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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: We cannot say that what overwhelm us is the eagerness to be communicated with the physical plane because many people would say that eagerness is a small egotistical root, but indeed, it’s true that it arouses in me, Morganel, a great interest to keep digging - if we can call it in that way - on certain topics that barely a small flower has received the Light and what we want is to unearth that whole treasure of knowledge within our possibilities.
When I say our possibilities I speak first of me – as a spiritual part – since obviously as a spirit I’m limited. Secondly, I speak of this vessel, who at this time channels me in spite of having a suitable mental decoder to receive my concepts, he will always have a distortion between concept and word, yes? And thirdly, there is sometimes information given on certain topics that are asked, which fail from the source; that is to say, the data you have to ask are erroneous and that, let us say, disarrange all the later answers.
There are sometimes answers that can be given in fewer amounts precisely because the question was not well asked. I’m not talking about previous sessions because thanks to the Father's Divine Presence, the sessions have come out pretty clear, but I know that in many cases, the fact of not asking the right questions caused that the answers sometimes be left in the middle of the way. This has nothing to do with my 10% or the interlocutor, but rather sometimes when this vessel or any other medium appears on a media show, those who are in charge of the news report waste their time in trivial information – I say this with all my affection, yes?- And they waste answers that could be valuable for the TV-audience and they are not. Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes that can be understood clearly.
Morganel: For that reason, in this case I value these sessions that can be valuable to those who are truly interested in all these topics. We had approached briefly topics that were left pending for this session my dear 10%, within my possibilities; I’m at your disposal. Let’s begin.
Interlocutor: All right. Thank you, Morganel, for your predisposition. I have here some questions about three fundamental topics. We are not going to close each subject, but rather we are going to disclose them. I will read summaries of these three topics and the pertaining questions.
Morganel: Well.
Interlocutor: More than fifty years ago, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a strange character published a book not less strange and unusual called: “My contact with Flying Saucers” (1). The author signed his work with the enigmatic alias "Dino Kraspedon." According to Kraspedon the content of his book was only the result of the dialogues that he had had with a human/alien – commander of the flying saucer- as he called him, who came from another planet within our solar system.
The book contains insights on advanced physics and cosmology that frankly are controversial with regard to relativistic principles and they put in evidence some riddles on quantum physics not even resolved, among other things, more puzzling on cosmology. These insights end up denying the physical validity of the general relativity and ruining the concept of space-time, the notion of gravity as the curvature of space-time, etc. And they even challenge our understanding about the principles of quantum physics.
The really curious thing is that these insights are in general lines the same insights the Masters of Light have begun to reveal, (Johnakan and you, Morganel.) On the other hand, some skeptical investigators have proposed that the human/alien - commander of the flying saucer - would only have been a literary invention that Kraspedon would have used to expose his own revolutionary theories on advanced physics, cosmology, etc.
Morganel, could you elucidate the mystery about this strange character and his enigmatic book? Did such a human/alien exist? Would the content of the enigmatic book be only the result of the author's dialogues with a Master of Light? Maybe using the same methods that you and I are using to dialogue at this time?
Morganel: The writer's real name is Joao Alberto do Santos. He didn't communicate with any alien in person. He was contacted telepathically, just like this vessel, who channels me, contacted me. Kraspedon was contacted with a Thetan of an inhabitant of a world located at 550 light years in the same arm of this galaxy. The planet is called Aeon 4, and it’s located at 180 million kilometers from its star - a yellow star - and its inhabitants are human, very similar to others that have had establishments and still have bases on Sun 3. They are human of an average height from 1,90 to 2,00 meters, they generally have long blond hair, green or blue eyes and they have great knowledge.
Interlocutor: Morganel, Couldn’t he be contacted directly since one of them had bases here on Earth?
Morganel: No, they are not the ones who have bases on Sun 3. Aeon is a world which has similar beings to other beings in other worlds. For example, so that you understand me, there are many worlds in the galaxy, where there are beings like the Homo sapiens sapiens, exactly similar to the human being in Sun 3. They could look like beings of Sun 3 perfectly, but they are from another world.
Let’ say that there are human races exactly similar to ours - and I say ours because I’m embodied in Sun 3 - and they live perfectly in another world with almost similar atmosphere - and I say almost similar because it can vary in 1% or 2% in nitrogen, 1% or 2% in oxygen – however, they are adapted to that atmosphere. They might not have the same atmospheric pressure we have exactly, and however they are adapted.
Interlocutor: There is something I didn’t understand. You told me at the beginning that Dino Kraspedon, Joao Alberto do Santos, had been contacted with a Thetan of an alien from Aeon, but you also told me later on that those Aeonites had bases here on Earth...
Morganel: No. What I meant is that the Aeonites are similar in race to one or two other contingents of extraterrestrials from other planets that have bases on Sun 3. Similar, for example, to the extraterrestrials located at Friendship Island. They are, let’s say, of the same physical appearance, but they are not from the same planet. Obviously the communication was telepathical and his mediumship had an accuracy of 50% to 60% to such point that the Aeonites are not from this solar system, as the writer under the alias of Kraspedon explained.
Interlocutor: Yes, since he locates them like natives from one of the planets, or at least that they live in one of the planets of the solar system.
Morganel: No. That is incorrect.
Interlocutor: Well, this can be part of the story.
Morganel: Even more, some formulas he gave can be changed, because he had a very low accuracy while channeling and he could have make a mistake when he wrote them down in his work. It is true that he had many good guesses.
Interlocutor: Yes, exactly there are several good guesses; mainly about the insights related to general relativity and quantum theory.
Morganel: Today, in this present, many people are questioning the theory of general relativity. Today, in this present, many people are questioning some quantum postulates. We know positively, and I have asked it to other Masters because I have the sagacity - in this case it would not be humility, but I call it sagacity, although for many incarnated beings the word sagacity sounds like opportunism - No! I had the sagacity to ask Thetans or spirits of scientists who were embodied, and they invalidated the quantum postulate that explains that the particle depends on the observer or that all that is observed depends on the observer.
That is a pure nonsense because although it is true that there are elementary particles that would give the impression that they are in more than a place at the same time it doesn't happen to non-elementary particles. Then, when they say that what is observed depends on the observer, it doesn't stop being more than a theory which doesn't have any validity.
I’m surprised when renowned quantum physicists keeps validating some theories that…- and maybe I’m using a hard language here- I describe them as fools. The word fool that so harshly offends to those who have ego means that they keep a stubborn posture about their own point of view while others give insights about their mistakes and they still keep embracing their "reality" fighting tooth and nail just for the mere whim they want to be right. Do you understand me?
Interlocutor: I understand, Morganel. And exactly I was remembering something. I read from that book I commented before, “My Contact with Flying Saucers” by Dino Kraspedon. Then, what I’m saying about those insights written there are frankly in controversy with the relativistic principles and they put in evidence some exercises on quantum physics not even resolved, I say it from my posture of investigative scientist.
There are some things more or less simple that were brought to my attention powerfully at that time, when I read it more than ten years ago, when I lived in Brazil or rather when we lived in Brazil. How would I have to say it? (Laughing).
Morganel: I lived.
Interlocutor: I lived there. The commander of the flying saucer - we will call in this way to the Aeonite’s Thetan - affirms that the speed of light in the vacuum is not always the constant 'c' but rather the light coming from a star, for example, can travel at a speed several times 'c' depending on the type of existent vacuum that exists in the interstellar regions that are in its route to Earth. What can you tell me about this subject, Morganel?
Morganel: There is a mistaken interpretation and it has nothing to do with the light. It was said in last sessions that the universe is expanding in a quick way and it was given in many occasions the example of a balloon which is inflated and the points that are more separated from each other are separated more quickly than the points closer to each other. Do you follow me until here?
Then, there are galaxies that are moving away from this world at almost the speed of light. There are galaxies that move away in the opposite direction at almost the speed of light. Those galaxies, - without considering this world – are separating from each other at more speed than the speed of light although the terrestrial scientists believe - for their own convenience - the paradox that nothing can surpass the speed of light. It doesn’t stop being a paradox. The example has already been given that if you hold a lamp in each direction originating a beam of light, and you have one pointing to the right and the other to the left, each beam of light will go at almost 300.000 kilometers per second and the paradox that the terrestrial scientists say is for a matter of...
Interlocutor: Yes that the velocities don't add there; I’d almost say that 'c' keeps being 'c.'
Morganel: That is not real.
Interlocutor: That, if The Relativistic Velocity Addition Law were true but...
Morganel: That is not real. That, from now on, it is not real and we even confront it with scientists from other worlds or with Thetans of scientists embodied in other worlds that, obviously, vouch for the addition. Then...
Interlocutor: Notice that here it would be necessary to add something related to this book “My Contact with Flying Saucers.” Exactly, there, according to the author, the commander of the flying saucer - we call him in this way - would have said to Kraspedon that the law of correct addition of velocities is not the Einstenian; so it coincides exactly with what you are saying now that the law of addition of velocities would be the Galilean. That is to say, those beams of light would be going from each other at '2c'; not at 'c.' Exactly, it is invalidating some relativistic principles... so cherished by the scientific community. (Laughing). Right? At least of the XX century.
Morganel: Do you know what happens, dear 10%? The scientist is based on theories and he doesn't have the courage - and this happens likewise with some psychologists – he doesn’t confront the creator of a certain technique because he doesn’t want to be invalidated by other colleagues. Using the common sense, using coherence, the light itself, whether formed by photons or by corpuscles, it will be measured in the same way that one measures two projectiles that move away in opposite directions.
If there is a projectile moving away at 1000 kilometers per hour and at the same time another projectile moving away at the same speed in the opposite direction, then they’ll move from each other at 2000 kilometers per hour - we speak in terrestrial measures -.
The traditional scientist will say: -"It’s not the same thing because 'c' is a constant and it cannot be modified."- Okay. Who said it? - “That person said it.” - Perfect. That person made a mistake in his theory, because then, it wouldn’t be a bigger universal expansion to 'c' and then the expansion would be very much slower than what it is at the present time.
There are some galaxies that are at billions of light years, so that those who know about cosmology understand it. At billions of light years. They surpass the speed of the light amply in separating from each other. Amply. If it weren’t like that, it would not be a possibility of expansion, reaching certain limit of the universe.
In this same local universe – as it is called - where there is a cumulus of ten or twelve galaxies, the most distant among them can be at thirty, forty millions light years already moving away at tremendous velocities from each other, and I’m speaking of forty millions light years. Let’s imagine those galaxies at 5 billion light years from each other.
Those who read this session, visualize in your minds or make an outline with the example of the balloon inflated with its points and you all will see that the points that are at 1 centimeter from each other will move away very slowly while the balloon is inflated, but those points that are farther will move away from each other in a bigger proportion; Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand. The thing is here we are approaching a quite delicate topic because we would be invalidating certain postulates of the same relativity. The relativity is a logical construction based on two postulates. The special relativity, at least, is built starting from two postulates: on the constant of the speed of light and the equivalence of the physical laws regarding to inertial reference systems. What I am saying is pretty technical, but it is based – in logical way- starting from those two postulates.
If those postulates are not completed, then, what the theory concluded can be correct or not and anyone who knows something about logic can understand it. Then, if in Nature those conditions are not given, if those postulates are completed, then anything can happen.
Morganel: It is not like that! A postulate is not being invalidated to place another weaker postulate. That postulate was simply an invalid postulate. And perhaps the example I’ll give doesn't have anything to do, but I manage myself with comparisons - this maybe is not for you, but for those who don't have a knowledge on mathematics like ours -, and it has to do with the example of Catholicism that bases its structure solidly on Jesus’ resurrection.
When we, or rather, you who are the incarnated base your spirituality not in the resurrection, but on the parables, on the messages, on the service and it would be exactly the same thing if Jesus had resurrected or not, or if they had him crucified or not.
The crucifixion marked an episode by which his word transcended, but it doesn’t have bigger meaning than that. Neither their miracles have bigger meaning because in fact they are not miracles.
Everything is possible to explain. It happens that those who only look for the faith by the faith itself give more importance to the event in which the Master walked on the waters compared to the messages he gave on the mount, because the faith blinds the man. They are not interested on the teaching; it matters more to them visualizing something that they cannot make theoretically.
Returning to the original topic, the scientists base their life on a postulate. When that postulate is shattered to pieces, they are like orphans.
Interlocutor: Yes. There I coincide.
Morganel: And it is not like that, because they are not capable to fend from themselves! It is as though they become pariahs of faith, if you understand the word.
Interlocutor: Yes. But they don't truly understand what science is, because a lot of our knowledge is temporary and a theory is hammered until it doesn't give anymore. And from there another thing is postulated and it is continued from now on. They tie up big knots and later on they are connected. It doesn’t star with fundaments. Science doesn't start with fundaments, as many people usually believe; I say it because more than once I have had to lecture about science fundaments at the university and they believe that... I don't know... that everything was born based already and no. They were trying to solve a problem here and there and they found a method and then that method could be generalized to other problems and so they formed a theory, but not starting from the fundaments.
Morganel: Notice that the quantum scientists speak about superstrings, they speak about common strings and they speak about branes and most of them - for not to say almost all of them - they rule out the theory of energy vortex, being that it’s the theory that assembles the puzzle better. The same Master Johnakan was who gave - and here I will use a word of your game called soccer - the initial kick with the revelation of the mysteries explaining the theory of the energy vortex very controversial for almost the entirety of the scientific community.
Nowadays, many scientists are discarding the String theory because they cannot keep it going on, or because they cannot give it a valid application and they don't find a valid explanation, because it is very easy to say that each string vibrates forming a tiny particle, being that the energy vortex explains that with many details and it even ends up explaining how it take place - at energy vortex level - a nuclear explosion, being that the superstring theory is ineffective explaining it punctually.
Interlocutor: Yes. In that I coincide. That happens.
Morganel: Then, they develop the Membrane or branes (M-theory) and they go developing other theories to see which is the opportune for each time. (Laughs).
Interlocutor: Yes, That is happening. They are quite lost on that aspect because it is an enormous intellectual work, it is also vastly abstract since a formation in advanced mathematics is needed, but not very common mathematics and that whole intelligence at the stake doesn't lead to solve problems that are even elementary, and they are awaiting a solution for over 80 years ago.
Morganel: Exactly. And also notice that there are some physicists who are in the community with astronomers, astrophysicists, etc. they envisage certain spatial pleats or cracks, somehow, where one can shorten a path, but since they don't have a valid theory to sustain it, they end up denying it.
They don't even take it as a theory; they take it as a remote hypothesis because they don't have the courage to affirm it. And they don't sustain it because - as I said before with another topic - they are afraid of being put in a ridiculous light by the scientific community and later on become like pariahs. So, they have so much ego that they need the approval of the others - and Johnakan dictates it to me - they need of each other and until there is no quorum, nobody dares to raise the hand and say: "I believe in this." And there are many theories they have served on a silver platter. But they don't take them.
And well, in other worlds there are many theories developed. Thanks to those theories they could advance in different topics, they could work with the energy, they could make the energy hard because the energy vortex, according to Johnakan, explains that the matter, as matter, doesn't exist but rather it is a "kind a condensed energy," which is another type of energy vibration. Well, there are scientists in other worlds that have deepened in the energy vortex and they have ended up hardening the energy without forming matter. They have worked with a special energy vibration so that it doesn’t end up being matter, still being elements, and with that they have work the energy shield of the famous mother ships.
Interlocutor: The energy shield that you referred in several sessions...
Morganel: And the energy shield is only achieved deepening in the theory of the energy vortex, which was exposed by this great talent Kelvin many years ago, the famous Kelvin of the famous absolute zero, 273 degrees Celsius below zero. Kelvin developed a vortex theory minimally. What happens is that in his time he didn't have the current elements and this vessel, thanks to the collaboration, rather; the vessel collaborated with his Thetan and he deepened in the theory of the energy vortex.
In other worlds, in an independent way, sages have deepened this theory commendably and they have achieved shield layers of energy, so powerful, but so powerful that, as I said in other sessions, they can resist thousands of degrees of temperature and even nuclear explosions without causing a single damage on the shield. That cannot be achieved with the Membrane theory or with the Superstring theory.
Then, the same energy, which becomes matter according to a certain vibration - because the matter is energy - That same energy can be shaped - I speak to you in that way so that you understand me because conceptually it has another explanation – so, the energy is shaped so that it works like a shield. Then, as long as the scientists keep working with mistaken quantum postulates, it is little or nothing what science will advance.
Interlocutor: Okay, Morganel. We will return on this matter in another occasion with more specific questions. Thank you for your concepts.
Morganel: All right.
Interlocutor: We have some questions remaining about two different topics. Those who may be reading this session might have heard the expression called as Alternative 3, the famous Alternatives, 1, 2 and 3. Now, I will read a summary on this topic.
On June 20, 1977, the United Kingdom’s Anglia Television ran a polemic program known as “Science Report.” The program was later on called Alternative 3 and the documentary denounced a secret agreement between United States and USSR. The TV show would have gone much farther from what the public believes. The astronauts of an American-Soviet mission would have landed on Mars in 1962. I clarify that the official Moon landing occurred in July 20, 1969, and here we are speaking of an American-Soviet mission that would have arrived to Mars in 1962. Under the order of the president Eisenhower, a group of elite of Jason Society would have studied the impact of the man's activities on Earth and reached the conclusion that arriving to the year 2000 our planet would not stand more the human population increase due to the exploitation of the mineral resources, the natural resources and in general the environmental catastrophes of the "greenhouse effect", etc. MJ-12, and here the Majestic 12 appears on the scene, and the group of Jason Society made three recommendations that were in fact the so-called "Alternatives."
Alternative 1: They would detonate nuclear devices on the terrestrial atmosphere at great altitude and create holes in the stratosphere and with which the heat and the contamination could escape to the outer space.
Alternative 2: They would build a gigantic network of underground cities in which some selected groups of human beings would survive, while the rest of the humanity would be abandoned helpless on the surface of the planet polluted and depleted in its natural resources.
Alternative 3: They should exploit the conventional technology and the alien technology so that little by little a group of elected people abandon the Earth and establish colonies in the Moon and Mars.
Some clarifications: All the alternatives included birth control, massive sterilization and the introduction of a mortal virus in order to control or reduce the population growth on Earth. The combined American-Soviet control ruled out the Alternative 1, but it ordered the beginning of the Alternatives 2 and 3, practically at the same time, and although the structures of the Alternative 2 were concluded, the proposal finally ended in favor of the Alternative 3; taking a group of elected people to the Moon and Mars.
The question is: What is the truth on this whole pessimistic story, or should I say gruesome scenario they envisaged almost 30 years ago? Is this one trick more of those who are fond of conspiracy theories?
Morganel: The case is not real. In the first place because in 1962 the technology to arrive to another planet didn't exist, since hardly they could send artificial satellites to few kilometers from the surface.
With regard to the topic of detonating nuclear devices at a certain altitude in order to create holes in the stratosphere, it’s not coherent; it’s like trying to trap the air with the fingers.
And as for building underground cities to shelter a big nucleus of people, it was economically impossible; therefore, it’s also invalid.
In short, none of the outlined alternatives had viability. The fact of spreading a virus to stop the population growth would have been discovered immediately and the rest of the countries would have been against those who were in favor of it.
Not only is the proposal illogical, but rather it’s not even attractive.
Interlocutor: Does somebody, at some time in the history of this planet, glimpsed or envisaged something about these alternatives so pessimistic and macabre for the human race?
Morganel: Yes, of course! And many of those who have heard from different programs those alternatives have supported them, because they are so selfish beings that they say: "How won't I support them, if I’m part of the elite?"
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morganel: It is cruel, but I know beings, because I can read the concept of some Thetans that are still incarnated, and if they were the elite and if they were the chosen people, they are capable to have their dear relatives discarded and they would not even let fall a single tear, they wouldn’t have the minimum emotion, covered by the avidity of surviving, as if the embodied being were eternal.
They don’t think that the bighearted action, the merciful action, is to leave a world for children, for grandsons, for offspring. They only think about themselves. Luckily those alternatives are not real, and obviously they are absolutely a fruit of self-centered minds, like those countries that perturb the atmosphere so much, being the main responsible with their consumption causing the "greenhouse effect."
And as Johnakan said in more than a session: "Who would be so insane to lock himself in a car while the garage is closed and the engine is working? In a short time they would die suffocated by the exhaust gas composed by carbon dioxide. Don’t you think maybe that each world is an immense garage which is receiving in the atmosphere such contamination?
Every time that I listen to people speaking of that type of theories or conspiracies throughout our history… And I am not leaving the topic, dear 10%, but rather I want that people think it over, those who will listen or those who will read this session.
The greatest emperors in history have lived as any human being, a short life or a long life. There were emperors who lived 40 years, which is half of what one can live nowadays considering the life average. There were beings that lived in the ancient Egypt who didn’t even reach the age of 20 years; they died due to conspiracies or illnesses.
The world is more than a being. For that reason those who are ruling the world, presidents, kings, emperors, tyrants, despots, in each time, they don't realize how limited they are. How fast their lives pass by, and all the power or wealth they hoard, they won't take it to the spiritual world, absolutely nothing.
If they could realize how limited they are while being embodied, they would dedicate their life to Service. Some of them take the famous intelligence test (IQ) and they surpass amply the average, and you will ask me: "And how can it be then that they sabotage themselves?” And the answer is that for more than half a century that test stopped being practical. In fact it was never practical. It was based on showing the intellectual quotient (IQ).
The true intelligence is the one applied for the benefit of one and the others. But the intelligence applied only for the benefit of one person doesn't make any sense; it doesn't have any value at all because the incarnated being is limited.
There were many empires in Sun 3, as well as in other worlds, and they have lasted more than the average life of a human being, but equally they have ended.
Allow me then to laugh spiritually at those countries that feel omnipotent because they can last more than the average human life. But everything has a cycle. A star has its cycle. The universe has its cycle. It is so foolish to believe that one is an earthly god, so foolish!
Thank you Johnakan for dictating to me these concepts.
Interlocutor: Thank You Johnakan. The last question. This is a matter I believe we will leave it open, but at least today we will focus on its base, it has to do with the project HAARP. I will read a summary. HAARP sound similar like “harp” in English writing. People have created a pun like saying: "Who is playing that harp?"
Interlocutor: About project HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, They have set around 180 antennas that transmit electromagnetic radiation to the ionosphere provoking changes in it. The ionosphere is a layer of the atmosphereinside the thermosphere and it is a layer that exists beyond the troposphere, the stratosphere, and the mesosphere, from 80 kilometers of altitude until 500 kilometers of altitude more or less. This layer is rich in ions and it behaves as a mirror for certain electromagnetic waves.
The transmissions of shortwave carried out in the planet were made using the ionosphere layer just as a reflector since the waves could not follow the curvature of the Earth. In that way a transmission from the other side of the Earth could be listened in the other side because it was reflected in the ionosphere and from the ionosphere it arrived to the receiver. Then, it was aimed to the sky, they were reflected - literally speaking - and it was received.
The ionosphere has been a matter of interest in investigations since 50 years more or less and this project HAARP seeks to provoke modifications in the ionosphere, study those modifications and its effects. But, this project is controversial and dangerous. Those who defend it mention an endless number of advantages of scientific and military nature, but those who are against it are convinced that these investigations could have catastrophic consequences for our planet that could produce changes in the ionosphere provoking climatic changes and manipulation of the human mind. There are some studies that reveal HAARP in this way. Detractors are not common people, but rather they are several professionals on the topic of electromagnetism and experts in this type of researches and they are against it. Morganel, have you investigated something about HAARP?
Morganel: I will respond very shortly in order to not leave the mystery for another session. Many of the researchers are not investigating with the risk of achieving a climatic change. On the contrary, many are expecting to achieve a climatic change for their own benefit! With regard to the second risk, related to changes in the human mind, No. We always have to use common sense. Nobody will change the mental decoder in the sense to manipulate thoughts. In this case, when we speak of thoughts we know that although we as Thetans are who transmit to you the concepts and you as incarnated beings with your decoders decode those concepts, above everything, the human mind has a characteristic thought with the learning of each life. Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes, yes.
Morganel: It will not change you way of thinking making you what would be called a zombie in the jargon of science-fiction, but it is true that if they manipulate certain electromagnetic impulses, they can provoke disturbances in the neuronal network and even produce a trigger in the neurons provoking certain type of cancer.
Then, they are not going to manipulate people’s minds - what would be understood as the common denominator- like manipulating the human being’s thoughts - No. Let’s use some common sense, a common sense that no therapeutic school generally uses (laughs). They can provoke problems in the mental decoder...
Interlocutor: It can provoke alterations in the decoder?
Morganel: Exactly. But not alterations in the thoughts, but in the brain operation.
Interlocutor: Yes, in the operation of the decoder. I believe that I know about it - and we will talk about it in another opportunity with more detail – there is a research that was carried out in the ‘50s by a certain Dr. Schumann from Munich. This professor discovered analyzing the atmosphere of the Earth that it had a behavior as if it were a resonant cavity with its own frequency (Schumann’s resonance). In short, it has a frequency of 7.8 Hertz.
The interesting thing is that in the hypothalamus we also have that frequency. And while we are in resonance with that atmospheric frequency, we don't have any problem in the decoder. But, they have made experiences since that time up to now, by isolating people from the face of the Earth that is to say, placing them in undergrounds shelters and in blinded electromagnetic cells so that they don't have the influence of that terrestrial resonance and they began having alterations in the circadian rhythms, they began having migraines; in short, they had neurophysiologic alterations.
Morganel: Not only that happens with changes in electromagnetic vibrations, but rather it also happens with changes of pressure, to such point that they end up losing coordination. They end up losing visual, auditory and motor sense coordination. You suddenly want to grab an object and your hand which is directed by your mental decoder passes at 10 centimeters from the object and you don't catch it. That is the alteration.
Then, to leave it clear, the thoughts would not be harmed, but the brain. No powerful nation will change and control the thoughts of the rest of the world. But I believe that this is even worse (alterations in the operation of the decoder), because they can put at risk the whole human race!
We will talk about it in a next session if you agree...
Interlocutor: Yes, very well.
Morganel: ...and with this I let this vessel rest...
Interlocutor: the mental decoder... (Laughs).
Morganel: ... to this vessels’s mental decoder because at this time it’s changing of frequency. It’s a small joke.
Until any moment. (Laughing).
Interlocutor: Until any moment. Thank you Morganel.
(1) Kraspedon, Dino. (1957). Meu Contato Com Os Discos Voadores. Brazil: Publisher Vitoria, SP.

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