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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel, Manuel’s Thetan.
Morganel: I’m here again, in order to elucidate all incomplete concept, all erroneous concept or concepts that have not yet been unveiled. There is so much avidity of knowledge in many beings embodied in Sun 3 and there is so much more you still do not know! Systems of life that would amaze to the most important biologist on how certain mechanisms work. How altering a certain gene one can modify completely any system of life simple or complex. I won’t lecture now on the biological topic because I know that there are many unresolved questions and one should also answer them; but shortly we will approach not only the biology of Sun 3, but also the biology of other worlds: feeding forms, reproduction and other similar interesting topics.
Interlocutor: It would be interesting Morganel. We will talk about it later on.
Morganel: You can ask, if you want to.
Interlocutor: Well. Morganel, we know that there are two types of units of energy-conscience that have the capacity to embody in a biological unit: the spirits and the angels. We call conscious being to anyone of these two energy-conscience units: spirit or angel.
The physical being is the biological unit, where the conscious being's 10% has embodied. Thetan is the conscious being's 90%. The role is the union formed by the conscious being's 10% and the physical being. I expose this accurately in this topic so that people understand what will follow.
Our first questions: Where is the thetan of a conscious being embodied in a biological unit? Is the thetan in some closer place to the planet where the biological unit is? Where are you customarily Morganel? Do you sometimes visualize me on this blue planet at some moment of my daily life?
Morganel: To visualize in spoken language would be inexact, to perceive would be the correct word. Generally, we as Thetans, are closer to the 10% incarnated. That doesn't prevent us that we can make a mission at impossible distances for your senses. Since we move at superluminous speed we can be in mission in another planetary system and even so, we continue connected conceptually with the 10% at all times!
Interlocutor: Allow me to expand a little more the question. In a unit of energy-conscience, a spirit or an angel; How is a Thetan connected with the biological unit? How far in the physical space can they be separated from each other?
Morganel: It’s something that many times I’ve wondered! First of all, let’s start from the base that the 10% as a spiritual entity doesn't inhabit in a physical way as if it were one organ more. In any case for your understanding, it can be amidst the solar plexus and the heart chakra – between the pit of the stomach and the heart chakra-. There the 10% spirit is housed. There, in your instinct, when you point at yourselves and say: “ I” you generally touch yourselves with your index finger that part, pointing at yourselves.
Interlocutor: That is made constantly.
Morganel: It’s not like many pseudotherapeutical schools say that a Thetan is housed in the head. Now, the famous “silver cord” [1] which was depicted in one or more books written by this writer whose alias was Tuesday Lobsang Rampa doesn't exist. There is a superphysical connection. The spirit is one. The spirit doesn't stretch out like an elastic band of your world.
When there is an incarnation, the 10% is separated from the 90% by means of a kind of license. Although the dear Master Johnakan gave the example of the wand, - as the 100% spirit - separated from the lock where the 10% was inside the keyhole and the other 90% was outside, it is nothing more than a metaphoric license. In fact, there is a separation. The energies are divided.
The 10% doesn't end up being completely independent from the 90% because there is a single concept, but there is an energy division between the 10% and the 90%. Then the 90% has "freedom" so that it can be at light years of distance. For example: the Master Johnakan Ur-El in a session with the Solar Logos, the Master Jesus, they were in mission in the Andromeda galaxy at more than 1 million light years from Earth, however this vessel continued perfectly with his daily life. How can it be such separation so that this vessel is capable to continue with his normal life? Because the 10% of Johnakan is the one that animates this vessel and the 90% who is professor Jorge's Thetan has a conceptual connection that goes beyond the energy connection. Soon we will give more details about that or right now if you want to.
Interlocutor: Okay, we’ll leave it for another session because there are some other questions more.
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: Is there some possibility, like the esoteric schools have sustained so that that subtle connection between spirit and body be destroyed accidentally and the spirit disembodies?
Morganel: No, it is impossible. There are only two disconnections. One of them is the one you call death: when the 10% is disconnected from the physical body. The second, when the spirit is about to embody, the 10% has already taken the incarnation and by means of an abortion, the 10% spirit is disconnected from the biological unit. Therefore, abortion is as karmatic as murder.
Now the other part of the answer. Between the 10% and the 90% it can never be a disconnection. It can never be a disconnection because, although there is an energy disconnection, there is a conceptual connection and this one is impossible to break. It is as if one in the physical plane wanted to divide the mind in two. It is impossible. That’s what this is all about. With regard to the first question, there is no way so that a person's life (the 10%) is disconnected. Under no circumstances.
Interlocutor: Then what those esoteric schools have affirmed throughout all times would be, necessary, incorrect?
Morganel: It is erroneous as many other things they have affirmed.
Interlocutor: Very well. Thank you. Can a Thetan of a conscious being have the capacity to perceive in the physical world the biological unit of some incarnated being or other conscious beings? More precisely. Could a Thetan help us locate in our blue planet a missing person?
Morganel: Yes, but not directly. It always goes from one Thetan to another Thetan. That is to say, what the thetan does is intentioning. As well as this vessel intentions Golden Christic Light, we intention a contact.
Interlocutor: Do you Intention contact with the missing person's thetan?
Morganel: Yes, with the thetan. And automatically when having contact with the 90%, we already have connection with the biological unit (the10%)
Interlocutor: Well. Morganel, just out of curiosity. In some previous incarnation, Have you had a biological incarnation based on some physical-chemical unit different from Carbon?
Morganel: Yes, it is correct, based on Silicon.
Interlocutor: Did you embody in a biological unit based on silicon then?
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Where and when?
Morganel: Approximately 2 of your millennia ago in a system called Fulgor in the fifth planet.
Interlocutor: Fulgor 5?
Morganel: Yes, it is correct.
Interlocutor: At what distance is approximately Fulgor 5 from Earth?
Morganel: Fulgor 5 is a binary star. The main star is a yellow dwarf that has one and a half the diameter of the Sun. There is a white dwarf star rotating at approximately 3 billion kilometers around it. The Fulgor system has 7 planets from which only the fourth and the fifth planets are inhabited. The first, the second and the third planets are small rocky planets without atmosphere and the others are gas giants. According to your astronomical measures, it is exactly at 508 light years from Sun 3.
Interlocutor: Now, I have understood that Fulgor 5 and that binary system, which you spoke to us, would not be recorded in the astronomical charts we possess. That is to say, it is not part of our astronomical knowledge.
Morganel: I mean, it is not a known system as other known systems like Antares, Betelgeuse, Vega or others.
Interlocutor: Well. Now I have a question that has to do with the connection between a thetan and a 10% embodied. In which moment of the gestation period takes place the incarnation of the 10% of a biological unit of energy-conscience?
Morganel: At the 48 hours after being housed in the uterus the spirit lodges already in the body in formation.
Interlocutor: Only two days nothing more?
Morganel: Yes, it is correct.
Interlocutor: It has been said in some opportunity that at the 40 days of having formed the embryo the 10% would enter. Is that inexact or is there something that we do not understand?
Morganel: It’s not exact from this point of view. If a person before the 40 days provokes a miscarriage on purpose being the incarnated spirit there, he or she is committing a murder. Many Masters of Light consider those 40 days because the embryo is already fixed there, but it is not an excuse to say that before the child borns, the fixed embryo can be aborted without any karma.
There are many cases of pregnancies that have the double of those 40 days and nevertheless spontaneous abortions take place without the intervention of an embodied being.
Then, it is not excuse to say: “starting from such date if the spirit is already fixed in the body of the biological mother from that moment it is considered karmatic, not before”. And I say: - Yes, even before. The spirit lodges almost immediately. I insist, within hours, at the 48 hours it is already considered that incarnation took place. I don’t have any doubt about it
Interlocutor: Very well. Later on we will return on this topic.
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: Morganel, I have a question without answer for a long time. We have we wondered, What would happen if the number of available biological units to embody ended up being more numerous than the number of spirits who want to embody? Since we don't perceive a natural law that regulates those numbers that apparently only depend on Free Will, Could it happen that a biological unit is born without the incarnation of a 10% spirit during the gestation period? I mean, Can human beings be born without a soul, as some esoteric schools have affirmed?
Morganel: No. Those esoteric schools took out the issue of human beings without soul for two different reasons. One referring to the cruel beings and the other was referring to the autistic beings or the beings with problems of diction that existed in all times. As long as the universal expansion of the plane 1 exists, it will continue being a creation of spirits by Elohim. From the moment the universe begins to contract, the creations of spirits stops. But the number of spirits will be always superior, very far superior, to what you would call biological units, vessels, bodies or whatever you would like to call them.
Interlocutor: Then, there is no possibility that the number of biological units be superior, however, there is a thing we don't understand. It seems that the number of biological units that are gestated here on Earth is a decision of the couples following their Free Will, and also the spirits "gestated" - let us say - by Elohim are also created following Free Will, then how these numbers are regulated? Why the number of biological units doesn’t increase proportionally with regard to the number of spirits? Are Elohim aware of this and they continue creating spirits?
Morganel: Correct. They continue creating spirits and using terrestrial lingo, there is surplus of spirits at this moment waiting to embody. That is to say, this lack will never exist. Notice that there are worlds where the population is a hundred or a thousand times lesser than Sun 3, but let’s suppose that it would be the other way around. Let’s suppose that there were worlds that have ten billion beings each. Likewise, it would be even more spirits waiting to embody.
Interlocutor: I believe that we can ask this question otherwise. Let’s imagine that there is a number of biological units and let’s suppose that even though there are enough spirits to embody, but in a certain biological unit no spirit has decided to embody. Can that biological unit be born if there wasn’t any incarnation of some 10% spirit?
Morganel: The topic is like this. I have never thought about that issue for the simple reason that most of the spirits have a tremendous avidity to embody, even when they know that most of them will suffer or they will suffer from hunger, illnesses, poverty, or they will be victims of violent acts, etc.; nonetheless, the avidity of embodying, to experience the five senses is inexpressible. Then, it’s an issue I have never outlined because it is impossible that it happens. The spirits are standing in line in order to embody.
Interlocutor: Ah, well then. (Laughing).
Morganel: And it was already discussed about what would happen if two spirits decided to embody in one biological unit at the same time. If one spirit decides to embody one nanosecond before the other spirit does, the spirit who made the decision first embodies.
Interlocutor: So the one who comes first?
Morganel: The one that comes first. And Johnakan has already outlined it many years ago, even existing a biological technology like cloning capable to create a clone- that clone would still be born with soul; because if that cloned being had his mental decoder under good condition, as if it were born from father and mother, it could house a spirit.
That is to say, not even a clone would lack of soul, - contrary to some science fiction novels that portrays a being without soul-. Yes, even a cloned being would have soul!
Interlocutor: Yes, well. A clone is born. Then that clone would have a gestation period. He is not born as an adult, but rather the clone has a gestation period and he is born like any other being.
Morganel: Let’s imagine for a moment that that clone didn't have a gestation period. If the clone were directly conceived through a certain technology allowing to create a 20 year-old adult man, automatically that being would have life as an adult, at the moment he barely opened his eyes and his brain began to have electric transmissions, automatically that vessel would house a spirit.
Interlocutor: So, There could be also incarnation.
Morganel: With the disadvantage that it would be already in an adult body.
Interlocutor: With regard to this, there are other questions Morganel. I believe that this first part was already answered. In which part of the biological unit would be the connection with the 10% of the unit of energy-conscience? You told us that it’s between two chakras.
Morganel: Correct. Actually it is not the connection; it is where the 10% is housed. It is housed between the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra.
Interlocutor: To specify a little more. Does some organ exist, or maybe some gland, like those esoteric schools sustain that plays a fundamental role in the connection between the spirit and the body?
Morganel: The brain makes the function of mental decoder.
Interlocutor: The brain plays a fundamental role then.
Morganel: A fundamental role because, and now I copy myself from your language, it is the one that pulls the strings. But after all the thought is ours. For that reason we don't call it brain, but mental decoder. The one that decodes the spiritual concept to spoken language.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Morganel: Contrary to you, who are incarnated, we don't lose our memory. On the other hand, you lose your memory because your mental decoder is deteriorated.
Interlocutor: Well. This is a historical doubt. Can a thetan or a spirit displace or evict definitively the 10% of another conscious being incarnated in some biological unit and then embody in that biological unit? In other words, is a Spirit capable to take possession of the biological unit of another conscious being?
Morganel: No. Absolutely not, for a simple reason. The Divine Free Will exists and everybody has to accept that Free Will. And it has nothing to do with obeying it because there can be demons or spirits of error who don't want to accept it; but it’s directly a Law. For that reason, diabolical possession doesn’t exists either, like some esoteric schools or some religious churches believe.
What it does exist is the possession with the permission of the incarnated being. That was already explained in several opportunities by Johnakan-Ur-El. There are parishioners who are so fanaticized with their priest or with their pastor or minister who believing that they will receive the Holy Ghost, -a word badly interpreted-, they open themselves and the demons enter; but with the person's permission or the possessed person’s approval, ok?
Then, for that reason, if you see in some charismatic churches or in some evangelical temples people that writhe on the ground with epileptic spasms. They are being possessed by demons, but not like in your movies where a demon possesses a person against his will. That doesn't exist! It’s the same person the one that gives space to the demon believing that he or she is receiving the spirit of God.
Interlocutor: Well…When you say that the same person is giving place. What do you mean exactly?
Morganel: For example: if you go to a temple and you are religious fanatic of that Minister that yells at you Hallelujah! Then you open yourself mentally, you open your arms, you show your chest as a sign of approval that you will receive the Holy Spirit and automatically you can be possessed by a spirit of error or a demonic entity!
Interlocutor: And what happens with the 10% spirit that is incarnated in that body?
Morganel: The 10% is left aside, like the 10% of this vessel is aside when I am conceptualizing and making him speak with my voice.
Interlocutor: Then it is a similar situation…
Morganel: It is a similar situation in which, if the being that has been possessed by that demonic entity or that spirit of error takes consciousness and he or she has strength, he or she can expel that demon or spirit of error.
Now that we speak about the topic, Exorcisms are absolutely a lie because as well as a demonic entity doesn't have power over an embodied being, unless this one gives it the power. In the same way, no priest has power over a demon by saying: ”Get out of here,”I curse you.” Or throwing holy water. Let’s leave that for the movies.
Interlocutor: And It is also hollywoodian.
Morganel: The demon laughs in front of that. The demon leaves directly because the one that recovers the good sense in that moment is the person that had been possessed. If the person does not recover the good sense, or his spirit is weak and the embodied being is also weak, the demon can be comfortably days within that body.
Interlocutor: That is to say, No exorcism will help in that case…
Morganel: Exorcism doesn't exist for a reason of coherence, of common sense; because the Free Will is also granted to the demons.
Interlocutor: Ah! Sure.
Morganel: You have a proverb that says:”Every law has a loophole”
Interlocutor: Yes, it is true. (Laughing)
Morganel: Let’s say that, and I apologize to Eon,- Eon’s Achilles heel , so to speak- is the Free Will that Eon has granted for Love.
Free Will is sometimes used by spirits of error or negative living beings to harm others and Eon doesn't have the fault for that.
Interlocutor: Sure, but this should counterbalance the events of this universe or else I believe that it would be very boring.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: It is a joke.
Morganel: One thing that Johnakan-Ur-El commented, through my lucubration, is this: In the physical plane, the ego is so powerful that it can deteriorate not only your mental decoder, but also your physical body; however, if you channel light. That light can somehow heal your decoder and somehow it can also heal your physical body.
I’m not speaking about magical situations, because magic doesn't exist and miracles don’t exist either; but there are bodies that can even rejuvenate - and I don't say it between quotation marks, I say it literally. -Not like the mythological fountain of youth – but somehow you feel better. Channeling light somehow your cells and cerebral neurons can rejuvenate and you may even raise your tone scale. And that is proven, Johnakan said it.
Interlocutor: Very well, thank you. Morganel, just out of curiosity – it seems that we have many curiosities - have you ever known about the incidental destruction of some spirit or angel? Can some superphysical phenomenon destroy a unit of energy-conscience? Do our own creators, the Elohim, possess the capacity to destroy us?
Morganel: No. Elohim have the capacity to create, not to destroy.
Interlocutor: Don't they have the capacity to destroy?
Morganel: No, no. It is correct. Elohim Only have the capacity to create, never to destroy. There are negative spiritual entities of the plane 2 or demonic entities that can make an energy focus among many and they can end up destroying a biological unit [2] not energy units.
Why they hardly ever do this? Because they never agree. What the Light has in favor is that the dark entities are so egotistical that rarely do they agree. The famous legions that writers of terror speak about are absolutely hard to find.
Interlocutor: With those legions, are you referring to demons?
Morganel: Yes. Those legions are hard to find because there is no plot among them. Each one of them wants to be the “king”, if you understand what I mean.
Interlocutor: Ah, Sure. Each one of them wants to be the first, wants to be the only one. And they don't reach any agreement.
Morganel: Exactly.
Interlocutor: And Is there some superphysical phenomenon capable to destroy a unit of energy-conscience?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: I ask you again, Does somebody know about some superphysical phenomenon capable to destroy a unit of energy-conscience (spirit or angel)?
Morganel: No, I don't have knowledge of something like that. I have investigated during millennia and no.
Interlocutor: Haven’t you found it yet?
Morganel: No. I haven’t.
Interlocutor: Good, it will be a matter of research then.
Morganel: Before I leave I want to complete a topic which is very important with regard to what gives the physical life. It is a topic that I have considered in your mental decoder many times. There are two factors that give physical life. One of them is the animation that obviously is given by the incarnated spirit (the 10% incarnated). But the incarnated part of the spirit by itself is not enough to give animation, but rather it has to be a series of biological-chemical factors in that body.
Otherwise, with that approach [only considering the 10% spirit] we would embody in a rock and we would move the rock and it is not like that. That is to say, there is a double factor. The biological-chemical factor of each body that houses a 10% spirit, and the 10% itself that produces the animation. It is like the fuel that makes the car work. That is very important to clarify.
Interlocutor: With regard to that Morganel, we have some questions that I believe would help us clarify more these concepts, if you allow us.
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: We know that a biological unit needs of energy to stay alive. Is that energy only incorporated through ingested food or is there some universal energy source as the old esoteric schools teach, from which part of that energy is absorbed?
Morganel: The energy of foodstuff is the primordial energy in all living organisms of the plane 1, yes? The universal energy gives another type of life. It gives not only lucidity, but also gives the avidity of being useful.
Many beings in the physical plane compete in order to take off energies from each other and there are authors that have approached that topic in the physical plane, yes? What most of them ignore due to their innate self-centeredness that comes from their own spirits, is that they can absorb without any type of problems the cosmic energy which is energy that the Creator offers us completely for free; and it is an energy that doesn't give us the physical life when we are incarnated, but rather it gives us something more. It gives us a state of liberation. An energy that we, as spiritual entities, without embodying absorb periodically, not to be more complete, but to feel a degree of euphoria.
We could abstain perfectly of any type of energy beyond our own energy because we, as spirits, don't need to eat; but the fact of absorbing that energy- so that you understand- it gives us another type of life. A fuller life at consciousness level. And you - as 10% incarnated beings - knowing how to absorb that divine energy would have a fuller life, you would be healthier, with less problems of health. But since most of you are mean. –I’m speaking in generalities, I am not naming anybody-. You absorb each other by means of different roles.
Interlocutor: Yes, we understand.
Morganel: You absorb each other by Manipulative roles, Victim roles, roles of control, inquisitive roles, etc. And there are a lot of people that suffer of energy drops due to those beings that live absorbing others.
Interlocutor: To clarify more that last part, you said that a thetan can absorb energy if it wants to, as well as a biological unit does absorb energy to stay alive and move in the physical plane. Does a unit of energy-conscience- a spirit, an angel or a thetan- need some type of energy to exist and move in the physical space?
Morganel: As I already said before we, as spiritual beings and the angelic beings, have our own energy. We don’t need to absorb. If we do it, it’s just to be fuller nothing else, so that our Light shines more, if you understand what I mean.
Interlocutor: Morganel, how does a spirit or an angel do in order to move in the physical space? Is that unit of “energy-conscience” capable to interact with the vacuum?
Morganel: It Interacts with the vacuum in the sense that it intentions. It is very difficult to explain it in spoken language. If I ask you - not because I don't know it, but in order for you to understand and this be recorded in your devices. What happens if you or in this case I that I am a part of you and you are a part of me - we decide to move the right hand. You realize that before you think about moving the right hand you are already moving it because it is almost instantaneous.
You find it instantaneous because your hand is closer to you mental decoder, but it is not instantaneous. In the same way that you feel that the light is instantaneous and it is not instantaneous, right?
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand that.
Morganel: Well. You may not explain to me how intentioning you can move your hand. You would tell me:Because there is a mechanism at a tissue level moved by a small electricity that makes me move any part of my body thanks to the muscles.
Interlocutor: There we would be speaking about how I move, that is to say, - how I perform corporal movements -, but I am speaking of the movement in the physical space. I move on Earth walking and for that, I interact with the matter. It is a mechanical interaction that I make with the matter.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Then, I was thinking if a spirit or an angel doesn't make some interaction with the vacuum in order to move; because the only mean that I see there is the vacuum
Morganel: The vacuum and supra-energy. If I suddenly want to move, I conceptualize, I cannot tell that I visualize because I don't have eyes and if I say that I visualize it is for you to understand it, I conceptualize myself at certain distance. For example: I want to be in another planetary system. I conceptualize myself in that planetary system.
I allow myself to be taken if you understand my expression, because in fact I don't allow myself to be taken because nobody takes me. It is a way of saying it. In this way I’m automatically in that planetary system if it is a closer system. If it is not a closer system it will take the time necessary, because moving at a faster-than-light speed, we still have our limits too.
Interlocutor: On that point, Morganel, we would like you to clarify us a technical issue. You have already told us that a Thetan, or a spirit can travel through the physical space at super-light speeds. You have said it several times.
Morganel: Okay.
Interlocutor: Do you know what the faster-than-light order of speed is? I mean the one that could be achieved moving in the physical space.
Morganel: It is at level of exponents.
Interlocutor: Let’s see if you can be more explicit. I myself could calculate the super-light order of speed, in natural units of the speed in light years, if you tell me.
Morganel: Correct. To the square, to the cube, to the fourth power and so on in each plane except the plane 5 and the plane 6 that can move at the same speed. Between the 5 and the 6 there is no difference.
It has already been said many times that it can be a vibrational difference, but the plane 6 is not higher than the plane 5. Let us say that a Master of Light of the plane 5 can interact perfectly with the Angelic plane 6 and we perceive each other because it’s not in a higher plane.
This was explained by Johnakan with the idea that the terrestrial elephant can interact with a dolphin that is aquatic.
Interlocutor: Sure. Now speaking of this superluminous order of speed, what I am saying is with which factor, I mean, if you can move 10 times, 500 times the speed of light.
Morganel: No!
Interlocutor: Which is the order?
Morganel: Plane 2 speed of light to the second power (c2). Plane 3 speed of light to the third power (c3). Plane 4 speed of light to the fourth power (c4). Plane 5 and 6 speed of light to the fifth power (c5). And so on. [3]
Interlocutor: Are there exponents of speed?
Morganel: Exactly! Otherwise, it would be impossible that a Master of Light of the plane 5 could say - and here I will make a humorous remark -: Well, look, I’ll go to a mission in Andromeda and I’ll return, which is at more than a million light years.
Interlocutor: How long would it take to go there?
Morganel: It would be necessary to do the calculation.
Interlocutor: How long would it take to travel one light year for example? Does it depend on the plane where one is?
Morganel: It depends on the plane where one is. That is to say, I am in the plane 5.
Interlocutor: And how long would it take to go there?
Morganel: I would have to give the figure to the decoder of this vessel.
Interlocutor: In time nothing else, I’ll take care of the calculations.
Morganel: I do it almost instantly. It depends on where I would go. Where are you telling me to go for example?
Interlocutor: Well, I was asking you how much time would you take to travel one light year light, but if you could tell me how long would it take to arrive to Aldebaran 4 or Antares 4 because I know the distances.
Morganel: Well, to Aldebaran I arrive practically in seconds.
Interlocutor: In seconds?
Morganel: Yes, in seconds.
Interlocutor: But that is a super- superluminous order!
Morganel: Yes.
Interlocutor: Thousands of times the speed of light.
Morganel: To Aldebaran I don't take more than 12 seconds. Even more, so that you make yourself an idea, we are not strict. For Example: you in the physical plane can run 100 meters in 14 seconds and suddenly there is an athlete that runs those 100 meters in 9 seconds.
In our case we don't depend on a physical condition because we don't have a physical body, we have a superluminous state. The time that we would take in traveling a distance would already depend on the factor. I wouldn’t say the word anxiety because anxiety doesn't fit, but curiosity to arrive there. We can take our time to go them calmly. Imagine that you are in a highway and you want to enjoy the view and then you drive your car at 50 Km. /h., do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: Then at 30 miles per hour there is suddenly another entity that is much more hurried and it goes at 150 Km./h. We don't have to use the limit. Suddenly, we don't have a primary rush and we can move slowly.
Interlocutor: That is to say, you can take minutes.
Morganel: And even we can take our time in the sense that I could go with another spiritual entity conceptuating while I move through the superluminous universe and I’m conceptuating as you would say, like going for a walk.
Interlocutor: Very well. When you mentioned those 12 seconds that you would take to arrive to Aldebaran 4, I should understand that you are referring that it is a possibility, but you would generally travel at a lower speed if there is no rush.
Morganel: Yes that’s right. To conclude, the world of energies is not very studied by you. There is a lot more that all of you don’t know. For example, Antares 4 is a world where cellular orgasms take place at skin level where feminine and masculine beings are connected; it’s something that very few people have achieved in Sun 3.
On the contrary, in Sun 3 there are even mean couples and the males barely have a minimum difference of auric potential with the women and they end up absorbing them energetically with a sexual intercourse. For that reason not only an auric drop energy through roles of inquisitor or victim take place - which happens in many friendship relationships, couple, family, ,but rather through a merely mating relationship an energy drop can take place in one of the parts. That is an entire topic to be explored.
Interlocutor: Yes and we will explore it Morganel.
Morganel: I give you a very big hug at conceptual level and see you soon with all my Love.
Interlocutor: See you later and Thank you Morganel.
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[1] The famous Silver cord that some writers have depicted as the connection between the physical body and the spirit does not exist
[2] This phenomenon is called Spontaneous human combustion SHC
[3] The physical constant (c) = speed of light (300.000 km. per hour or 186.000 miles per hour)

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