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The meaning of Service and the proportion of spirits in the spiritual planes

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: We are once again communicated in order to keep unveiling alleged mysteries, removing doubts or revealing topics that have not yet been solved completely. And I say “we” because my brother Johnakan Ur-El is here with me and we, along with two angels that also accompany us, are trying to answer some questions, we form what in Sun 3 it would be called a “team”. We are exactly trying to be useful to all of you and we also learn because as it was said in a last session "Mysteries are simply knowledge that has not been revealed yet" it’s worth repeating that in the spoken language.
The Angelic Entities that collaborate with us or rather we collaborate with them are: Kar-El from the plane 6.2 and Inam-El from the plane 6.7. We are trying to “see through” the darkness because Johnakan himself said it once with a similar concept: "The only way to fight against darkness is to shed Light upon it." You can ask.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Morganel. Here we have some questions that could be described like some curious statistics on how the conscious beings are distributed in the superphysical planes. Allow me to explain it better.
We know that 99% of the human population on this blue planet is dwelling in the planes 2 and 3 and only 1% of the conscious beings in Sun 3 are dwelling in the planes of Light 4 and 5. Morganel, Could the Ascended Master Johnakan and you give us some peculiarities with regard to these statistics on how the conscious beings inhabit the Superphysical planes?
Morganel: Not only in Sun 3 (Earth), but also in most of the worlds the incarnated beings have different wishes, indifference, projects and although there are different customs in each planet, that are against each other, there is a kind of universal pattern.
There are 15% of embodied beings seeking the Light and when I say "Seeking the Light" I am speaking about beings that are committed in loyalty, service and faithfulness. To them commitment is the most important thing and although they make mistakes - because all the incarnated beings make mistakes- they have a common denominator, they put forth their hands to help others. There is no perfection because incarnated beings have a random behavior, somehow.
There are 15% of beings that are in extreme cruelty; when I speak of "extreme cruelty" I will refer to the customs of Sun 3 because they are those who you know; beings that swindle, beings that steal, who rape, beings that kill a life, beings who verbally mistreat, who mistreat with physical aggressions, they mistreat with psychological aggressions, they rest value to others, they don't keep in mind others and many things more that place those beings in extreme cruelty.
There are 70% of beings that are in total indifference. I repeat: 15% of beings seeking the Light, 15% of beings in extreme cruelty and the rest 70%, in total indifference.
Since it’s very difficult to translate the spiritual concept into spoken language precisely, it doesn't mean that those beings that are in that 70% are really plunged into indifference; they are beings that have good wishes, they are beings that help each other, others that are also cruel, beings that love, beings that suffer, beings with low self-esteem, beings with higher self-esteem, beings with lassitude, beings who don't have lassitude, beings that have projects, but when they need a solution of continuity in a path of spiritual commitment, it is like they are adrift.
They cannot continue a course, they cannot finish a task helping and they can put a thousand excuses like: "I don’t have time", "I Have another son and he absorbs all my time" or “I have two jobs because economically I cannot provide for myself” and we are not objecting these excuses because they are absolutely valid, I leave that clear because there are many beings who will read this and they are likely to be offended and they will look for where the mistake is. No, no, no, no; we validate these excuses totally, but we have also noticed in many cases that they cling to these excuses in order to continue a placid life.
The Father– I’m speaking of Eon- has said it more than once that what he wants the most for us is the happiness of his children, contrary to what many religious schools have taught that God is pleased only with the suffering, or like many spiritualistic schools that say that one comes to the world to suffer, speaking of your world; the world of the embodied beings.
And it is not like that, No. And although you go through situations that we don’t, like illnesses, pains, abandonments, failures, poverty, hunger, you also have in your favor the enjoyment of the five physical senses. For that reason most of us want to embody over and over again, even knowing what awaits us, speaking of the negative things.
Then 70% of beings that are in "total indifference", is not so like that; they are beings like anyone of you, beings that suffer, beings who enjoy, beings who love, beings that are attached to a beloved person as if she were a treasure or they abandon her and leave her aside or they have more than one love or none, beings that manipulate, beings that are manipulated, beings that live in an environment where all of them are manipulators or they live in an environment where all of them are solidary beings, but finally they allow themselves to fall into that monotonous tendency that becomes indifference in the end.
Surely, they won't have indifference to their beloved beings, they will end up loving their beloved beings as much or more than their own physical life - and I say it with first-hand knowledge, but they will be indifferent to the others; they won't be interested in impersonal Love and the same Father, to whom we call Eon, understands them because the Father Eon said more than once through this vessel that in the physical plane the personal love is stronger, he said it more than once; even being denser it’s stronger.
My dear brother Johnakan, who is practically with me in this session, said more than once that Impersonal Love is nurtured from the feelings and personal love is nurtured I part from the feelings and part from emotions and when an imbalance takes place, where emotions are bigger than feelings, there comes jealousy, manipulations, doubts; since personal love has 50% of emotion, it needs and while needing, it’s pending or it’s "enslaved"
Anyway personal love is stronger than Impersonal Love because as much me in my incarnated part - as Manuel - as Johnakan in his incarnated part - as Jorge - they know people that more than once were heroes of Impersonal Love - being incarnated - and when the moment of taking sides came, they were not interested in Impersonal Love at all and they took refuge purely and exclusively in the personal love, which is not bad because everybody does it, but don't make propaganda otherwise.
The same thing also happens to that 15% of beings that are in extreme cruelty. They are beings who love at personal level as much or more than the highest Ascended Master does being embodied in the physical plane, but they have a so distorted love that in the same way they can love a wife or a son with an absolutely inconceivable love for many, in the same way they are absolutely indifferent when they have a rival to whom they are destroying, when they have an enterprise to which they are sabotaging or a victim to whom they are stealing from or raping to and maybe that victim they are raping to is a very young girl and maybe that same being arrives to his house and he kisses on the forehead to his daughter, who is sleeping covered in her bed. And he is an excellent father and let’s not speak of that person might have dysfunctions in his mental decoder because many times I evaluate how his thetan is in the plane 2, a plane of extreme cruelty.
That is to say, not all those who commit hostile acts have problems in their mental decoders. They are directly crooked spirits, as you say. And spite of that, they love, they suffer, they even have moral codes in some cases and those same beings see with total indifference when another person is losing his life in front of his eyes or they go to war and they enjoy when they leave notches in their rifles, marking the lives that have been killed in front of them.
The other 15% represents the people who are seeking the Path of Light. They are like in your game called Greasy pole. They ascend, they ascend, they ascend and later on they slide down. It is like they are plunged down into indifference with the excuse of the same 70% that I already mentioned before and putting the excuse of: "I cannot go anymore to that course" or "My time is very limited" or "My wife is very demanding" or "I Have a new son" or "Two Jobs...", the same thing I said before.
And I insist so that there are no misunderstandings; these excuses are valid, I don't invalidate them at all, but many times they take those excuses and once they do have time they already cling to these excuses to not do what they were doing. Anyways, "Well, with the age I have already", “I am already too old” or “I’m too young”, “I will take care of it later on” or “It’s too late for me, I was already worried throughout my entire life”, it is like they are putting a limit to commitment or an end and so they are adrift.
And although they don't commit hostile acts, they can commit them by omission, by not doing things that they should do, by not putting forth their hands to help others when they can – besides, as the dear Johnakan said - they have a bad concept of what Service means and for that reason they abandon the Quest. They think that in order to do service it is necessary to leave everything like Siddhartha Gautama did and go to the mountains or the valleys to preach, leaving aside family, friends... But who has taught them that? In which school they have learned that?
Service can be done daily in the simplest way. As my brother Johnakan several times said: "It’s not necessary to be a war medic, it is not necessary to be like the sublime Mother Teresa who at the moment is in the plane 5, as a 100% spirit. It’s enough with the things considered small, like helping a blind man to cross the street or giving up one’s seat to a pregnant woman in the bus or opening a door allowing a lady to pass through; being kind. To do service is also to commit and make that commitment worthwhile; the simple daily things.
To realize that if we are incarnated, we are reliable to the others and the others can deposit their trust in us and not taking advantage of that, neither allowing that they take advantage of us, because we would be accomplices to evil in ourselves in that case.
Then, since a lot of people have a bad teaching of what Service means, they think that Service is very far away for them or that it is necessary to have many titles or a lot of Wisdom to serve, as though to put forth one’s hand to help others, it would be necessary to have an advanced degree from your world. See? And then a lot of people are adrift. For that reason, in the spiritual planes there are only 1% of beings in the planes of Light 4 and 5.
What is one of the advantages of being in the plane 5 over the plane 4? I will say it in a metaphoric way, which is not really suitable here, but it is as if you were forest guards and with your binoculars you could see a fire from afar. It’s not the same thing being on a tower at 20 meters high watching the forest, than being on a tower at 50 meters high because you can succeed in seeing a fire from afar and you would have time to warn others so that that fire be extinguished.
From a plane 5 one perceives beyond than from a plane 4 and if we had to fulfill a mission we would accomplish it in a quicker way because we can move at a higher speed from the plane 5 compared to the plane 4. I speak at spiritual level. You can keep asking questions.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Morganel. About some accurate statistics, we have noticed in several psychoauditings that many of the thetans that are in the planes 2 or 3 are in an attitude of defiance, like renegades - if we are allowed to say that term - and they appear uninterested to reach the planes of Light. Some of those thetans sustain that the Masters of Light are conspiring against them and for that reason they have not been able to reach the planes of Light. What percentage of conscious beings is in the plane 2? Do you know?
Morganel: Approximately 15%.
Interlocutor: And in the plane 3?
Morganel: Approximately 84%, because we have to add that 70% of incarnated beings who live in indifference and the 14% of beings that abandon the Path of Light; so approximately 84%. Anyways, there is a difference between the plane 3 and the plane 2. Although the plane 3 is a plane of error, it is not a plane of cruelty like the plane 2 is. The plane 3 is a plane of doubts, where there are beings who want to advance. Most of the beings in the majority of the worlds are dwelling in the plane 3. It is the most inhabited plane...
Interlocutor: you said 84%?...
Morganel: It is a plane inhabited by beings that have desires to be useful, although there are some who due to roles of ego also think that there is a plot from the higher Planes against them - even knowing- because we all have been created in the plane 5, and we don't have partial memory, we all have complete memory- that is to say, when a spirit of error says: “There is a plot against me” or “They don't allow me to ascend” that spirit of error knows that he is not telling the truth because the spirit has complete memory.
The spirits of error know that if they descended of level was due to roles of ego. The thing is that that same role of ego blinds so much their understanding that they don't recognize it and you are witnesses - speaking about people in your same physical plane (the plane 1,) incarnated beings that have swindled or they have deceived you or they have abandoned you. If they were your partners and you tell them on their faces, looking at their eyes: "You have done such thing" and they deny it in the plane 1.
Even knowing that it’s a lie, they keep lying through their teeth.
Interlocutor: Yes, this happens usually.
Morganel: Of course that it happens. It has happened to us, to you, to me since we are one. It has happened to Johnakan’s incarnated part, Jorge, it has happened to us and more than once it has happened to us. It has happened to us when we were in that territory called Brazil, it has happened to us when we were in that territory called Chile, it has happened to us when they looked at our face and they lied to us shamelessly; and I know it because we are one. And more than once, and you know that too.
Interlocutor: Yes, yes; we have suffered enough with that. Do you know the percentage of thetans dwelling in the planes 4 or 5, whose biological units are male beings or female beings? I mean men or women of the planes 4 or 5 in terms of percentage. Is that a fact we already know?
Morganel: Yes, it is a fact we know. There is one thing that Johnakan said a long time ago through this vessel that many times we, in the plane 5, prefer to embody as males - at least in Sun 3- Yes? Let’s not speak of another worlds because they have another biology; then I speak of Sun 3 because a woman whose thetan is in the plane 5 is more unstable- emotionally speaking- she is more unstable. And there is a reason, in the plane 5, we, as spiritual entities, are sensitive but we are not sensitive from the emotion because as spirits we don't have personal love.
You have personal love since you’re incarnated; we don't have personal love. We suffer for the others, but in an impersonal way, but it moves us sentimentally to see that somebody comes out ahead or it moves us badly to see that somebody has fallen back. It is an emotional feeling; it is not an emotion from the ego. Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes we understand, yes.
Morganel: But many times when that Spirit of the plane 5 embodies as female, it transfers that emotion and the person is like weaker and she starts making mistakes, she is prone to making many mistakes. The same thing happens to Angelic Entities that embody as women. They are prone to making many mistakes, they are more sensitive, they are offended more, the incarnated part develops roles of ego, they develop roles of ego, very much, very much.
What I will say, I hope that those who are incarnated as Angels not be predisposed against me, against Morganel, but I don't know Angelic Entities embodied as women that are not depressed or who don’t have roles of ego.
Interlocutor: Then, we should understand that from all the thetans that are in the plane 5, most of them embody as male beings and there are few that embody as female beings?
Morganel: No, no, no. We embody 50% as men and 50% as women because we have balance. I simply made a remark. Angelic Entities also embody in 50% as men and 50%as women; the thing is...
Interlocutor: But we know only the case of those who are now...
Morganel: Those who you just have met are all female beings, but there are Angels who embodied as male beings.
Interlocutor: But in equal proportion, also with a thetan?
Morganel: Yes, yes, yes. In the same proportion. Yes, totally. And they are stronger in the physical plane than those that embodied as women. Stronger in the sense that they have... although they are emotional; the males are more stable emotionally. They are more stable.
Interlocutor: Then it is something that you observe: Stability; either on thetans of spirits or thetans of Angels, a higher stability, There is stabily in those who have embodied as males.
Morganel: Sure. The incarnated part of Johnakan has even noticed that many beings of the plane 5, who had embodied as women, except for a single case, the other six cases he has met, have descended to the plane 3 being incarnated.
Interlocutor: Do you believe – well, when I say "you" I’m referring to the Master Johnakan and you, Morganel - that these statistical results could change in the long run for better or worse? I’m referring to the spiritual proportion of conscious beings in the different superphysical planes?
Morganel: No, not at this time. And it’s not against it, but many years ago, Johnakan said that it would be a consciousness change and without going against Johnakan’s ideas, I believe that this is taking too much time. Even though now - in your XXI century - there are many esoteric schools than there were before, where they proclaim the change of consciousness, where they proclaim a lot of theories, in the practice nothing changes. It continues being the same self-centeredness, the same disloyal competition, the same lassitude the same cruelty in a more refined way.
Interlocutor: And in that case, Johnakan, Can the Spirits of Light do something to help their brothers of the planes 2 and 3?
Morganel: We do it. We do it permanently, we send Light to the causal body or the body of ideas of incarnated beings and we send reconciliation vibrations, of consolation, of mercy, of harmony permanently. That helps very much.
Interlocutor: Is that a mission of service properly or the mission of service is another thing?
Morganel: From our plane it consists on that! We cannot do more than that; the rest we leave it to you, who are incarnated. The fact of sending that consolation to a person who feels tortured.
We have noticed in many cases, but in many, more than what you could imagine at this time when they say: "Ah! Now I feel better, I don't know, something has happened to me, it is like something...!"And suddenly that person feels better. To yourself - who are 10% incarnated - I have sent you many times harmony and consolation - in the moments that you were alone you know it, together with me - in those critical moments that you have gone through, when you felt completely lonely, completely abandoned, as though you were a person who is not taken into account but only when there is no one to turn to. And the next day you woke up with new energies, with new strength. They have come obviously from me; because it’s convenient to me that you are well because you could transmit to me anxiety and somehow you didn't allow me to follow the mission, helping.
And all those who are in the plane 5 and are incarnated, more than once, more than ten times, more than thirty times, they have also received that helping vibration, so that they keep afloat. It is that simple. I send all my Light to you and Johnakan’s Light. See you soon.
Interlocutor: See you soon, Morganel. Thank you.
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: I'm glad to be back with you. My name is Morganel. I try to investigate unresolved situations or situations that have been partially solved. Before you start directly with the questions I remember that a decade ago, this dear brother, the Master Johnakan Ur-El, said that in this world Sol 3 compared to other worlds the percentages can vary for the better or for the worse, there were 15% of beings seeking the Light, 15% embodied beings in extreme cruelty and the 70% remaining were plunged into indifference. That was said by Johnakan - and if I don’t clarify it now- this indifference is not total. People might be prone to commitment, people who want to ascend, but in the end, they end up being dragged away by the wave of indifference, not that they are indifferent.

Johnakan added the reason for which from 15% of beings seeking the Light only 1% could reach it in the Mastery planes 4 and 5. What happened in Sun 3? Because we speak only of Sun 3, in other worlds, the percentages are different. What happened to the remaining 14%? The same as the other 70% they are dragged away by the wave of indifference, people who pursue spiritual careers – badly called esoteric- or with complementary therapies –badly called "alternative therapies"- and due to different situations, emotional commitments, personal issues, they have children, siblings, parents, whatever, or with themselves, they desist from those studies, they leave them unfinished or they did not attend to a certain workshop or they found another more mundane activity at that time that caused them more pleasure, and it’s okay because maybe it was not their time yet.
While they are adrift in the physical plane and they are not committed to a function of Service, many of them were at the whim of their roles of ego, they were again pushed to commit hostile acts, manipulated or being manipulated, and therefore when they disembodied or even being embodied, their thetans did not reach at least the Mastery Plane 4.
The situation in recent years has changed. And there have been changes in the last fifty years in Sun-3. More in the Western part of the world than in the Eastern part, for those who divide the world into East and West.
From the 1950s of the last century, which you call the twentieth century, humanity has gone backwards. You would say: "What are you saying Morganel? We have advanced tremendously in technicality, technology." Obviously yes. You have a one-inch gadget that has a lot more capacity than the biggest computers of that era that filled a room. That’s right, but you have gone backwards in attitude, you have utter contempt for life, the hostile acts have increased in all aspects, there were tremendous violent situations, every day, over and over and over again.
In less than fifty years, in the part you call the West, security has fallen by fifty percent and I mean community safety. In the same way the disregard for life has just increased by 50%. It’s not in me nor in the sublime Master Johnakan going into details of each country because we, as Spiritual Entities, understand that Sun 3 is a planet and that humanity is one and the boundaries are physical, not spiritual, the borders are put by roles. The countries are composed of roles. The spirit does not belong to a country. The spirit does not even belong to a world. But previously in some of your cities, you could walk in the wee hours, something that today is more than hazardous to your physical integrity.
Now, there are 20% of beings inhabiting the plane 2, in extreme cruelty, and there are 65% of beings plunged into "indifference" which is not like that either, but the fact that the number of thetans inhabiting the plane 2 has been increased in 5%, it gives an indication, a sign of the spiritual backwardness.
It is also true that there is more culture, but the more culture is not related to eagerness, any toddler, any kid, any child, any boy from any country has much more knowledge than other child from half a century ago, because there are more things to learn. But having knowledge is not a “thermometer” with regard to Wisdom. However it is true that there are groups who meditate, others seeking to grow through self-help, others are putting forth their hands to help others, it is true, even though there are many who also do it through a word called 'fashion': "Well if that girl is in the 'New Age' I will be too."
Then they are enrolled in a particular school. It’s not bad, it’s a step, it’s a pathway, but in the same way they are encouraged immediately, they are also immediately discouraged because they do not get to the bottom of the spiritual heart.
What they seek to do, they don’t do it with love. The same happens to young people who compete with a friend or a colleague, they start in a certain sport as competition and they do not do it with love, as they did it many years ago in your world.
Then, they abandon, they quit a sport, they stop reading, they stop doing a task, they stop following a spiritual path. That is the proportion of 65% in indifference I talked about. Nobody is totally indifferent. I will deepen more into the subject, so that Johnakan not be misunderstood or interpreted in a wrongly or superficial way.
But I do not feel agreeable; but I do not say it with a feeling of ego because in my plane there is no room for ego. It's like I feel pain for the others by all the enjoyment they're missing out because they don’t perceive the mental concept that Service is Enjoyment.
Many, many of them still take Service as an obligation and many others are still waiting for a reward because they were useful, still speculating. Speculation is not indifference, but also adds them in the proportion of 65%. I would have liked that that 70% were reduced to 65% and that 5% had gone up to the planes of Light and not the plane of cruelty, the plane 2. Are we losing the battle? No. First of all, because this is not a battle. Love is not a battle; otherwise we would fall like some religious fundamentalists in your world, who struggle religiously. That is absurd.
Love cherishes, Love does not hit, at most- as one of your poets said- “Personal love can blow your heart like a thunderbolt in the middle of your head and shake you.” But it's metaphorical.
I’m sorry if I have taken so much time on this issue and if I have delayed for a moment the numerous questions you have, but it was just necessary to shake those who may be reading this message so that they understand that commitment is not a commitment.
Interlocutor: Do not be sorry, Morganel, we really thank you for shaking us. We needed it.
Morganel: But you understand, my dear 10%, when I say that commitment is not a commitment. The thing is that people –some people, I don’t generalize- must commit to Service, but they should not take Service as a synonym for “obligation” Do you understand me? But commitment, which is a synonymous for Enjoyment. Then, as the sublime Johnakan said: "Since the spoken language is poor” sometimes they take Service as pledging one’s word and we cannot turn back. "What do we do now?” I regret it, but I cannot retreat."
The commitment of every being, who is useful to the others, is with himself. He doesn’t have to render accounts to anyone. Only to him and his conscience. Nobody will demand him if he retreats. Obviously any attitude brings a consequence. The thing is that in the physical plane they are very, but very likely to be offended -due to roles of ego that most of the people have- that even the word "consequence" many of them take it or sounds to them like "threat."
And we have said a thousand times that there are neither rewards nor punishments. That consequence is for one's actions, of each individual. But even so, when someone explains it spiritually, I read in the minds of many people who take the word "consequence" as a veiled threat.
I would say unveiled threat to the words of the Eloah Yahweh, who threatened to come back and strike the world, Sun3, with a curse [1]. That is a threat to those who did not pay homage to him.
When I say that each act brings a consequence, it simply means that. The result can be good... Why most people see the glass as half empty and not as half full? Because as they say in one of your countries, "Do you have guilty conscience?" Whenever one speaks of consequence everyone looks at each other. Has anyone noticed there are good consequences? Didn’t my dear brother Johnakan say that the universe is like a mirror and every act is reflected? And if you sow Love, you reap Love, And if the result is Love… Where is the threat then? That's my explanation, my dear 10%.
Interlocutor: Thank you Morganel.
[1] Malachi 4:6

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