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What happened to Atlantis?
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Morganel: There are many things you don't know! You all don’t have idea of the quasars either; you all don't have idea of the gigantic holes there are. There are humongous black holes, not in mass, because any well-educated being on Sun 3 knows that mass is impressively huge and dense. We are speaking of size! There are black holes so terrifying that Jupiter would be like a lentil seed, it would be like a chickpea compared to those gigantic black holes. And as well as you take a tablespoon and you eat 20 grains of corn in your mouth, those black holes phagocytize stars by dozens. Luckily, for Sun 3, you don't have them closer.
Interlocutor: Yes, Luckily really. (Laughs). Thank you Morganel for your clarification. Could we move on to other questions, I guess a little simpler?
Morganel: Of course!
Interlocutor: Very well. Then, we’ll ask you something related to you. You have already told us that you had embodied at least one time before in Atlantis. What was your name in that incarnation? What was your activity?
Morganel: Obviously I was a scientist.
Interlocutor: What was your name?
Morganel: Arbegal. I saw Atlantis, in my role, as an aseptic world. Aseptic in the sense that the beings with whom I contacted were very little passionate in their chores. Cold investigators in the sense they were passionless people. I consider myself as much in your role, since you are part of myself, [as well as I, as 90%] a passionate investigator. Not an impulsive enthusiast, because impulsiveness would blind me, but indeed, I enjoy discovering, unveiling, or deepening several topics; I suffer, and here I’m not suffering for the other one, but for myself, - but that doesn't take merit from mercy -, I suffer when I cannot get the key of something, but after all, I don't accuse myself as a selfish being because every key that I can elucidate will be for the benefit of all.
However, I didn't say that I’m a being absolutely 100% impersonal in my plane! Because I’m truly passionate about research, but I don't take it as an attachment because the entire investigation, I do it based on [service], I don't want any glory for me, I don't want any recognition, absolutely not, and I don't speak about me as a Spiritual Entity, I speak about you or other roles.
Interlocutor: Have other roles thought in that way also?
Morganel: Some of them. The scientific roles or investigative roles. The enjoyment was not for recognition. To such point that in some lives, - I don't want to name one life in Italy now because I want to finish with my life in Atlantis - I was absolutely distracted, like in the jokes you make today, in the XXI century, where you draw scientists who are absolutely abstracted from the world, as though they were on the edge of an abyss or a tremendous waterfall and they continue walking staring at the sky. That’s literally a joke, but yes it is true. In a certain moment I ended up being up until two days ingesting solely liquids to solve formulas.
Interlocutor: Ha ha ha!
Morganel: I have also worked in Atlantis with cold light. I have worked with a system of lights; because photons behave as waves and they also behave as particles.
Interlocutor: Yes, it is correct.
Morganel: Then, there was an apparatus, which doesn't have anything to do with the current word you all use, the name of that machine was Orgonon, with that machine one could, not separate, but it was like giving exclusivity to the photons that were prone to behave like particles. These photons were induced to a cold temperature, near to the absolute zero, and by means of a mechanism of special rays, something that today is ignored; one could end up condensing certain type of light. But it was very unstable!
That was a frustration because I didn't achieve stability. That was what a decade later caused the great hecatomb in Atlantis; that tiny continent, badly called continent. I was one of those who didn't survive the hecatomb. I disembodied when Atlantis collapsed. But I want to speak about more characteristics!
Interlocutor: Well, go ahead.
Morganel: We achieved to reach the first particles. Those that today you all denominate quarks. Many millennia had to pass so that again you all could rediscover such discoveries. There were investigators, who were investigating space trips and I know that they were working with spaceship projects, because there were scientists who knew, even working in another areas, that antigravity was much less dangerous than to work with the Cold solid light; because they knew that it could provoke such instability that it would shatter to pieces our civilization. They went even farther. They thought that it would put an end to the entire planet, as though it would destroy the planet, thankfully it didn’t happen this way. And I’m convinced that there were space ships that have abandoned Atlantis before the hecatomb and they have taken their knowledge with them and I don’t have any doubt about it.
Interlocutor: Could you confirm that? Do you have the means to know that?
Morganel: I’ll deepen it at once.
Interlocutor: Can you do it now or should we wait for another session?
Morganel: No, no. Now!
Interlocutor: Okay, go ahead please
Morganel: Yes, because I am in the opposite sidewalk of all that is mystery.
Interlocutor: Very well. Please. (Laughs).
Morganel: I’m trying to contact with some spiritual entity or with some thetan. [Time passes by]. My delay is because there is a Thetan, who is at hundreds of light years. The name of this thetan is Artuel and it is one of the scientists who worked with antigravity. One of the propellers of the 3 ships that have taken not only scientists, but also other specialists abandoning Sun 3 months before the great hecatomb.
Interlocutor: Do you know where they went?
Morganel: They went to the other side of the galaxy. To an arm of the other side of the galaxy.
Interlocutor: In the same Milky Way?
Morganel: In the same Milky Way galaxy.
Interlocutor: Could we know the star's name or the planet and the distance?
Morganel: They left as minimum between 15 to 20 thousand light years.
Interlocutor: Well. What is the name of the planet?
Morganel: Aran 3. It is a planet very similar to Sun 3 and that civilization, with their tremendous knowledge, has been disseminated in different worlds, but always scatteredly without being known; because there were many warlike races. They already stopped being Atlanteans, they are called Aranians now. Notice that there are many terrestrial writings that speak about a pre-adamic civilization, but it is simply a similar name. But no. The concept and the teachings of these esoteric schools are totally coarse, small and narrow and it doesn't have anything to do with it.
Interlocutor: Yes, we have already been warned about them.
Morganel: The Aranians grew up in technology a lot, more than what they grew up back in Atlantis. They have grown up in armory. They have created vacuum weapons that only another civilization in the galaxy of Andromeda has. Vacuum weapons create a vacuum inside the vacuum. For example, if an invader ship that comes from the interstellar vacuum is shot with that weapon, it provokes such vacuum; such decoction that practically the ship disappears.
Interlocutor: It must provoke an implosion.
Morganel: Total and absolute! It is a weapon that the Aranians keep having and they have arrived until few hundreds of light years from Earth, not proliferating in all the systems, but rather directly traveling with explorer ships, exploring, they have settled in a closer planet. I say “closer” speaking of hundreds of light years compared to inhabiting on the other side of the galaxy.
Interlocutor: Has some explorer ship arrived here, to the origin, to their source?
Morganel: Yes they have arrived.
Interlocutor: Have they visited us?
Morganel: Yes, yes, of course. They Are Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. They have a DNA much more… They have been able to solve, although not mortality, - because all living beings are subjected to the second law of thermodynamics, but they have been able to prolong not only the physical life, which can reach an average lifespan of 200-250 years, but also the same life quality; because it would not make any sense to live 250 terrestrial years and to live the half of the lifetime with ups and downs in their health.
Interlocutor: Sure.
Morganel: They don’t have problems of any illness since they have mastered genetics tremendously. The Aranians try to help other races; that is, they are not a mean race at all. Simply, other races are not interested in sharing and they are warlike races.
Interlocutor: Aren’t they warriors?
Morganel: The Aranians are not warriors at all!
Interlocutor: Then, those weapons are only for defense and not for offensive systems.
Morganel: No, no! They are also for offensive systems! But offensive systems… In the case that in their stellar system, which has 13 planets, with their apparatuses they detect a fleet of spacecrafts carrying Energy weaponry. The energy weaponry is one of the most dangerous weapons that exist.
Interlocutor: Well, but then, it means that that warlike technology only has the purpose to protect them in front of a threat.
Morganel: Yes, of course! The first thing they do is to communicate and tell them that as long as they carry weaponry, they won't allow them to pass from the 5th planet because they have a security system and those ships that dare to pass are destroyed.
However, space ships can pass, or mother ships, or small spacecrafts, if they come in peace in order to learn perfectly. They can teach them to fight against all type of illnesses, to sow new foods in their worlds, to make potable water so that it is perfectly pure; but they will never give them any type of weaponry. They have modified their genes in such way that they don’t even have aggressive instinct among children. You notice, dear 10%, in Sun 3 there is a mistaken concept in many children. As though children were good or they were innocent.
Interlocutor: Yes, I have noticed that.
Morganel: And I don't want to contradict with this issue to the beautiful, to the sublime Master Jesus, because when he said, - “Be like children”-, he said it in another sense.
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand.
Morganel: However, you see in some kindergartens or in some schools that children end up hurting each other seriously due to a game or a toy, and I’m not speaking about children of 10 or 12 years old, I am speaking of 3 or 4-year-old children that are prone to scratch each other or to pull their hairs.
Interlocutor: Yes, I have known about those cases.
Morganel: And they can even cause wounds in their eyes or their mouths, or even they kick each other!
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: And that other Masters don't tell me, and this is good for another controversy; that everything is engramic. There are spirits that are connected directly with the mental decoder of such race and there is kind of a “click” and somehow, it’s like it opens up the way to impulsiveness. There are other mental decoders, dear 10%, in other worlds; that have the amygdala so modified in their mental decoders (brains), but so modified that practically doesn't give place to the impulsive reactive mind, the amygdala is the center of that impulsiveness. That is the case of the descendants of the Atlanteans, who inhabited in Sun 3 and who are now in Aran.
Interlocutor: Excuse me Morganel, I was thinking something about it previously. When you said that these beings, the Atlanteans, were experimenting with antigravity and they went to Aran, to that planet and they are at 15 thousand light years as minimum. I can hardly imagine such technology in space trips, yes? Being able to travel that distance in the outer space. Were they really that advanced in Atlantis?
Morganel: They were advanced and I cannot say that it is selfishness, and I say it as one who disembodied there, because many people would say: “You defend them because you have been taken in a space ship.” - No, no. I was one of those who passed away in the hecatomb. (Laughs).
Interlocutor: But, why? Was there a selection?
Morganel: No, directly they have concealed many things.
Interlocutor: Ah!
Morganel: There was a secret project, even if you were more impersonal than you are, if you know that your world is going to perish and you know that there is a way to escape, your wild part is going to prevail.
Interlocutor: Yes. As many people would say : “Run for your life”
Morganel: Even having worked on genetics in our world, in this moment, as I call to our civilization, there were many advances. Advances that were not achieved in any other previous civilization.
Interlocutor: You told us that you had worked on genetics. Could it be?
Morganel: Yes, yes. Of course!
Interlocutor: Then, you worked in what today we would also call genetics and physics because you told us about the Solid light.
Morganel: We used to tell the children in the several worlds where I have embodied, as a researcher, and I have worked on genetic specialty: Imagine your small DNA as if it were a frayed rope. The more frayed your rope is, the less life expectancy you have. And while you advance in your physical life, the more frayed your rope is. - What we did with genetics was to modify that DNA so that that rope doesn’t be frayed so quickly. However, here in the schools of Sun 3, although there are many researchers on genetics, they don't even teach that to those students in high school. I don’t speak about university; I speak about those students in high school!
Interlocutor: Yes.
Morganel: They don't teach that in high school. They teach them things that for other scientists would be, - I don't say nonsense because it is necessary to respect all the sciences -, but they teach things that don't have so much benefit.
Interlocutor: Value…
Morganel: I don’t know if value is the right word, because for a painter a painting has so much value as well as a super nova explosion has value for me.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Morganel: We are speaking of benefit. Then, if I had the control of a world, - in the good sense- because here it has nothing to do about controlling, here we are talking about guiding, but when I say “control” it is a way to express myself so that you understand me - I could suggest mandatory subjects - although the word mandatory also sounds oppressive, but it is a way to say it -. Of course that genetics should be taught in order to motivate curiosity in today's children, who will be the adults of tomorrow!
Interlocutor: Yes, I agree with that point of view. I, as an educator, am also educating, many times I have thought about those questions and I also have dreams very similar to yours. I would like that children learn genetics, physics, mathematics.
Morganel: But of course you have the same ideas! I transmit them to you!
Interlocutor: (Laughs). Surely. We are part of the same being.
Morganel: I like that you endorse it, not for me or for you, but for all those who will read this kind dialogue.
Interlocutor: Okay.
The Story of the last survivor in Atlantis
(psychoauditing session)
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Domanisel.
Domanisel: Around 20,000 years ago ... I perceive large cities, which are built with a material similar to crystal...
Interlocutor: Are we talking about the Earth or another planet?
Domanisel: I'm talking about the Earth, but that material was brought by an alien civilization...
Interlocutor: Are you referring perhaps to Atlantis?
Domanisel: Yes, but at that time it was called Bracantis... In this civilization, I was incarnated as a woman; it was a very advanced civilization and therefore it did not communicate with other races on the planet because their members were in backwardness. We had big telescopes...
Interlocutor: Sorry to interrupt you, but I would like to know in which part of the planet this civilization was.
Domanisel: Bracantis was near to the entrance of what now is the Mediterranean Sea...
Interlocutor: Was there any known civilization? I ask you to locate it better.
Domanisel: No, not at that time.
Interlocutor: Okay, go ahead ... What happened there?
Domanisel: As I said, I was incarnated as a woman. My name was Lorelei.
Interlocutor: What was your occupation or your profession?
Domanisel: I was a physicist, I was an astronomer. We studied the different stars. We had a tremendous knowledge.
Interlocutor: Was Atlantis technologically more advanced than our modern civilization?
Domanisel: I wouldn’t say more advanced, but different. The concepts were different. There were vehicles that didn’t pollute the air; they were driven by solar energy, terrestrial and flying vehicles.
Interlocutor: What was your knowledge in particular?
Domanisel: We knew all the elements. We had highly sophisticated electron microscopes, much more sophisticated than those you all have today. We mastered electronics and electricity...
Interlocutor: Did you have computers?
Domanisel: It was another system, because we stored data in crystals. We didn’t have what you call books either.
Interlocutor: What was the replacement of books?
Domanisel: As I said, everything was stored in crystals. These crystals had all the information and we could even record a voice talking and then we could hear it again.
Interlocutor: I can recall that in many science fiction films such crystals appear and they display images and sounds when one inserts a crystal in the appropriate place...
Domanisel: The crystals were hexagonal, as a kind of mirror, and they had seven keypads for fast forward or rewind or record, very similar to the current recording machines... We had all the history of the Bracantis civilization recorded in those crystals, at that time Bracantis was a civilization of about seven or eight thousand years old.
Interlocutor: What happened to this civilization?
Domanisel: Most of the people… it’s like they had a dual belief system, the scientific belief and the religious belief. Religion always tends to backwardness. They believed a lot in karma, they believed in planetary karma, individual karma, family karma, regional karma...
This belief was so deeply seated in all of them and it was virtually impossible to eradicate it. Then, they justified everything through karma.
Interlocutor: Did you also have that belief?
Domanisel: No, I was away from that precisely because I was against it. Being incarnated I separated karma from fate. I do not believe in fatality, I believe in Free Will. I’m speaking obviously as Lorelei... Do you understand this, right?
Interlocutor: Yes, of course.
Domanisel: Well, they believed in fatalism... We had flying machines and we could move all of us to the mainland, where there was no risk and save all that we could.
Interlocutor: Very interesting ... What happened to you in that incarnation?
Domanisel: Such fatalism they had encouraged them to say that if someone had put them there, they would have to die. On the other hand, I had an intuition so, so big, I knew that we also existed as spirits and I didn’t see the logical reason for which an entire race had to be sacrificed, if after disappearing all, we can embody the spirit again.
Interlocutor: Obviously.
Domanisel: I mean, a massive death of thirty or forty thousand people makes no sense to me... Why would they die massively, if the spirit does not die? I questioned them why the fatalistic karma, because there's a reason we are here... We are here because the Absolute put us here.
Interlocutor: In short, you thought that that extreme interpretation of karma was nonsense...
Domanisel: Of course!
Interlocutor: Specifically, what happened to you in that incarnation that is so painful?
Domanisel: My pain was that my partner believed in that fatalistic karma. He was a person impossible to change. On the contrary, he was one of the most fanatical persons... He enacted the movement of self-immolation of the race, staying because it was the courage of spirit, and they worshiped the Absolute and the maximum offering was their lives...
Interlocutor: What was the name of your partner in that incarnation?
Domanisel: Nokodar.
Interlocutor: How old were you both?
Domanisel: I was about 32 or 33 years old and Nokodar was 46 years old or so.
Interlocutor: Were you both married or you both were a couple?
Domanisel: We were a couple and we had at least ten years living together.
Interlocutor: What happened then?
Domanisel: He stayed and I didn’t want to stay. I consider it silly. I was loving a person, who was completely whimsical.
Interlocutor: Did the separation cause you severe emotional pain or you took it with philosophy, so-to-speak?
Domanisel: It caused me a tremendous desolation.
Interlocutor: Can you tell me what you are feeling right now when reviving that scene?
Domanisel: I felt a great loneliness, a great incompatibility, but it was my choice.
Interlocutor: What did he say when he knew about your decision?
Domanisel: He said that I betrayed him, and I replied -with all my heart- that it was not like that, He was the one who was betraying himself. I said to him: Kodar -removing the first syllable- "that it was nonsense and as a spirit he would lower of level.”
I knew that as a spirit, Nokodar was very elevated because great discoveries and breakthroughs are made only be higher Spirits.
Nokodar was one of those who had improved crystals; he had improved them greatly...
Interlocutor: Did you have children?
Domanisel: No, we had no children... In this case it was our decision, because we wanted to devote our full attention to research, because Nokodar was one of the most important modulator scientists during that time... He was a tremendous innovator...
Interlocutor: You said "modulator"? Is there any synonymous in our language so that we can understand what this is all about?
Domanisel: The closest word to you would be "programmer."
Interlocutor: Okay...
Domanisel: Nokodar was the greatest crystal modulator in Bracantis, far away from the others. And I was one of the most important physicists, astronomer, I've discovered countless constellations; I knew the different distances to the stars that were closer...
Interlocutor: And what happened to him in the end?
Domanisel: When the first tremors were detected, I had detected them since I had learned to handle the crystal... that was two days before the island disappears, and not even the crystals were going to survive because they were made in such way that the salinity of the water was going to dissolve them. There would be no trace of that civilization, absolutely nothing. It was something really stupid to stay on the island because it was equivalent to massive suicide.
Interlocutor: Specifically, what did you do?
Domanisel: I took one of the flying machines and I went to the continent.
Interlocutor: Did your partner say anything before you left?
Domanisel: Yes, and I remember it clearly... He said: "You can’t do this to me!."- “to me!”
Interlocutor: I understand what you mean ... He didn’t say “You can’t do this” he said “you can’t do this TO ME”
Domanisel: Sure, he was thinking only of himself! He was going backwards, he was lowering of level.
Interlocutor: How were you when you left him? I ask you because, on one hand you were departing, and on the other hand you were saving your life...
Domanisel: At that time I wasn’t thinking about my salvation, but I was thinking that he would die... I was completely heartbroken. Besides, I felt a tremendous loneliness because I would not be able to return to communicate with someone of my own race because those who were living in the continent, they were living in a state of almost savagery.
Interlocutor: Did you go to the African continent?
Domanisel: No, I went to what now is Portugal.
Interlocutor: How did you find out that Nokodar died?
Domanisel: There was nothing, absolutely nothing!
Interlocutor: In short. That civilization, called Bracantis, which today we call Atlantis, disappeared from the face of the Earth?
Domanisel: Yes, from the island there was no trace of its existence.
Interlocutor: Where did you stay definitely?
Domanisel: I stayed in that area of ​​Portugal.
Interlocutor: Was there something in that place?
Domanisel: Nothing, except small forests, fruits...
Interlocutor: Were there any other beings?
Domanisel: No, there was something like anthropoids...
Interlocutor: Did you stay alone with anthropoids?
Domanisel: Yes, right... Anyway, I couldn’t survive a long time because I didn’t bring anything from the island, I was contaminated with a virus and I did not last a year after I fled from the catastrophe.
Interlocutor: When you refer to anthropoids are you talking about apes or very primitive human beings?
Domanisel: No, they were not animals, but almost humans... the kind of anthropoids that you now call Neanderthal.
Interlocutor: Now I understand your situation ... Wow! Didn’t you try to communicate with them somehow?
Domanisel: There was no way... I know that in some places they made lithographic etchings, but no, I never tried because if they saw me, they could try to attack me. I always kept myself isolated.
Interlocutor: Among all the incidents you narrated to me, what was the one that caused you greatest anxiety, more distress?
Domanisel: The worst thing was to know that my partner thought that I left him. I didn’t abandon him. I wanted him to come with me, so that he be saved. Because abandonment doesn’t mean leaving a place to go to another place only, but to leave others who do not follow one. This is also abandonment.
If suddenly, I'm in a habitat with a relationship and I change of habitat because I think this one is more comfortable and the other person does not follow me, who's leaving who?
Let’s reason... They believed in a tragic karma, fatalistic, and I lived that in another life. In India I also learned about fatalistic karma because the Brahmanic civilization believes in a fatalistic karma.
So, when I met these beautiful people, where there was this love that I left, they were much more advanced in terms of criteria as for karma.
Even today, in this century, I believe that those who believe in karma - I mean obviously those who reason about it- they do starting from Siddhartha, not from the Brahmanism.
The karma of the Brahmins justifies rape, murder, massive wars, it justifies everything. On the other hand, in Buddhism, there is a karma of love, it is a lesson to learn. The opposite means sins that have to be paid; a fatalistic karma that must be fulfilled literally.
Then, notice how these two incarnations are connected, having both thousands of years apart.
Interlocutor: Okay, but you didn’t talk anything about your family or your partner’s relatives. Were they, perhaps, isolated?
Domanisel: No, we had a very important study group... We used to gather at the work’s courtyard...
Interlocutor: Work’s courtyard?
Domanisel: Yes, what now you would call "University." It was a very important place that had several stories. If anyone from that era would come to this century, he would see the buildings so rudimentary! Unlike now, the buildings in Bracantis were transparent.
If we wanted to have intimacy, we pushed a button and automatically the crystals were obscured with a blue indigo color.
Well, I’ll conclude here because the vessel is very tired and he has a hard time translating my concepts, and we run the risk that they might be distorted. I leave with a big hug.
Interlocutor: Okay, I thank you because you have given explanations of immense value.

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