images without seeing them, sounds without listening to them and scents without smelling them, because we conceptualize them.
And we don't have the mistakes or the confusion that blind men can have as in the story that blind men touch an object and one says:
- I perceive such thing. - The other one touches a rough part of the same object and says: - No, I touch a different thing, the other blind man touches and suddenly feels a smooth object and says: - No, this is not rough. This is smooth. And the other touches a very hot part and says: - Ah, but this object burns! - Then all the blind men argue with each other because each one perceives something in a different way. In our world that doesn’t happen, because somehow we all have the same concept. Then, we perceive physical forms without life, living beings, we perceive temperature, not only shapes, not only scents, not only music, we also perceive the temperature of the bodies.
We know what is frozen and we know what burns, but to us that doesn't affect us. We can interact perceiving the core of a star, but we are in a superphysical plane and it doesn't affect us, even so we can perceive that tremendous temperature of millions of degrees. I am trying that the vessel who has little database on this topic somehow can decode what I am trying to convey so that he understands, and he is doing it slowly. Then what I try to say as a spiritual entity is that we perceive in a different way the volume, mass, temperature, electricity, magnetism, gravity.
We perceive all the forces and all the types of energy in a different way, because we are superenergy, and we perceive the energy in the same way we can perceive another spiritual entity. We don't visualize another spiritual entity as a line of light, but rather we visualize it as a palpable energy, Conceptually palpable, not by means of touch because we don’t have that physical sense. Touch has to do with matter, which is not matter either, it is condensed energy. I have said that already.
Interlocutor: Yes, you said it.
Morganel: We have the possibility to perceive everything in an absolutely different way. Once it was said in the physical plane that how you make understand as an embodied being the flavor of an apple to a spirit who has never embodied. Is it sour? No! Is it sweet! No, no! If the spirit didn't embody and didn't eat that apple; that spirit will have a very rudimentary concept, but not the exact concept of the flavor that the tongue of an embodied being tastes. Then, we also have our limitations. I have a theoretical concept of what electricity or temperature means, - if it didn't embody, I wouldn’t know - . I can know it through you that are incarnated as my 10%! Do you understand me?
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand.
Morganel: But I, as pure spirit, if I didn't embody and I didn't verify by means of the senses certain physical topic, I will have a mental concept of what volume, mass, electricity, radioactivity mean; but I won't have the experimentation.
Interlocutor: You won’t be able to experience that reality.
Morganel: Anyway, if I had to transmit to another spirit the flavor of that apple, - since I’m not a prisoner of words-, I can contact with another spirit by means of concepts and I will surely give to the spirit a definition 99% accurate of how the flavor of the apple is, without having ever tasted it. It’s not my case because I embodied many times and through my different roles I have eaten apples and fruits from 25 other worlds, Is this concept understood?
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morganel: I can speak a lot more!
Interlocutor: Okay Morganel. If you could respond us this detail. In this session, Are you are able to, somehow, see (or perceive) Jorge and me?
Morganel: Yes, of course!
Interlocutor: Do you perceive us?
Morganel: Yes, totally! In addition, I’m connected with the vessel. Yes, of course!
Interlocutor: You have already mentioned planets, where you had embodied at some time, but only of our galaxy (The Milky Way) Can a spirit embody on planets in other galaxies, for example, in Andromeda?
Morganel: Yes, perfectly. We don't have instantaneous speed. To you the speed of light is as if it were instantaneous, not to us! We don’t have a limitless speed either. Then, we can go to another galaxy and embody in another galaxy, but it would also take us time. That is the issue!
Interlocutor: Don't you have incarnations in other galaxies?
Morganel: I will deepen on that topic. I was explaining, as Morganel, if there was the possibility to embody in another galaxy. Rounding the concept, for all of you, embodied beings in the physical plane, unless you have scientific measures, you would never realize that light is not instantaneous, since it almost travels at the speed of 300 kilometers per second. For you, in your so narrow measures, light is instantaneous. In the same way approaching your head out of the window of the superphysical world again it would seem to you that the displacement from one place to another of a spirit is instantaneous. Of course it is! Because in the superphysical universe we have the power to move at a higher speed than the speed of light.
We can be in instants in another planet, being that a planetary system you can travel from one extreme to the other in 12 or 14 hours at the speed of light. For example, the light of the Sun reaches Pluto's orbit in 5 hours and it can take 4 years to reach another solar system. We can reach another stellar system in instants. However, going from one galaxy to another, which can be at millions of light years - we can take time in the journey. Do you understand that?
Interlocutor: We understand.
Morganel: Then we don't find it so comfortable to embody in another galactic system, but it doesn't mean that we are not able to do it.
Interlocutor: So, it is possible.
Morganel: It is possible because we are not limited by time. Compared to your physical time, our time is almost limitless.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morganel: If you want a paradox, we, as created spirits, can have more antiquity than a star. And this is not a joke! Because at this time in your galactic system there are stars of third generation, - like this star, which is a third generation star the one you call Sun, because the universe has 13.7 billions years and your star "hardly" has 5 billion years. It’s a star third generation star. And there are spirits who have more than that number of years. Spirits who are more than millennial! Spirits that have so much knowledge of so many ages, spirits that have embodied in planetary systems that have already disappeared because their stars have disappeared, - or have exploded in supernovas or have collapsed forming neutron stars -, and that civilization disappeared.
There are spirits that can have more than 1.000 lives. There are spirits that have even 10.000 lives! Spirits that at this time are devoted to rest what they have learned and they keep serving. But it doesn't mean that there are spirits that have millions of years and they have already overcome their ego, because ego is part of the spirit, because it is part of the reactive mind. Therefore, no spirit is exempt of roles of ego definitely. The plane is not a guarantee of anything! The antiquity of years when a spirit was created is not a guarantee of anything! Nothing is guarantee of anything!
Ironically, a spirit can be debating on equal terms with the Father EON, - here I am conceptualizing metaphorically, I clarify it for those who don't understand it -, and however the next minute that spirit can fall in roles of ego. Exactly for having debated with the Father! I have debated with the Father! You are insignificant! Instead of embracing humility you choose arrogance. Then, nothing is guarantee of anything! Nothing!
For that reason I laugh ironically, - but with total respect -, because an ironic laugh is not always a lack of respect or scorn to whom you are laughing at, because you aren't laughing at the being, you are laughing at the being's actions. Do you understand the difference?
Interlocutor: Yes. I understand.
Morganel: I clarify it to avoid misunderstandings because there are many people who have so many roles of ego that take everything as a byword. I laugh at the actions of some earthly beings, as much in Sun 3 as in other worlds in which I have embodied that adopt roles and so self-centered postures, - so obviously egocentric -, they have achieved such merits or they have obtained the first position in a certain topic; and I say, How small that being is! How big the universe is! And this being behaves so arrogantly that he doesn't realize that the highest mountain in his world, - the highest mountain in his world!-, visualizing the world from afar one cannot perceive the smallest wrinkle. One barely perceives the atmosphere of that world! It was already said by the Master Johnakan a long time ago in a session that looking at the earth from afar, the atmosphere that wraps the world is so thin, - so flimsily thin!-, that many times Johnakan, conceptually scratching his head, wondered how living people live there.
Do you believe that all the worlds have inclined axis? Do you know how many times I have wondered as a pure spirit that there is life in so many worlds, the illogical and irrational conditions of life? At this time you are in a world where from one region to the other you have 50 degrees of difference. A region which has 100 degrees Fahrenheit and in other 30 degrees Fahrenheit, 70 degrees of difference. And I don't speak of the poles, neither the equatorial regions. I speak of cities that are not closer to the poles. One in the north and the other in the south. 70 degrees Fahrenheit of difference!
There are cities in which the inhabitants can hardly breathe. Many times, I wonder how wonderful life is and the skeptics think that it is chance. They think that it is chance. They don’t have the slightest idea of what they are talking about! They don’t have the smallest idea of what the physical conditions are! They don’t have the slightest idea of anything!
Millions of years ago you could not live in the terrestrial atmosphere. How many of you, in Sun 3, have the slightest idea of the conditions of Venus which is one of the planets most similar to Earth, with a sulfuric acid atmosphere, with up to 400-500ºC of temperature, with 90 atmospheres of pressure? You don’t have the slightest idea of what other worlds be like! It’s not so simple to find out a world such as Sun 3, Antares 4, or Aldebaran 4. There are millions of barren worlds! But it doesn't mean that there is no life in other parts of the universe. Denying that is to deny yourselves or believe that you are too privileged. You are a speck of dust!
Interlocutor: Morganel, excuse me, related to this dissertation you are giving I have a question here. We know that there are conscious beings whose biological units are based in Carbon, for example, Homo Sapiens-Sapiens and Greys. Does intelligent life exist with biological units based on another chemical element besides that Carbon? If so where?
Morganel: Yes. Selenium and Silicon. There are other worlds where biological units have another element. Worlds also developed. Worlds that have another kind of atmosphere, other customs. I don’t say impossible because the word impossible limits, but almost impossible to believe. Worlds where sexual intercourse is different, breathing is different, feeding, etc.
In your world bacterias resist lava of the volcanos. And you were taught in school that at 100ºC bacterias are eliminated in boiled water. And there are bacterias that resist 400 and 500 degrees of temperature. Bacterias that resist 70-80 atmospheres of pressure. There are other worlds impossible to imagine for the greatest writers of science-fiction. Worlds where the inhabitants would not be even recognize because they are not anthropomorphic. Their inhabitants have mouths like tubes and they feed by means of absorption. They don’t have eyes, they have senses and when they perceive an edible unit they absorb it as if they were a vacuum cleaner.
And there are gigantic beings compared to you. Beings that can measure 5, 6, 7 meters of height that slither and they are like worms that have mouths like vacuum cleaners; and if you were suddenly in that world and you didn't have a space suit so that you could breathe in that world, and you wanted to fraternize with that worm-like being. That being would recognize you as food and it would absorb you and it would suck you and it would eat you up.
You would not be able to have a dialogue, because they are elementary beings. There are worlds that this vessel would have to have his mental decoder a database, so that I could give him the information on how they procreate, how they feed, how they breathe if they breathe. You can hardly understand photosynthesis of the plants! There are evolved worlds where the vegetable life has been evolved in a tremendous way with intelligent mental decoder and abstract thinking.
Interlocutor: A vegetable conscious life?
Morganel: Vegetable conscious life, yes! Totally! Denying that would be isolate us in knowledge. Creations are almost infinite! I don’t I say infinite because the word almost allows somehow that the vessel transmits my concept. There are creations almost infinite in the universe! One cannot be limited to what one knows. We know that there are, - because different Masters have already revealed them -, insects with abstract thinking in other worlds, reptilians with abstract thinking in other worlds, that here would be considered as lizards - There are a lot of humans of black race in many parts of the universe, where the white race doesn’t even exist. What a strike for the ego of the so-called white race in Sun 3!
Interlocutor: Enormous for sure.
Morganel: There are whole planetary systems where the black race has prospered. And so badly called black race, because it has already revealed that the race is human! In different worlds the race is human, because there are worlds where the DNA is similar to your DNA; they are Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. Homo Sapiens-Sapiens are not only from Sun 3, and it’s not an experiment of other intelligent aliens either; because then there would already have less ego because of that. No, no, no. The same Father EON has said it more than once, - and this is transmitted to me by Johnakan-Ur-El that Homo Sapiens-Sapiens of Sun 3 have special genes that make them different from other Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. They lucubrate in a different philosophy. Although it is not a world of philosophers like Antares 4, - because Antares 4 is a magnanimous world where food is available to all, where if some loses the crop , everyone competes somehow in feeding to those who have lost the crop and at the end they have more than the others. It doesn’t stop being a world of philosophers.
Philosophy in Sun 3 has surpassed other worlds that are inhabited by philosophical beings and Sun 3 is not a world of philosophers! We have works of art in painting, impressive musical creations, ratified by the same Eon! There are worlds that are musical worlds, where they are devoted to music and they don't have the musical creation of Sun 3, which is not a musical world; because Sun 3 is a world of painting, is a world of art, is a world of philosophy! It has a little bit of everything!
Interlocutor: Yes, it is diverse.
Morganel: For some reason I embodied so many times in here! Now do you understand me?
Interlocutor: Yes, now I understand.
Morganel: It’s not only for technological advance, it has everything! There are worlds that are more monotonous! I don’t reject them at all, but they are musical worlds and nothing else. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have beings that dream on philosophy, but they are worlds that are specialized on a topic! As well as Johnakan would be scratching the head or I would be scratching mine, if I had a head, saying: - How do they live if their world is so weak?! . The same Eon would be scratching!, figuratively speaking, thinking in such a beautiful world as yours (Sun 3) that has so much diversity of life and you kill each other in wars.
And it is a question that I cannot respond with all my research. What Johnakan, this dear Master, would say is that it is their nature. But, is it nature? Because the spirit doesn't have a world! The spirit embodies in Sun 3, in Aldebaran 4, in Braco, in Zeta Reticuli, etc. That is to say, the spirit that fits, - click!- in that piece called man and he becomes in an warring animal. As when you, as spirit, embodies in Arcturus as a Langar, - like the mammal of Sun 3 who sucks the mother's breast -, they already from childhood open their mouths to bite and eat.
Interlocutor: Sure.
Morganel: It is nature!
Interlocutor: It is nature.
Morganel: But not the spirit! Of the being that houses that spirit! And Sun 3 has so vast variety that it should be a paradise, but it’s not, due to the same being that swarms on this planet called Human being. And above all things they have the irony of calling themselves “human”, a being that has good feelings!
Interlocutor: It is ironic. It is true.
Morganel: It is an irony! Because that same being that caresses a baby, is the same being, or rather has the same DNA that other being that at kilometers of distance murders a whole family for jealousy. But this topic doesn't serve me.
Interlocutor: That is the diversity that exists.
Morganel: Yes, but it is a diversity that I don't digest or I don't like to digest in my concept.
Interlocutor: I, as you incarnated part, can’t digest that either and I always wonder why that happens.
Morganel: And later on they ask me why there is only 1% of the spirits in the planes 4 and 5. 1%! When the same Johnakan discovered that there was 14%, almost 15% seeking the light, and only 1% reaches it! What disperses the incarnated human being? What?! Roles of ego? Engrams? No, they are excuses! They are tremendous excuses, dear 10%!
Instead of having hands to hug, they have fists to fight. With the harmony that gives internal peace! And the enjoyment that internal peace gives! How can it be that they seek to step on the heads of the other in order to grow, if there are more beautiful ways to grow up!
Do you have some question more?
Interlocutor: Yes. I have 3 questions here that might sound strange, but now that you are…
Morganel: If they teach you, they are welcome!
Interlocutor: That is what I was thinking. [laughs]
Morganel: Sure! I know that! [laughs]
Interlocutor: If a spirit (or a Thetan) can pass through matter-energy fields, I mean, a planet or a star, without being affected somehow
Morganel: Yes. Because I have already said that I can perceive the 20 millions degrees of a yellow star and pass through it, because I do not interact with it. I am in another vibrational level. As well as I, as a spirit, can pass through a wall; you call ghosts that are allowed to visualize with physical shapes, yes?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: If a ghost perfectly can pass through a wall. What does it matter temperature?
Interlocutor: For that reason I gave those two so extreme examples. To pass through a planet or a star.
Morganel: Yes, perfectly. And we are speaking that a star in its inner core has thermonuclear reactions.
Interlocutor: Yes, we are speaking of that, of a situation of that sort.
Morganel: Yes, I clarify it because most of the beings that read these messages ignore how a star keeps its temperature. They think that a star is like a flame of a match. The star truly, and it has made it through hundreds of years of investigations, it lasts with thermonuclear reactions.
Interlocutor: Yes, it is right.
Morganel: That doesn't affect us!
Interlocutor: Is a spirit (or a thetan) affected, somehow, for an electromagnetic field?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: And in any case, there is a question that doesn't have anything hidden, it is simply a curiosity. Can a spirit (or a Thetan) be destroyed incidentally?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: For anything we know?
Morganel: No. I don’t say that we are eternal. We are Immortals for you compared to your limited life, but we have a cycle of Big Bang to Big Crunch. It is a cycle. We melt with Eon.
Interlocutor: But, incidentally, you cannot be destroyed by some physical phenomenon that we know?
Morganel: No, because we are above the physical phenomena. We are superphysical. It is as if you wanted to stop the wind. The wind doesn't exist as such, because it’s displacement of air masses.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: You can hold air, but you are not holding wind. Do you understand the difference?
Interlocutor: Yes. It is coherent.
Morganel: You hold air! Not wind.
Interlocutor: Morganel, Is there some occult method that allows the biological unit of a unit of conscience to communicate more efficiently with his/her respective thetan? I mean is there a method or some way that allows….
Morganel: This is not a scoop because I believe that it was said by Johnakan a long time ago, but there are some worlds that experiment with artifacts, - I don't say similar because they have another technology, but this is so that you understand me -, very similar to those radio artifacts which can capture superluminous frequencies. But everything is so obvious, it is as if you suddenly had the truth in front of you and it is so obvious that you don't see it!
There were great mediums of the past, - when I say of the past, I’m speaking of one century ago and more – Mediums that had the wrong concept due to their ignorance- and Johnakan is giving to me this insight as a scoop - that you could call it a new paradigm if you want.
Even having the artifacts and the most sophisticated elements to communicate with us, how would they listen to us if we don't communicate with a language? We communicate by means of concepts, by means of a conceptual idea. Then, that alleged radio artifact would have to have a decoder so big but so big, - that none of your biggest computers has nowadays!-, so that that apparatus captures at superluminous level our abstract thinking and the artifact decodes it into spoken language, to a mechanical language, what today is doing a medium. Because elementarily if it would not happen. and here I will make a kind of theatrical parody:
- Hello.
- Hello. Am I communicating with Albor of the plane 5?
- Yes, yes. Albor is responding. Who is speaking?
- Well, at this moment John speaks to you. I am in a laboratory in the Carpathian Mounts.
- Ah! How are you John? I am Albor of the plane 5 sublevel 5.
Well. That doesn't exist because the alleged Albor from the plane 5, sublevel 5 is contacted by means of concepts. Then it would have to have a gigantic decoder so that it decodes that concept into spoken language. Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes, I’m trying to understand Morganel. I have a question on some technical data. You will tell me if you can respond part of it or not.
Morganel: All right.
Interlocutor: Do you know some “technical" data on the planets Aldebaran 4, Anthea 4, for example: rotation periods around the star, Rotation periods around their axis, distances from the stars, planetary radios, planetary masses, etc.? Especially from these planets in particular: Aldebaran 4 and Anthea 4.
Morganel: I would have to contact with thetans that know about that, absorb the information and transmit it to the vessel.
Interlocutor: Could that be?
Morganel: For me it would be instantly yes, but transmit it to the vessel could take hours. The vessel doesn't have the database so that I could transmit this whole mechanism.
Interlocutor: Well, I could contact you in another opportunity then.
Morganel: Yes, yes. Incorporating the database to the vessel slowly yes.
Interlocutor: Okay. That’s all for this session.
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: Thank you Morganel.
Morganel: I have been satisfied. There is a professor that collaborates with this vessel who always says that interesting answers come from interesting questions. If there are no interesting questions rarely can one have interesting answers. So thank you Manuel, as my 10%.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Morganel.

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