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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entities that came to dialogue: Master Morganel and Johnakan Ur-El.
Morganel: I’m once again connected with the physical plane, always trying to elucidate apparent mysteries since we know that they are not – somehow, we have to name what we don't understand or what we believe we do not understand- lucubrating with my brother Johnakan Ur-El who is here present with me.
We “dialogued” - using a jargon in your language- with other spiritual entities and even with Angelic Entities from the plane 6 about what there is beyond this expanding universe because as well as the physical universe is expanding, also the superphysical universe is expanding. And there is something very important that a consultant asked this vessel, the professor Jorge.
We will theorize, and in this case, I’ll request the intervention of my 10% incarnated, who is here in front of this vessel, so that we make a kind of dialogue on this topic.
Interlocutor: Very well. Go Ahead.
Morganel: We had revealed thanks to Johnakan Ur-El’s help that in each superphysical plane or vibrational plane the limits are exponential regarding to the speed of light, yes? So, as well as the limit of the plane 1 can be defined with the speed of the light (c), in the plane 2 the limit is the speed of light squared (c2), in the plane 3 the speed of light to the third power (c3), in the plane 4 to the fourth power (c4) and so forth.
They are so higher speeds that they escape from your understanding. Surely those who are very analytic will be able to do the math, the numbers, but sometimes the numbers on the paper don't grasp the magnitude of that speed “so-to-speak” because your spoken language is poor – Also, you cannot grasp the gigantic distances that exist between one stellar system and another.
Notice that you, in Sun 3, have the moon – we’ll now speak in terms of speed of light - at 1.25 seconds from Earth, which means that if you could travel at the speed of light, you would be on the Moon in a little more than 1 second. You would take almost 8 minutes in arriving to your star, to which you call Sun; you would arrive to Pluto, which is no longer your last planet - in approximately 5.5 hours.
That is to say, you would travel from one extreme to the other extreme in your solar system in a little more than 11 hours, without considering the recently discovered new planets that astronomers - whimsically - don't consider them yet as planets.[1]
This means that in reference to the speed of light, you would be contained in a space of 11 hours, if you could move at the speed of light; Then, the closest star, aside from the Sun, would be at 4.25 light years from Earth. Don’t do the math now...
Interlocutor: Is it Alpha centauri?
Morganel: It is Proxima-Centauri.
Interlocutor: Yes, It is Proxima-Centauri.
Morganel: Don’t do the math now, but notice that...
Interlocutor: The distance is enormous!
Morganel: ...We are speaking of 5.5 hours to 6 hours, in arriving to the limit of your solar system and 4.25 light years in arriving to another stellar system. Obviously there are closer systems in other parts of this same galaxy. Systems that are at no more than 1 light year, quite closer; but with your current ships, you would take thousands and thousands of years in arriving to those systems, at your speed. How isolated you are with your current technology!
Now, in the physical plane a spirit needs a thetan in order to embody. Translated to your understanding; a biological unit called "Human being" needs a soul.
More than a decade ago, my dear brother Johnakan Ur-El revealed that only the 10% of that soul embodies and the other 90% remains in the respective superphysical plane and neither the soul (90%) nor the 10% incarnated can be disconnected by sheer will or be disconnected on purpose.[2]
Some People commented to this vessel: “What happens when there is a sick person in an unrecoverable comatose state but still alive, if that embodied being didn't want to live or if he/she could make an effort - what Johnakan calls intentioning - so that the thetan’s 10% could be disconnected from the body in order that it can be in harmony again.”
And no; because it depends on the biological vibration. While there is biological vibration, the thetan cannot be disconnected unless there is no more brain activity in the mental decoder. Once the brain activity stops in the decoder, the thetan’s 10% can be disconnected from that body.
Now there may be variants. Sometimes there is no irreversible coma and the being that lies on the bed struggles to stay alive and he sometimes gets better, it can also happens the other way around, when a being doesn't struggle to live and in a short time, even having hope, he disembodies.
Obviously the 10% spirit intervenes there, who doesn’t want to struggle anymore because he/she thinks that it doesn't make sense to continue in that body and it is not for his/her own will that he/she disembodies; the 10% disembodies when that being stops struggling for his life, the body, somehow, feels that that vibrational strength is no longer there and it surrenders quicker. I say it in this way so that you understand me, or I make this vessel translate it in that way.
Let’s go to the question that gave origin to this small chat asked by a person called Peter, who asked this vessel: We will make a hypothesis here. “We are going to suppose that there are ships in some place of this galaxy that have an advanced technology so that they can travel at superluminous speeds which are speeds beyond the speed of light.” We are not speaking of ships that pass through the borders or pleats in the space to travel through the hyperspace and arrive to another part of the universe using dimensional doors like shortcuts.
Let’s suppose that there is a ship capable to travel at such speed that it could travel exponentially at superluminous speeds yes? Exponentially. Let us say for instance at "c" to the third power (c3) - always hypothetically-.
Well, the body of that alien that travels in that ship, as well as all of those other aliens that travel in that ship,( all of them have a thetan.) Well. Those thetans are dragged. Example: When you walk or you travel on a car, on a bus or you are flying on an airplane, your thetan is accompanying you. The thetan doesn’t need to be closer to you at any moment since we know that as well as me as my brother Johnakan, like other beings of Light have been at light years of distance accomplishing a mission and however neither this vessel nor my 10% have disembodied because the 10% is always connected.
Now I’ll ask Peter’s question: The 10% and the 90% are not separated. It is an illusion that they are separated; simply there is a 10% that embodies and a 90% that doesn't embody, but they are superphysically connected -conceptually the 10% and the 90%- they are a thinking energy unit. However, let us suppose that in that ship there were two crew members whose thetans inhabit in the plane of error 2 and their thetans can travel at (c2) as a limit because they are in the plane 2, which is to say, to the speed of light to the second power, but the technology of those aliens has achieved that their ship could reach (c3) that is speed of light to the third power. There wouldn’t be any problem because the connection would continue although they left to another galaxy; the connection would continue not because the spirit lengthens as if it were a chewing gum, but because it is not like that, simply because it would be connected conceptually.
Then the second part of the question is: Let us suppose that they develop a technology so that they can accelerate exponentially to c3, there wouldn’t be a way so that the thetan could even reach conceptually to the ship because the thetan’s thought - that mental energy would only move at (c2). And the ship would be accelerating at (c3) or (c4); we say that it wouldn’t go to a certain speed, but rather it would be accelerating in the same way that the expansion of the universe at this time because the spirit who is in the plane 2 goes moving at "c2", and the ship would be accelerating at (c3).
This means that the ship would be accelerating at a higher speed than the thetan’s speed; therefore, there wouldn’t be a way so that the thetan could reach his incarnated part conceptually and automatically the incarnated part would lose the physical life. There would be a disconnection in that case. Think about it, evaluate it.
Thanks to that question we were lucubrating with Johnakan and the fact that the ship would be moving beyond the conceptual speed that the thetan of the plane 2 can reach can make the incarnated part disembody automatically, a separation would take place and the physical part would lose the physical life because we are speaking of a thetan of the plane 2 who cannot move beyond (c2) speed of light to the second power.
Can this happen in the real life? Is it a mathematical hypothesis? According to Einstein’s theory when the matter goes reaching the speed of light “c" the mass goes expanding to such point that before reaching that speed, the mass would expand so much that it would be almost infinite. Therefore, in the physical plane you could never reach this speed. Then, it would be something subjective, something abstract and something - truly – like a mathematical concept.
The following question is ours we asked ourselves. Then, How is it possible that space ships can reach distances that would be restricted due to the speed of light? For example: How can space ships travel fifty thousand light years from the center of the galaxy to its border? Obviously because there are pleats hidden in the dark matter that allow to cut down the distance. It has to do somehow with quantum mechanics, but with formulas that are out of the reach of this vessel. He would not be capable to decode them.
The following question we asked is based on investigations and different chats we had through these last weeks: What can be found beyond the Whole? We reach the conclusion that there is an uncreated Nothingness.
Another person asked this vessel: if at the moment the universe - that is the Everything - goes expanding on an uncreated Nothingness, if that Nothingness is reduced because the Everything would be occupying more and more space taking place from the Nothingness.
And I will respond with a question: Who said that the Nothingness has a place? The Nothingness doesn't have a place in the way that most of you think in your minds, you still have a lot ahead of you to elucidate. I avoid saying the word narrow-minded or limited minds because many of you could take it as grossly offensive. And the word "limited" would not have to be an offensive word; we, as Spiritual Entities, never have to clarify anything because each spirit knows exactly the concept of the other Spirit and what the other spirit is thinking.
Regrettably, all of you are like prisoners of a certain language, of a gist, a tone or a nuance when saying things, you have to clarify your words explaining always under which circumstances you said a certain thing, you have to clarify the concept or the main idea when you said it, if the sentence was said offensively or if it was said analytically. This is our advantage.
What can we find in the Nothingness? There were Spiritual Entities and there were also Angelic Entities, one of them who dialogues permanently with us is Kar-El from the plane 6 sublevel 2. In one occasion, accompanied with the Father, Eon, Kar-el could approach and glimpse the abyss. Eon took Kar-El until the limit of the universe in expansion and Kar-El “felt” because the Angelic entities the same as we feel what you in the physical plane would say to "have a presentiment," which goes beyond of perceiving - because one can perceive analytically - Kar-El didn't feel analytically, Kar-El felt vibrationally something wicked, something dark, something dense.
We debated it with Johnakan, the dear brother, and at once we ruled out that they could be the fourteen planes of darkness inhabited by the demons because the planes of darkness are intertwined with the spiritual and angelic planes; although they don't coexist, but they are intertwined. A demon can tempt a spiritual entity of the plane 3, or an entity of the plane 2, even to incarnated beings of the plane 1 whose thetans are inhabiting in the planes of Light. Demons cannot tempt a being of the plane 4 or a being of the plane 5 because they are free of ego and demons generally are fed by the ego of the incarnated beings or the ego of non-incarnated beings.
Demons are nurtured with this ego and they tempt the beings through that ego. Not only do they feed with that ego, but rather they lead the person with ego wherever they want him to go, as if the ego were like a leash and the incarnated being- who is prey to ego- were a horse and demons control that being in the same way that a man would control a horse with a leash yes? So, the ego for those demons would be like the reins with only one difference: the horse, if it is not tamed, it can behave wildly or even being tamed, it can be mad or be rebellious like a mule would be, even having the reins, but in the end we can control it and take the horse or the mule wherever we want it to go.
A Demonic Entity cannot do that, if the incarnated being to whom it’s trying to manipulate doesn't want to because all the entities created by the Absolute, all of them – including the demons –are subjected to the divine Free Will. Then if an embodied being doesn't want to be manipulated or possessed like some religious preachers say – the person is not possessed; a person will only be possessed if that confused parishioner opens up himself in front of what he believes is what they call a Holy Ghost or a spirit of light. Then the demons interact with the spiritual beings and with the beings of the plane 1.
Then we reach the conclusion that what there is beyond that border are not demons, they are entities that are outside of the creation and this led us to wonder, trying to put ourselves in the place of God and explaining to this vessel in an understandable way so that you understand it: If God is present, past and future, if God is non-temporal because He is outside of time, God doesn't ignore what happened nor what will happen because to God it is not what happened or what will be. To God it is already.
Each moment is present. God is outside of the movie. But these beings that are in that abyss, in that abyssal grave outside of the universe we know, if they were not created by Him, the question is: Are they escaping from this divine free will? Can they take possession of our concepts? Can they take possession of the mind of the incarnated beings? Yes - I would say - because they escape from the divine Free Will because they were not created by God.
And the other question is: As well as we in the expanding universe reached the border of the same universe and we did not enter for the time being in the Nothingness, Can they enter into our universe? Those are the questions we have to answer with the brother Johnakan. We don't have the answer yet and we have the humility to say "We do not know." But it is our next goal, it is our next step.
In the physical plane and more in this world Sun 3, curious people have bad reputation. They are compared to the busybody or the meddler, the person who meddles in the affairs of others. The curious person is frowned upon. But he who thinks in that way ignores that the biggest discoveries were made by curious men. And that the percentage of inspiration was minimal compared to the percentage of investigation. Because many lyrical people - and I don't have anything against lyrical people - my brother Johnakan is lyrical; that is to say, I don't have anything against the lyrical beings.
The lyrical is above the romantic - although it is an earthly word; it is not a spiritual word because it has to do with the personal love - but lyricism is beyond the personal love, it is even beyond the impersonal love, lyricism. Then I don't have anything against lyricism, but many lyrical people in the physical plane believe that the divine inspiration is everything. But I know many beings that burn the midnight oil studying, investigating, ruling out, drawing new sketches, and ruling out again and so forth.
Inspiration could have come when my brother Johnakan in another vessel, previous to the professor Jorge, wrote “Dark Night of the Soul” but do you think that there was no investigation on behalf of the previous vessel called John of the Cross? There is always investigation. Inspiration would be the climax, but not in all the cases it is inspiration, it is only a minimum percentage.
And lastly, because they are so complex topics which we are dealing with, so we use extremely the power of the mental decoder of this vessel, he wanted to approach a topic that this same vessel had outlined and intentioned so that I say it: it has to do with Time; that is to say, the temporal issue.
Previously in other sessions we said that the Big Bang Theory was not certain when they say that space and time were created in once, but rather time always existed, because there were previous universes and there will be future universes [3], thanks to that base, we, Johnakan and I, discovered, we reach the conclusion that Time is not another dimension as greatest scientists at the beginning of the XX century had outlined; at the end of the XIX century they already had it sketched. In fact it was outlined much earlier, but officially a little more recently than a century in your planet Sun 3. And we reached the conclusion that Time is not a dimension.
For your sake we accept that you call space-time to what surrounds you in the physical plane; three dimensions plus one would be four dimensions. Then you inhabit - according to this concept - in a 4-dimensional universe, a universe of four dimensions.
Then the mathematicians sketched six dimensions more to such point of saying that there was a universe of ten dimensions from which six were quantum dimensions. Then - so that the mathematics balances- one more dimension was added up to compensate, to not lose that balance and they reached a definition of eleven dimensions. Seven extra dimensions and four dimensions that could be perceived [4]. But although the abstract thing is good because through abstract issues- as well as through virtual issues - one can lucubrate new ideas until inspiration also appears - One thing is taking it in an abstract way and another thing is taking it practically.
Just like we said with the brother Johnakan in a previous session that Gravity was not a force - leaving aside the fourth force then they would never find completely the theory of everything. Then we are under conditions of saying that Time is not one dimension more, not in the way that you are thinking.
And since we have the idea - without saying the habit because it is not simply a habit what we mean because the spoken language is poor, as we always say - we have the idea of being coherent, we don't want to continue taking a false concept. Time is not a dimension. Look for it, search thoroughly in your books the sense, the meaning, the coherence of the word "dimension", what "dimension." Means. You, my dear 10% I had requested your help in the sense of dialoguing so that this dialogue could be recorded. To you -as a mathematician- What does the word “Dimension” mean? How do you perceive it?
Interlocutor: Well the word "dimension" has a meaning in mathematics and it is used in several contexts; the context in which you are using it at this time is the context of the Manifold Theory. The physical space was conceptualized, modeled as a manifold and that manifold has in it a number of attributes one... dimension, it has dimension four. That is something characteristic of that manifold. But logically, it is a construction, it is a mathematical model. There are other models totally abstract that don't have any similitude, they are not models of anything physical and the word "dimension" is also used. And there we can put all the mathematical dimensions we want, but the pattern – the one I am referring to - the pattern of the so-called space-time as a 4-dimensional manifold is a mathematical model. We cannot say that it is the absolute truth.
Morganel: Notice my dear incarnated part that people's common denominator can read these sessions and take the word "dimension" as a space itself because the percentage who know about the Manifold theory is small regarding to the dimensions, suddenly they enter into a room and they say: Oh! This is place of big dimensions!" Therefore, they take the word "dimension" as a part of space.
Interlocutor: Precisely there, allow me to clarify something. In a more elementary level without approaching the idea of the models, conceptually that notion appears - it is a primitive notion the one we have about dimension, length, width, height - it is an aspect from our perception when we move in the physical space. We also perceive Time somehow; now, the perception we have of both aspects of the physical space where we live in, from the universe we live in, we have a perception of the space with certain characteristics that we call length, width and height, we call them spatial dimensions. Our mental decoder also seems to perceive separately Time like the flow of something that happens, but we perceive it separately.
Then, at the beginning of the XX century, mathematicians began formulating mathematical models where it was unified; where that mathematical pattern was unified where they perceived the spatial dimensions and Time which had been separated; they were constituted in a single unit which they called the space-time continuum. But our perception of the physical space keeps being the three-dimensional - length width and height- and separately Time. Our mental decoder doesn't perceive a space-time continuum. The space-time continuum keeps being still a mathematical model today and it doesn't seem to reflect precisely our perception of space.
Morganel: Notice, my dear 10% that they have ended up calling “temporal dimension” but it acts - and I say again that the language is poor - in a different way compared to the spatial dimensions although in some laboratory processes not only have they achieved to modify space, but also they have ended up modifying time. Anyway, the behavior of what one could call "the temporal dimension” is different to the behavior of the physical dimensions; then since the language is poor in the physical plane, we avoid calling Time as another dimension as much as possible, just to prevent confusion to those whose knowledge is vast, but not so deep in each topic.
It doesn’t matter if you keep calling it 4-dimensional universe; what matters is to separate as well as we have separated Gravity as one of the other three forces so that scientists be aware and use common sense in treating them separately in order to find the theory completely, in the same way, it is our suggestion - because here everything is suggested so that you can continue investigating – and they take the temporal dimension separately from the spatial dimensions and without separating it completely they look for different processes, they continue evaluating behaviors.
Interlocutor: Morganel, allow me to mention something here. Several years ago, I noticed that it is possible - for example - to research relativity - I am speaking of the theory that has to do exactly with the theory of space and time - it is possible to make the quantum description of the electron field, for example. Technically we are speaking of Dirac equation which is 4-dimensional, but it is possible to handle all that formalism separating space and time. It means that what you are suggesting is mathematically possible. It is possible to go back and to deal with the notion of space and the notion of time separately. The advance that would have allowed us the theory of relativity is to end up conceptualizing time more deeply and we have discovered some characteristics very peculiar of time that space doesn't have and characteristics of space that time doesn't have...
Morgan-the: I was referring to that.
Interlocutor: ...then what you are speaking about that they are, one cannot put everything in the same concept, I agree completely with you, but after having investigated for a long time.
Morganel: The scientific researcher - and since man is prey to his ego, shouldn't take it as an offense on our behalf, from Johnakan and mine – but they would have to imitate somehow the behavior of a lab rat in a labyrinth where in the other side it has as a prize the cheese and when the lab rat goes advancing and sees that there is something closed, it goes back and takes another direction; if the lab rat finds no way through again, it goes back and take another way. With that approach the rat will finally get the cheese.
The scientist, the researcher, has the habit of giving blows over and over again against the wall thinking that with his forehead he will break that wall and so he’ll be able to eat the cheese… and it is not like that because that wall cannot be trespassed because that wall is called wrong theory. Then, in that way the scientist is at risk of becoming a fool; exactly it is the probability theory and the probability theory implies successes and failures. Not always in front of a failure will one go back - sometimes it was a not-well-written formula - and through this failure the exit door of the labyrinth can be found, but if one insists and insists, failure after failure. What is wrong - and here I speak to the scientist - in proving another way out? Perhaps there is no wall blocking the way, perhaps the exit is finally there. It is a probability. Then...
Interlocutor: I agree with that, I also have those concepts...
Morganel: Of course you have them; Je, je, they are our concepts! And as well as we spoke in a previous session saying that Gravity is not a force so that they don’t take it as a force and we are not being strict because we are being exactly the less dogmatized possible. We don’t say “No” because we want to, We are saying: "No, why don’t you trye this?" “Please try this way”. Nobody is the owner of the truth, only the Creator.
Then, we have that way of thinking: "What if you try another thing?" Besides, we have first-hand knowledge of that because we can move conceptually to other stellar systems where they have already proved successfully that. In addition, we would like enormously to absorb that knowledge and give it to this vessel -if he had the appropriate database- so that we could give it to him. But we know that there are other exits with regard to a fourth nonexistent force and with regard to a fourth dimension which is not such thing. Try to develop simpler but more efficient theories. Try to see new things.
Interlocutor: I agree with that completely. Starting from Einstein’s theory of relativity - we are speaking of 1915 - 1916 – Physics was mathematized to such a point that it became dark. Then, with the advent of the quantum theory many things were also darkened. We have discovered recently, - in the 70s more or less - that the quantum theory became complex. It was possible to make a description yes? That complex numbers were not needed. The complex numbers are studied in fourth or fifth year in High School. It doesn’t make necessary the complex numbers and the famous imaginary unit that didn't have physical meaning; we discovered that it had a geometric meaning in another context.
That is to say, one can make quantum physics with real numbers. That insight was discovered in the 70s. During the decade of the 90, I began to study those theories and I developed that "insight" taking it to the theory of relativity, which was something that could not enter at the beginning because I saw that it was all consistent and it is true: complex numbers are not necessary to describe the quantum theory; to describe the quantum phenomena.
Morganel: It is important to repeat before I leave that I send permanently to your body of ideas several messages of investigation so that your curiosity continues increasing healthily and you can write it down - besides from what we are doing through this vessel - that you can leave something written down as a 10% incarnated. It would be wonderful because that is also Service. You know that there are several ways to help others. To give a book to a boy is also putting forth one’s hand to help. That is to say, it is not necessary to be cloistered in a single type of service.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morgan-the: Are you following me until here?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morgan-the: And I’ll leave the final words to Johnakan, who will say a small message. See you soon.
Interlocutor: Good. Thank you, Morganel.
Johnakan Ur-El: Thank you for allowing me to be here. Thanks to this 10% who is being so useful with us, thanks to you as Interlocutor since you allow that this be carried out and thanks to all those who are trying to understand these new ideas; thanks to those that are not yet in time to understand because they question many things. Thanks because their questions give us the incentive of continuing investigating, of keeping evaluating and above all things it gives us the humility of not believing that this is definitive because except for the Absolute - somehow eh? Don't take it literally; but somehow - everything is transitory. Even us, somehow. For that reason I say, don't take it as something definitive. Thank you.
Interlocutor: Thank You, Johnakan
[4] referred to the superstring theory

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