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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: I’m once again communicated with the physical plane. What a paradox! Notice what tremendous paradox! There are so many entities that want to communicate with the physical plane and I feel fortunate to do it once again. You will tell me: - Well, but you can communicate permanently with different entities. - Yes, it is correct. We communicate conceptually, but as well as we have the conceptual need- I’d say- of embodying and feel the five senses of the physical plane, we also have the need to perceive the vibration of the voice of the medium that expresses our ideas. Is that ego? Maybe it is a particle of ego, but it would be going into details because, which spirit doesn't like to embody and feel in the physical plane the wind on the face, or to feel the heat of the sun, or to mate with his or her beloved one? I believe that there are different feelings that we are able to feel in the physical plane and we don't feel in the spiritual planes. We are not complaining about it, we are simply saying that they are different feelings. You may ask me.
Interlocutor: Thank you. Morganel, you already have defined yourself in previous contacts as an investigating Thetan of the superphysical world.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Would you be willing to elucidate for us some concepts on the superphysical world and help us to understand some aspects of the entity we call “conscious being”?
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: For example. Does a spirit know how many times it has embodied exactly?
Morganel: Yes, of course, because a spirit has the complete memory. All of you just don't have the complete memory and even more, in the present life your mental decoder is limited and it’s deteriorated at an advanced age, then, you lose even the memory at medium and short term.
Interlocutor: Do you remember exactly how many incarnations you had up to now, including the current one?
Morganel: Yes, 124 incarnations.
Interlocutor: The number 124 is the current incarnation?
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: How come some spirits they decide to embody in other planets if, for example, when they are embodied in Sun 3 their incarnated parts ignore or even deny the existence of life in other planets?
Morganel: Ah, but that is logical! Most of them deny it due to ignorance. That is logical! Most of the incarnated beings don't have contact with their Higher selves or thetans. Then, they ignore precisely the possibility of life in millions and millions of other worlds. We, 100% spirits, choose what world would be we more useful for our learning, or to revert a karmic lesson, or directly because we want to experience certain world and sometimes it is a risk also.
There are worlds that are hostile! Completely hostile and they don't allow the advance in the physical plane. And I say a risk because according to the upbringing in that world, if it is a world where society lives at war permanently, one, as a spirit embodies with the desire of stopping that war believing that one will be a great ambassador of peace, but he has the reincarnative memory erased and then he is trained as a soldier and he becomes into a ferocious murderer of his enemies and later on the thetan cannot believe it and says: - But what is my 10% doing?! How do I stop him?!
We don’t know how many beings that have embodied in Sun 3, great criminals, emperors of Rome, generals of the old continent, generals of Asia, religious fundamentalists that have been self-immolated killing thousands of people, etc., they were surely thetanes that were dwelling in planes of Light and they descended rapidly due to the irresponsible attitude of their incarnated parts that surely embodied for another purpose and they ended up committing atrocities.
Interlocutor: Very well. Is a thetan capable of remembering in detail all the experiences lived in his or her past incarnations in the same Unit of Conscience?
Morganel: Yes, totally.
Interlocutor: For example: where and when was he/she born, who were his/her biological parents, which was his/her occupation, if he/she had family (wife or husband and children), where did he/she die, etc.?
Morganel: The spirit remembers everything because the spirit doesn't have limitations. All the lives are remembered because contrary to the physical brain, the spiritual concept is energy. It’s not a limitless energy as our Father EON has, our Creator, but it is an energy that can store hundreds and hundreds of experiences of hundreds and hundreds of lives perfectly.
In addition, it is not only the memory of lives, but rather it is also the memory of between lives. I will give you a scenario, which is very important so that you understand it. From this session to the previous communication few days ago of this world have passed, right? Well, I have contacted myself with other entities with whom I have lucubrated so much material, you would say, and I have exchanged a lot of information that it would not reach one week or one month of dialogues through this vessel if I were to tell you all that I have "talked" through mental concepts with other spirits. Then, we also remember that. We also remember what we have "spoken" with other spirits precisely. I say "spoken" so that you understand me.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: There is more! It is much more what one lucubrates between lives than in the physical life. It is another type of memories; it is another kind of experiences. We don’t waste time sleeping, we don't we waste time eating. Wasting our time, eh? For you eating is something delicious, or drinking water is something flavorful, or receiving a caress is something beautiful; but we don’t take care of those details, then, we have the whole time to be useful serving others or exchanging data.
Interlocutor: Could you explain to us why the incarnated part of a Unit of Conscience cannot remember the experiences lived in the physical plane of past incarnations if it’s the same Unit of Conscience?
Morganel: First because it is a universal law and second because the brain cells would not be enough to withhold memories of other lives. You don’t have the capacity. It is as if you had a computer that has few gigabytes and you wanted to save the data of everything that was said in a chamber of deputies in a congress. No, it doesn't fit. It doesn’t enter. There is no way. The physical brain is limited.
Interlocutor: Is it a problem of capacity then, storing data?
Morganel: It is a problem of capacity to store data. And although many of you say that the human brain is a machine not yet equaled by you, I say that it’s also deteriorated and it has many ups and downs. Many of you sometimes don't even remember episodes of your present life. The fact that they are traumatic episodes sometimes is good, because according to psychoanalysts you erase some of those memoirs so that they don't damage you or torture you.
And it is true! It is as though they disappear of your mind. Whole years of your life can pass and you remember only fragments, pieces, moments that you might have been in a relationship that was tortuous and maybe you were many years together and you remember small flashes nothing else. You can remember dimly, but you cannot deepen it because you don't really remember. Those memories were erased. You don’t remember them. They were self-obliterated. Then, you use the same neurons for other memories. You evict everything.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Morganel: The human being has the capacity to do that. Other beings in other planets have also the same capacity.
Interlocutor: As well as the spirit is able to embody or decides to embody in the physical plane in a certain moment, Is it possible that the spirit decides to disembody by free will, maybe, abandoning the Biological Unit suddenly in the physical plane?
Morganel: No, because genetically that Biological Unit has a vital limit. So, Until that vital limit doesn't end, the spirit doesn't have the way to abandon that body. It is impossible. However, it is possible that the thetan could influence the 10% incarnated so that he/she doesn't take care, neglecting the body, or inducing a tremendous depression so that the 10% commits suicide; but the spirit cannot abandon the biological unit. No, no. That is impossible.
Interlocutor: Very well. When a thetan doesn't respond a question related to a previous life, Is that only due to that that thetan doesn't know the answer or perhaps making use of its free will the thetan refuses to answer?
Morganel: Making use of its free will the spirit refuses to respond because the spirit has the complete memory of all the lives, and if the spirit refuses to respond, it is not always due to a lack of courtesy. Sometimes it might be that the 10% is not ready to find out a certain painful experience of a past life. It was said by the great Masters like Johnakan and Ruanel, explaining that the original concept where it was necessary to eradicate the basic engram, it has been demonstrated that it is not true. Sometimes engrams that are not basic engrams, but rather they are later engrams, engrams that are necessary to eradicate them first, because they are engrams that at this time are harming to certain embodied being. Engrams that can develop phobias, repressions, anguish, internal fears, etc.
Interlocutor: Very well. Does a spirit incorporate the technical, artistic and/or philosophical knowledge acquired by his embodied part in the physical plane somehow?
Morganel: Yes, always. What happens is that the thetan transforms them into something conceptual. Later on, the thetan unload them into a physical person; that physical person would have to have a similar database to the being that loaded that data. Otherwise, it would be impossible to unload them again because there would not be anybody who receives them.
Interlocutor: Very well. I will be more precise with this question. It has been said, for example that a literary work or a musical composition were carried out through mediumistic channeling of the spirit of a famous artist, is this possible?
Morganel: Yes. It’s possible. Although not because the medium has a musical database, but because he receives the minimum of the essence. Surely, the spirit of a musician will transmit musical concept, not the music itself. Because as well as a spirit cannot speak in languages since the spirit speaks in concepts, therefore, the medium cannot speak in other languages, but his native language, the spirit cannot transmit musical score either. The spirit transmits concepts.
Then, it will be seen the capacity of the decoder of the medium if he is able to transmit that musical concept or not. This vessel, for example, has done it more than once. Music has been transmitted, not only from a thetan, but from different thetans. However, it is such poor percentage the one that this vessel transmitted compared to what thetans transmit conceptually.
Interlocutor: Is it possible that a thetan of a Unit of Conscience transmits to his incarnated part internal visions of technical, artistic and/or philosophical knowledge about certain area of science that he/she explores and develops?
Morganel: Yes. Many times the spirit helps the 10% incarnated. As I said before, the10% has to have a solid base somehow in order to grasp what the thetan is sending to the Body of ideas. And many times even not having a base, the thetan is still giving clues so that the 10% lucubrates and finds the solution. It is also very important the investigator's work.
Interlocutor: For that reason I spoke about the internal visions of technical and scientific nature.
Morganel: Correct. That exists. Yes, yes. I endorse it.
Interlocutor: I don’t mean that it is exactly a precise knowledge in a precise language.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Does a spirit feel or perceive the "flow of time" somehow when it is not incarnated?
Morganel: Yes, totally!
Interlocutor: The spirit perceives the flow of time?
Morganel: Yes, yes, yes! It was said many times, and this is a conceptual error when they think that we, in our plane, have another measure of time. I completely deny it. The measure of time of the spirit is the same measure of time of the embodied being. Although we vibrate in another syntony, because our vibration goes beyond the speed of light, and we can move faster than light because we are in a superphysical universe, the time for us flow in the same way. And we perceive the flow of time. We perceive it in the measure we interact with other spiritual entities.
Interlocutor: The following question has to do with a paradigm that the Master Johnakan already said some years ago regarding to that only the 10% of the spirit embodies. What does it mean exactly that 10% of a spirit in a Unit of Conscience or a Biological Unit?
I ask. What is the relationship between the 10% and that body? Is it like those esoteric schools traditionally say? Does the body need of the spirit in order to work? Does the spirit need of the body in order to be able to interact in the first levels of hierarchical structures of matter-energy in the physical space? Does the spirit need of the body in order to be able to live experiences in the physical plane?
Morganel: If I had to explain it in an understandable way to those who want to understand it, it’s the spirit the one that animates the body. Because you being incarnated "manage" your nerve ends so that your brain or decoder gives the order. Anyway; that brain is a mental decoder of our concept as spirits. Then, it is the spirit the one that "gives" the order so that the body moves. If the spirit were not there, the body would be a lifeless matter. Then it is the spirit the one that makes that that embodied being interacts, lucubrates, thinks, enjoys, feeds, has sexual relations, etc., the spirit makes the human being an animated being.
Interlocutor: Seeing it from another point of view, Morganel, Are the 10% of the spirit and the body two different entities in mutual interaction? Should we understand that the entity that we call body is nothing more than the 10% of the entity that we call spirit? , Should we identify the incarnated part of the spirit with the body?
Morganel: There are two answers and the two answers are opposed. Opposite but not contradictory. First of all, the spirit is only one. The 10% and the 90% are 100% spirit. They are not two units, but, it is true that they are independent. The 10% incarnated has Free Will to work in consequence and it is absolutely independent from the other 90%. The 90% cannot prevent under no circumstances that the 10% sometimes commits stupidities, make mistakes and even hostile acts. For that reason sometimes due to those hostile acts the 90% didn't participate at all, the spirit lowers of plane. Johnakan has already commented it in more than once that spirits of higher planes 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, lower to the plane 3 due to blunders of the 10% incarnated such as abandoning children and other blunders.
Interlocutor: Very well. Are the following postulates valid? I will enunciate a series of postulates. The physical plane is a continuum of space-time that contains and supports electromagnetic fields and quantum fields of matter. A superphysical plane is a higher level of hierarchical structures of matter-energy in the physical space. A spirit is a Unit of Conscience that exists and dwells in the physical space. A thetan is not affected by entropy law, I mean, it doesn't age. The incarnated part does, for that reason it ages and dies. It is a Unit of Conscience that should be understood as a conscious being and not only the incarnated part. Can you say something about these postulates? Something to object?
Morganel: First, I say that the superphysical universe is not a matter-energy field. It is a super-energy field because in the physical plane, matter doesn’t exists as matter, but rather it is a condensed energy at certain level. It is touched as matter because somehow the embodied being has to give it that denomination, but it doesn't stop being energy. In the superphysical plane that doesn't exist. Everything is superenergy. We are superenergy conscious beings. Yes? And we are not affected in our plane by the second law of thermodynamics.
Interlocutor: Then what we had enunciated regarding to higher superphysical planes and hierarchical entities of matter-energy" in the physical space…
Morganel: Of course, the matter-energy part does not exist in the superphysical planes. In the superphysical plane only the super-energy part exists. We are made up of thinking super-energy, intellectual super-energy. We manage ourselves by means of concepts. You can perceive us and you can feel us if you are prepared for it. You can also perceive us with your eyes and you can perceive us like traces of light.
Interlocutor: Can a thetan be perceived as a line of light?
Morganel: Yes, totally. Exactly as a 100% spirit, a thetan can be perceived. When we accompany somehow the medium in a spiritualistic school and the medium perceives me as your thetan, he or she will be able to visualize me; those mediums will see me in the way that I want them to see me. If I was in a previous life- and I say this figuratively- a philosopher of white and dense long beard, they won't see me as a line of light. They will see me in an anthropomorphic shape as if I were the aura of the medium, but it is not.
They will see what you call you the perispirit, but it is the form I wanted them to see me. Like many times they have also visualized the Master Jesus. They visualized him as he was in his last incarnation. With brown hair and beard, imposing height, noble face, clear eyes and rather dark skin. He didn’t have clear skin. That’s how they perceive him, when in fact we perceive him as a concept. But if I had, as you have eyes, I could perceive him as a golden line. Maybe not as brilliant as the Christic Energy is visualized, the Christ is also visualized as a golden line. Yes?
Interlocutor: Very well. Moving on to another type of questions that are exactly based on some concepts that we have received from messages in different times by mediums of different schools. Morganel, the esoteric, among them the Theosophical Society of H.P Blavatsky, they have been managed traditionally with a Paradigm of Reality where the Universe is conceived as being formed fundamentally by the Physical-etheric Plane, Prana, Astral or Emotional Plane and the Mental plan or (Kama-Manas) and ther are higher planes (Manas, Buddhi and Atman) 3 Planes. Could you tell us what relationship exists betweenthe Paradigm of the 7 Planes of the Universe and the Paradigm of the Spiritual planes (10 positive and 2 negative planes) revealed by the masters of Light?
Morganel: The planes that you have commented me are rather emotional planes that have been perceived a long time ago and many schools have adopted them, some for convenience, others directly for tradition, but they are inexact, like they are also inexact the schools that say that there are different types of auras in each body. Some of them ended up counting up to 7 layers, others up to 12 layers; others count 7 chakras, other 21, other 33, and different schools speak up to 44 chakras; Buddhic planes, Atmic planes; they are beliefs that come from the ancient times, but they are not completely correct.
Interlocutor: Isn’t that exact?
Morganel: No, it is not exact at all.
Interlocutor: One cannot speak of a correlation between…
Morganel: No, there is no correlation. It is quite inexact. Also many wanted to connect that topic with the Body of Desires that in fact don't have anything to do with desires because the incarnated human being always correlates desires with the ludic, with games or with tantra, they generally relate it to sex. Then, when in the physical plane they speak of desires they understand sex or ludic games.
The Body of Desires is much wider than that. It is much wider than that. It has to do with all the negative drives that the embodied being has, when those spirits of error and demons take advantage to send to that body of desires all the ideas that can produce anger, resentment, revenge desires, desires of vengeance, etc. they Manipulate that person that has his/her body of desires so open and they take advantage of the same one to wake up all their egos.
The Body of Ideas is the body where, Johnakan already said more than once, where you say: - Oh! I have an idea! - Surely you already had the idea and I as a thetan simply ratified it to you. The Causal Body is the reconciliation body, the body where all the ideas of service go, ideas of Light, ideas of kindness, ideas of compassion, of mercy, the ideas of devotion, where all the feelings of tenderness rest. But many schools relate those subtle bodies with the Atmic Body the Buddhic Body, the Christic Body.
Interlocutor: My second question is related to that, Morganel, if you allow me, I will explain better. Regarding to the Human being, the esoteric schools have been promoting from ancient times the so-called Septenary Theosophy. According to this, the Human being consists of essentially 4 lower Planes (Quaternary), in accordance with the theory of the 7 Planes of the Universe, having Physical Body (Sthula-Sarira), Astral body (Linga-Sariara) and Prana; and even having a Divine Triad Component in the Higher triad. Is that exact or can we correlate it?
Morganel: No, it is not exact. The Triad has to do with different beliefs that come from ancient times. Even one of first religions because it was not the first one either, but one of the first monotheistic religions, surely the well-known Judaism from which Christianity adopted part of the same Bible, creating the figure of Jehovah. Although Jehovah existed as an Eloah and somehow was prey to ego, the name of Jehovah is not real like the name Yahweh is not real either. That name given by the Catholic church, as well as Jehovah is given by the Protestant Christian Church. That Eloah that appeared to Moses didn't have a name. That Eloah did not have a name because its EGO was so huge that he shows up as: "I am Who I am." They could not even mention his name because it was unpronounceable of so elevated the Eloah felt.
In order to call him somehow they called him Yahweh or Jehovah. Anyway, Moses, who knew from previous traditions somehow relates to Yahweh with other gods that were present also, as Elyon that doesn't have anything to do with Jehovah because it is another minor god, Moses correlated Jehovah with gods of the antiquity, with Egyptian gods, with Greek gods. That is to say, somehow a new religion was formed starting from Yahweh due to fear. A race that was decimated by fear. And that people was unified in a single god making it monotheistic due to fear and terror.
When Christianity appears as a division, because Christianity doesn't stop being a division, it doesn't stop being a sect because it is divided from another line of beliefs, there is formed a Triad that is not the first triad either. The famous Triad (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), comparing Jesus as a part of God. The first mistake is that all the spirits are part of God, but the Catholic church directly says that Jesus is God making him part of him.
In the Catholic theory, they say that Jesus is the son of God and he had to be born from a virgin. That theory is not a Catholic property; it is a theory that comes from ancient times. In India was also said that Siddhartha was born from a virgin too, because they said that those figures were so big avatars and they were not able to be smudged just to have been conceived by a couple. All of that is obviously a myth. We know that Siddhartha was conceived by a father and a mother and we know that Jesus had a biological father and a mother. And although he was an exceptional being as a Master in the earthly plane and at this time he is Solar Logos, he is a Spiritual Master of the highest rank, he is not God, and Siddhartha is not God either, neither did the mythical Krishna of the Hindu myth and other gods. But the word “triad” comes from ancient times.
Interlocutor: But, the Triad as a Divine Component that is mentioned by the theosophical Society.
Morganel: No! It is directly a myth, which is brought from ancient times and they have adapted it to their beliefs.
Interlocutor: Then it is something distorted.
Morganel: It is something distorted, but also with all respect for those Masters that embodied in that time, because they did it with all the good faith, it doesn't stop being part of ego that they wanted to make their own structure. They complicated things like those who have created They created a universe so humongous which was later on written down as “The Urantia Book” with many planes and sublevels that it appalls those who don’t understand and obviously it’s also fictitious.
Interlocutor: Was the Urantia Book obtained through channeling?
Morganel: Of course. It was a channeling has distorted many things it has many things right and others not that right.
Interlocutor: A historical curiosity Morganel, at the beginning of the XX century Charles W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant, by means of esoteric techniques, they developed a special ability of psychic clairvoyance called Micro-psi vision; with it they carried out a research work on the constitution of the matter (the Occult Chemistry). They were able to see the component particles of the atoms of the physical-chemical elements literally. They conceived a model of the Hydrogen atom where we can perceive the quark constitution of the proton clearly, among other more disconcerting things! Do you know what happened with this pioneering advance in the Methods of Scientific research?
Morganel: First of all that didn't have echo. Second that micro-psi vision doesn't exist. The knowledge they had does exist and somehow, masterfully I endorse it as a great advance, their Thetans have revealed it to them. Somehow it is like they have given to them a concept and that concept masterfully has been interpreted it and they have developed a theory. They have ended up somehow visualizing a quark constitution that would be discovered many decades later. But that vision was not real. It was simply all mental transmitted by their thetans.
Interlocutor: Wouldn’t it be a special ability of clairvoyance?
Morganel: No. it was not a special ability.
Interlocutor: They ended up saying that even that technique of vision, with a special occult technique, in that sense, could be developed that special ability of clairvoyance and that could be part at least of the formation of a researcher in physics. They ended up saying that future physicists would be paraphysicists in the sense that they would develop special abilities of clairvoyance.
Morganel: It would be wonderful, but it is not real. It is not real. It is true that they had big advances of knowledge and regrettably they have not had echo. Like many that have not had echo in different times, but no, no, that ability not.
The great Masters have already said it in the physical plane that miracles don’t exist. Everything has a reason. If suddenly a person in the physical plane heals or reverts a health problem. There were many cases in which those who had terminal illnesses have been cured due to a healing gene that exists in few elected people, because that healing gene is inherent to terrestrial humanity; It’s simply a gene that is inactive and very few people have it active.
There are other cases where they have cured health problems not having a healing gene, but rather they have known how to channel the healing essence of the Absolute. As many priests healers that without having any active healing gene, they have cured health problems and it has been demonstrated that it was not due to placebo effect, but rather they were real problems where directly they ended up healing even cancer with advanced metastasis or this new illness for you of AIDS retrovirus where the production of retrovirus per second has been decimated. And that is not a miracle. That is directly an energy that somehow has allowed that the body be restored. There are people that did it directly for themselves entering in contact with a kind of meditation and it has been achieved in many hospitals.
What happens is that most of the doctors are so close-minded and they don't believe that a healing of this kind exists, when they see a doctor that performs this healing, they directly declare him incapable to work or they declare him "war" until they achieve that that doctor be expelled of that hospital. They declare him persona non grata.
Interlocutor: Okay Morganel. Thank you for your answers. In another moment we will contact you.
Morganel: See you soon.
Interlocutor: Thank you.
Morganel: I’m Very joyful and with a tremendous happiness of having communicated again because for me it is always a pleasure and even more when paths have been leveled. If all the incarnated beings and non incarnated spirits could level paths, I believe that it is one in the most important ways of service. Thank you.
Interlocutor: I understand that too. Thank you.
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