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Most psychic groups that receive spiritual messages from spiritual entities channel with a 15% or 20% of accuracy and 99.9% of the mediums also ignore that only embodies a 10% of the spirit. Furthermore, many mediums make alleged spiritual sessions up, in order to be known or just looking for prestige.
The mediums, who are emotionally unstable, also fall prey easily to spirits of error who take advantage of this situation to transmit nonsensical messages causing mental derangement or mental disorders in these channelers. In many cases the mental dysfunction caused by the spirits of error can be very damaging.
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel. (Manuel's Thetan)
Morganel: How are you dear 10%?
Interlocutor: Hello, how's it going?
Morganel: I’m here again, trying to unveil alleged mysteries that simply do not exist, they are merely topics not yet known by many people; Simply, everything that is unknown can be called mystery or enigma until it finally comes out to the light.
We have already said in several opportunities - and my dear brother Johnakan has also said that there are schools in Sun 3 - I speak about esoteric schools- which are based on mystery and disinformation – and they deal with mysteries, precisely to make more attractive their schools to people.
From ancient times, on Sun 3, the occult things always got people’s attention; there are even current schools - not only at esoteric level, but also schools of martial arts- in those schools one cannot wonder, where it is necessary to wait in order to take the next step and where there are points of the body, which are still a mystery as for energy channels. Undoubtedly these schools get the student's attention, disciple or pupil! But my way of thinking is that the cloudier they are, the less they have to say. I don’t know if you understand my impression.
Interlocutor: Yes I understand, Morganel. I have written several things giving a similar message.
Morganel: Then, we can start with the doubts you might have.
Interlocutor: Well. Here we have some questions that require answers. Aside from our dear Jorge. Has someone else, on this blue planet, been capable to contact you telepathically?
Morganel: No. Definitely not. Not yet.
Interlocutor: Okay, Do you know if there are other psychic groups of investigation, on this blue planet; that have been able to contact with the Masters of Light through telepathic contact obtaining information about cosmology, physics, Alien bases, extraterrestrial technology, reverse engineering and other similar topics?
Morganel: Yes, there are other groups. Perhaps when I tell you the number you will be surprised.
Interlocutor: Say it... (Laughing).
Morganel: There are Hundreds!
Interlocutor: Hundreds?
Morganel: In the physical plane you would write: “There are hundreds of psychic groups dedicated to investigation, channeling groups that are related to these topics, BUT they are delusional.” When I say delusional, somehow I’m tied up in the freedom of expressing towards the physical plane because sometimes I forget - in fact I don't forget- I say it figuratively speaking as if I were you, keeping in mind that I’m addressing to people in the physical plane and I forget that I don't have the opportunity to express myself freely because here, on the physical plane, there is a lot of ego.
Then, it may sound arrogant, pedantic or exclusivist when I say that there are many psychic groups that are delusional, BUT it’s true.
First of all, they have a telepathic accuracy around 15% or 20%, other groups directly made contacts up in order to be known, others mediums have their mental decoders in short circuit, to such point that they have persecution mania, others have their mental decoders in short circuit and not only do they make channelings up, but rather they add 100% of their own thoughts, just to be known, and try to advance; that is, since they don't have real discoveries, they make alleged discoveries or contacts up with higher Entities just to make people see that they were the first to make such contacts, to make people believe that they have the exclusivity on a certain topic.
As I said previously, in the plane 5 that kind of competition doesn't exist. For instance, 'A' is happy if 'B' investigated something and it came out to the Light because everybody shares everything. Nobody is mean because meanness is also ego and there is no place to meanness in the planes of Light.
In the physical plane, we cannot say the same thing, then, almost all of those psychic groups are delusional.
Some mediums end up losing mental sanity because they think they have been contacted with extraterrestrials (as contactees), or they think they are being pursued by extraterrestrials.
Recently - and I won't give the names of the incarnated parts- there was an Entity who was in the plane 5 that has lowered down to the plane 3; The 10% ended up having paranoia; thinking that he was being pursued by extraterrestrial beings from another world and that person ended up visualizing things that didn't exist, to such point that he trembled while listening noises because he thought they were coming to abduct him.
Unfortunately, I’m speaking of a man that pulled down his Thetan from the plane 5 to the plane 3. In this case his ego damaged his mental decoder causing him paranoia. The name of this person doesn't matter. What matters is the lesson that healthy competition is good. I speak about athletes who exercise and cultivate their bodies and that is positive. The negative thing is when they cultivate their bodies to the detriment of their spirits - when I speak about their spirits, I’m speaking about their inner-selves Yes? We will give another meaning - they become poor internally-. We know that in the physical plane, many athletes are far from being good people.
Then, healthy competition is good, a good chess player, a good marathon runner, a good swordsman - I don't approach the topic related to boxing because they injure each other and it’s something cruel, it’s something I reject. Games that are played with balls are also good because somehow they cultivate a healthy competition, although regrettably the fans of these games forget that they are simply games and they end up hating people from other teams...
Interlocutor: Yes, they are as if they were at war directly. Each game is like a battle.
Morganel: Sure, it is something like that. And when I say “I laugh at that", I am saying it in an ironic way, as though I were a grandfather with his grandson. Today we’re having a session in which I have to clarify everything at every moment because I understand that there are many beings likely to be offended. Those who will listen to me; then, I have to clarify that my intention is to transmit, not to create exasperation.
Interlocutor: Morganel, to summarize what you said. We can say that although there are other psychic groups of investigation that are trying to be contacted with the Masters of Light, there would not be reliable groups, or at least there would be very few, because you said that there are hundreds of channeling groups, although they are not reliable.
Morganel: Yes. Among the hundreds of psychic groups, there are five or six - and look how few they are in the whole world! Yes? Five or six groups that have been contacted fully with the Masters of Light. More than one medium has been contacted with these Masters of Light and they have distorted the words. And here, I will give the names of the Masters who were channeled; I won’t say the names of the channelers.
Interlocutor: Not the mediums’ names?
Morganel: Not the mediums.
Interlocutor: Can you give us the names of these Masters?
Morganel: Yes. Of course, one of them is the Master Saint Germain and another is this Master from the famous Ashtar Command who has been generally contacted more in the North than in the south.
Interlocutor: Ashtar?
Morganel: Yes. There is another group, which is also in the North that has contacted another Master, but they have distorted the teachings of this Master so much that most of the disciples of the original medium have distorted so much - as one says commonly in the physical plane that : “it’s a horse of a different color” and they have distorted everything.
Interlocutor: Which Master is that?
Morganel: Originally the Master Kryon was communicated. Then they said that there was life in the Pleiades (star cluster) They said that they were communicated with pleiadians, but we know that in the Pleiades there is NO stellar system because the stars are still in formation and this was already revealed by Johnakan many years ago.
They spoke about Arcturians as if they were beings of Light- and don't take it as something laughable on my behalf -, but the only light that I see comes from the Langar ships, those aliens that are tremendous predators. For that reason I say in this session - and I also use your motto: "I’m opening the umbrella before it rains."
Interlocutor: Well, but this is also due to the type of questions we are asking you.
Morganel: Sure, and also it’s because I’m receiving guidance and instruction from two different Masters, Johnakan Ur-El, on one hand and, and Kether (The Anciento of days) on the other hand and since I trust them completely, I don't filter; I directly send to this vessel what they are conveying.
Interlocutor: And that falls like stones from the sky! (Laughing).
Morganel: Yes, it would fall as hail of a pound if Ruanel were along with them.
Interlocutor: I can imagine that. Well, we will move on to another topic to conclude this session.
Morganel: Yes, to put the security key in the electric installation of this vessel. (Laughing).
Interlocutor: Very well. Morganel, In which part of the biological unit (the physical body) the contact with the 10% spirit is established? I mean the unit of energy conscience. Some Masters have told us that the connection between the body and the spirit lies below the heart chakra and you in a previous session told us that this connection is located in the solar plexus chakra. Can you clarify us about this apparent disagreement?
Morganel: Yes, on behalf of this vessel, I have made him say that, I’m the one that apologizes; or perhaps my concept was interpreted badly. It’s evident that this vessel- and today I’m being a little humorous, I hope that this vessel keeps loving me! (laughs)- has lost his gift of accuracy. It is good to make jokes. (Laughs).
The issue is this: the contact is with the heart chakra. The solar plexus chakra is where that flame dwells. If I embody in you, I’m a spirit, so, I don't occupy a place. However, if you were a ship, the command center, so-to-speak, would be in the solar plexus chakra.
For that reason, Johnakan many times has explained that when you are incarnated, you refer to yourself by saying: "Yes, because I say so." And you automatically point at yourself with your hand or with your fingers to the part of the breastbone. You do it instinctively. Well, between the breastbone and a couple of centimeters below, which is where the solar plexus chakra is, one can say that 10% spirit inhabits, the one that animates your body; but the connection is located in the heart chakra. That is to say that there is no disinformation or polemic information.
Interlocutor: Yes, there is no contradiction.
Morganel: There is no contradiction. Surely there was a small misunderstanding, which is corrected by asking, because it is the healthiest thing to do, unless the other part doesn't want to respond you. (Laughing).
Interlocutor: Sure. (Laughs).
Morganel: As it sometimes happens, the dear Father says: "and why yes and why not?”
Interlocutor: (Laughs). Well, it is so that we discover what the truth is.
Morganel: Sometimes it’s an incentive.
Interlocutor: It’s logical. Then I suppose that it should be an incentive.
Morganel: Doesn’t it happen the same thing with children? If one withholds information the more curious they are Aren’t they?
Interlocutor: Yes, it happens this way.
Morganel: It happens that one sometimes withholds information to a boy because it is not time to give it to him. For example, with information pertaining to sexual topics.
Interlocutor: Yes, sure.
Morganel: That’s it.
Interlocutor: Very well. A last question, Morganel, and then we will ask you that...
Morganel: Slowly, slowly I leave this vessel.
Interlocutor: Is there conscious life in some other place of this solar system? More precisely, Is there some planet, natural satellite or asteroid in this planetary system - our solar system – capable to sustain biological units in which units of conscience (spirits, angels), can embody as well as they embody here on Earth?
Morganel: There were conscious entities in the fourth planet, in Sun 4...
Interlocutor: Mars…
Morganel: ...and at this moment they are no longer there. The few ones that were there have already been transported.
Interlocutor: But, Could you confirm us that there is conscious life in some other place within our solar system?
Morganel: In Titan. But it’s not a life so evolved as the beings of Sun 3 are, Homo sapiens sapiens. It is a more basic life. It is life with more elemental concept.
Interlocutor: Can spirits or angels embody In those biological units?
Morganel: No. We are not compatible conceptually to be able to embody in them. It’s a life, somehow, let us call it marine. I say it somehow because they are not seas of water just as we know that substance – to which many people wrongly call element, because water is a substance, not an element - but formed based on another substance (methane) and however their organisms allow them to live in what to us, as incarnated beings, would be fatal.
Johnakan - in a certain moment - gave a small lecture through this vessel on the topic. Even you ignore about organisms on Sun 3 that are adapted to higher temperatures or higher pressures. Then, to rule out that there are worlds where the possibility of life are null for us - when I say us, I refer to you as incarnated being , yes?-, it doesn't mean that it’s also impossible for other species. As a spirit, I have investigated infinity of worlds and I can speak - not today but in another moment – about the different atmospheric compositions, the pressure in different worlds, etc. And you will see that life is possible.
Interlocutor: Life forms unimaginable to us.
Morganel: I can say something more. There are atmospheres so turbulent and unstable that even ships from other stellar systems equipped with enormous energy shield could be destroyed. For example, in atmospheres like those in Jupiter or Saturn, which are absolutely unstable. There are atmospheres with storms that would be like a “summer breeze” there, but in proportion with Sun 3, they would be like the biggest hurricane on Earth; and in those atmospheres there is life, beings that are made of a matter so but so light that it is impalpable to your hands. They are like - so that you have an idea- marine jellyfish, very small, yes? Well, I tell you this, although they are not exactly like that, but they are similar and they are taken away by those tremendous winds and they eat small particles.
Interlocutor: But they are elemental life forms...
Morganel: Very elemental.
Interlocutor: Couldn’t spirits or angels embody there?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: Ah, well. I understand.
Morganel: I’ll leave this vessel so that he can rest.
Interlocutor: Morganel, thank you for your concepts. Until the next time.
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