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"An invalid Theory"

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: How are you, dear 10%?
Interlocutor: Good. How about you, Morganel, How are you?
Morganel: Good, good. Always with the investigations, investigating with humility, and I speak of humility on investigating because only the fact of investigating is insinuating that one investigates what one doesn’t know.
We admit how limited we are as for the knowledge and if we - as spiritual beings- even having incarnated hundreds of times, don't have enough time to know all what the Creation is and beyond, I imagine that all of you, as incarnated beings, have your avidity independent from ours because many of you- the great majority- ignore the possibility of the spiritual world, they feel like they are 100%; although many of them, for instinct, know that there is somebody beyond who is guiding them.
Then, having the desire to investigate makes us realize by other similar beings- insinuating among us - that with each piece of knowledge we incorporate, we realize all that we still do not know and how tremendously limited we are.
Well, apart from being useful, our mission is: to discover what we do not yet know and be able to transmit it. This has nothing to do with facilitating tasks; it has nothing to do with transmitting discoveries so that the other person gets used to receive concepts and loses interest. If we saw it from that pessimistic point of view, nobody would write a book in the physical plane because they would say: "What for? We take the book of another author and we learn more." Nobody would have the avidity to compose music. “What for? Other people have composed music and we are delighted listening to it.” “What reason will we investigate for, if there are Masters who investigate for us?”
With these answers I’m saying that it is not like that. That incarnated being who has the desire to investigate will continue doing it although somebody unveils alleged mysteries that do not exist.
If you wish you can start with questions or comments...
Interlocutor: Yes, Morganel, I’d like to start with some questions I consider relatively simple about spiritual topics and then we’ll move on to some scientific questions. Precisely a question that I added today, later on I would read it to you, it has to do with a situation I was dealing with, about a debate that I had with a person who says he is a scientist, I don't know if he is or not, and he received an answer to some question I was asked and...
Morganel: You can start with that and then we would move on to other issues.
Interlocutor: Yes, we could star with that. Thank you, Morganel. Exactly the question is related to Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. I will read what I have written here so that those who don’t know about this topic and read this session know what this is all about.
Morganel: Anyway, it is not that I want to interrupt you, but I’m not usually ironic as Ruanel is, to whom I respect very much, but if I were Ruanel I would ask you: what Einstein’s theory are you talking about?
Interlocutor: For that reason I want to introduce you into the topic. Just to see everything that has to do with it and if there is something behind all that.
Morganel: Well. Let’s begin.
Interlocutor: During the decade of the XX century, Einstein would have begun to work in the so-called Unified Field theory. It was a unification proposal of the gravitational forces and the electromagnetic forces. The gravitational field and the electromagnetic field, they would be different aspects of one unique and fundamental field of forces that underlies in nature. That was the Einstenian insight. This plausible hypothesis comes from the time when the weak force was not yet discovered, which is present in the radioactive disintegration - and the strong force - present in the atomic nucleus - and at least forty years before the emergence of the quantum theory of the fundamental forces. The Standard Model.
It was said that Einstein's proposal was totally fruitless; and that is very well-known in the scientific history. However, some investigators - I know several of them- who have even certain scientific prestige, and they sustain that Einstein would have had success in his theoretical work, but the fundamental insights of his theory and that some experiments, which would confirm the physical validity of his theory, would have been hidden from the scientific community, or what is even worse; that the scientific inquisition has not revealed the light of the revolutionary experiments about antigravity, electromagnetic propulsion, inertia control, etc., carried out by those scientists who had worked privately with the insights of Einstein’s Unified field Theory.
My question, Morganel, is: Do you know if Einstein’s Unified Field theory has some scientific validity or we are once again in front of the current conspirators?
Morganel: No. It doesn’t have any scientific validity. First of all because we cannot speak of antigravity when they ignore what Gravity is. One cannot speak of annulling the gravitational force when we have already revealed that Gravity is not the fourth force. One cannot speak of annulling inertia. One cannot speak of those topics because what some scientists are doing in the practice is mixing forces.
First: Every force has a possibility to be isolated. That is an advance that the scientists have not yet demonstrated. At least not in this planet Sun 3. Every force can be isolated...
Interlocutor: Excuse me, Morganel. I know that the electromagnetic force can be isolated and we know that since the XIX century, with the Faraday cage.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: However if the strong and the weak force can be isolated, that would be a novelty.
Morgan-El: They can be isolated perfectly. Obviously that today in Sun 3 the technological advance is not enough to achieve it. In other worlds they have been achieved. On the contrary, gravity cannot be isolated because it is not a force; then, there is no way to connect it - if you understand the word - with the electromagnetism. Today, still without knowing anything of scientific history, any student of High School -, and any basic student relates the magnetism almost immediately to electricity. However, there is no advanced student that has deepened on gravitational systems.
Then, when one speaks that Einstein has investigated the unified field, you yourself affirm it as my 10% that there were scientists in his time that looked at the teacher condescendingly like saying: "Well, he is taking it at this time as a distraction, as an entertainment. He is not doing anything bad to anybody."
Anyways, he has excelled with the theories of relativity, the special and the general as you well say, dear 10% - and now leaving aside the topic of the unified field - the theory of general relativity has not given any collaboration to the whole scientific development during part of the XX century and the first 25 years of the XXI century to such point that most of the current discoveries at quantum level do not take present this theory in a 100%, it’s not the same thing with the special relativity, which can be used by others to postulate other enunciations.
Then, although for many people Einstein is considered as one of the most important scientists in the XX century - others say the most important maybe - there is a theory which was left pending there and anyways other scientists, who had even made mathematical theorems, mathematical theories - they were also closer to discover relativistic possibilities as Albert Einstein did.
Interlocutor: Yes, it’s the case of Henri Poincaré. Poincaré was very close to the law of movement and the modification of the mass with velocity.
Morganel: Correct. Then, when other Masters say that in the physical plan nobody is indispensable, I can say: “they are right in a 100%” as well as I can say also: “they are wrong in a 100%” and there is no contradiction. And I’ll explain the reason, because mysteries are not part of my existence, at least I won’t increase them, but exactly the opposite, I’ll decipher them. Yes? Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes, yes. Well that’s my approach also, Morganel. (Laughing).
Morganel: Nobody is indispensable in the sense that another theoretical person would have reached similar conclusions, but on the other hand, they are indispensable when they save time. For example, the scientist who developed a vaccine that other scientist would have developed many decades later, but in this case the indispensable thing is that saving three decades of time he saved thousands or millions of lives. Then. That contradiction is a valid paradox; nobody is indispensable because the discovery of that vaccine would have reached an application and yes, also, one can say that that person is indispensable because he achieved it on time and stopped a certain epidemic disease preventing millions of human casualties. Is that clear?
Interlocutor: Yes, it is clear. I was thinking precisely on the counterpart of that, on the investigations about nuclear physics apparently made at wrong time. Somebody was ahead, they were ahead of time, they were successful... but for what reason? Because they found an awful way of massive destruction.
Morganel: Many years ago, when I say 'many', I refer to these investigations that are so necessary, a little more than a decade ago, the sublime Johnakan Ur-El and the dear Ruanel revealed that according to the expectation of the march of the civilization on Earth, there was the possibility that until the half of the XXI century the atomic energy was not developed and one cannot say that something is an accident, and besides, according to Radael - whose 10% always comments that Eon says that everything is already written - then it was already written that in the XIX century (1938) that possibility was achieved, as well as - and this was told by the same Ruanel - there was the possibility that concluding the first half of the XX century a spirit who was going to embody would develop the genetic theory more quickly, so that after the first decade of the second half of the XX century this theory was completely concluded.
That spirit, refused to embody before the time it embodied and that discovery was left without effect; delaying four decades that genetic development and today it has not yet understood completely - since scientists ignore, as Johnakan Ur-El says, the second part of the genetic theory, which has to do with the genetic code of the race that marks the life span of the race, not the life span of an individual. Contrary to the genetic code that marks the life expectancy of an individual, which is in the DNA, the life span of the race can be detected in the RNA, which is the messenger RNA code. I simply wanted to state that.
Interlocutor: Thank you for you concepts Morganel.

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