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"DoAsh’s Experience"
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguín.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: DoAsh.

My name is Jorge Olguin, I’m gathered with Manuel.
We are going to channel the thetan of an extraterrestrial inhabitant, if it’s possible a 'homo sapiens sapiens' or a 'grey' but whose 10% incarnated is technological advanced and his stellar system is on the boundary of the expanding universe.
This means, so that you all understand- that after the Big Bang explosion, when the universe began to expand throughout 37 billion years ago. The universe will continue expanding until the time will come that its expansion will cease and the universe will start to shrink in what would be the Big Crunch. Using our coherence, logic and common sense, this means that there is an edge, a boundary that separates the Whole, which is the Universal Creation or God’s Manifestation, from what we have called the Chaos.
It is assumed that in that stellar system, in that galactic arm, one would see on one side stars, and on the other side one would not see a black space or a total Vacuum and certainly by intuition or telepathic contact with my own Thetan, Johnakan Ur-El, I know that there were ships from an advanced civilization in one of those worlds that are located on the edge of the universe that have tried to enter into the Nothingness, into what we have called the Chaos.
We are going to try to contact telepathically with that thetan, who have gone into that Chaos, so that it answers us, not only the questions we have scheduled about technical or nontechnical issues, but also that this thetan tell us the experiences of his incarnated part. Well, let’s hope that we get it right because this is the first time that we try to make this type of contact. At least here on Sun-3.

DoAsh: Throughout billions of light years away I’m able to contact with you through a vessel.
It’s the first time that I’m contacted, and I find it quite strange. I clarify that I have had hundreds of lives in different parts of the universe, in several worlds and in different shapes.
It’s the first time that I embody in what you would call a system located on the edge of the universe.
We are a civilization that has a technology of about two thousand years old. Our planet is the third one, it orbits a yellow star and, conceptually, I visualize in the mental decoder of this vessel that channels me that it’s a stellar system very similar to the solar system in which this vessel, who is channeling me, is living.
Our system has four rocky planets, we live on the third planet. Then, there are four gas giants and finally three more rocky planets. In total there are eleven planets.
We call to our star Aon, so our world would be Aon- 3. We are Aonites and I feel very identified with my incarnated part.
The name of my embodied part is Braick. You all, in your language, would write it: B, r, a,i, c, k. Braick. And my name as a thetan is DoAsh. D, o, A, s, h. I'm in the plane 3.9, perhaps due to different roles of ego I have not reached the plane 4, which is a mastery plane, and on the contrary, I am very destabilized as a thetan for what Braick, my incarnated part, is going through at this time. I leave at your discretion, if I answer your questions or if I tell you what happens to Braick first. That is your choice.
Interlocutor: Then please, DoAsh, Could you tell us what your incarnated part Braick is going through? Please.
DoAsh: Estimating that I speak as Braick, as though I were the first person, figuring out that our planet rotates at almost the same distance that your planet rotates in your sun, and the years are similar to yours. We have a slight inclination in our axis, we have cold and hot seasons, we have four continents, oceans, at this time we have enough peace in our world, even though there is a stable equilibrium between both factions (North and South,) however, there is a commitment to keep peace because it would be impossible to wage war with the weapons we have. We would destroy our world in minutes. It would be pointless to wage war between us.
We have two thousand years of technological development and ten thousand years or so of history. A history similar to any other world where a civilization starts building a wheel, then a car and then great ships.
We traveled throughout our entire system. We are the only world in our system that has life, and instead of venturing to other stellar systems, we have a ship with enough technology to find cracks in space and travel many light years away. But we also have gravitational motors; we have propellant engines and ion engines.
Our mission is to get into what is called the Absolute Vacuum, to explore with our very sophisticated sensors. To detect even the smallest energy. So that you all realize the technology of our equipment, we can be at a hundred million miles away and we are capable to detect the energy life of a biological unit, like a mammal, of four inches of size in a world. With our sensors, we can detect the energy of a small magneto located at millions of miles away, speaking in your language, so that you can understand the quality of our sensors.
We got out of our system. We left our system behind, our galaxy and several months ago we are going to the great Emptiness with our ship.
We're twenty-two people in the ship, fourteen men and eight women. Our race is quite similar to the race of the vessel, who channels me, because in many parts of the universe there are species of what you call 'homo sapiens sapiens' as well as there are other types of repetitive races that may differ in small details, in the eyes, nose, in the ears, but we know they are part of the same world. That usually happens.
I have more than one degree, besides of being an astronomer, I have knowledge in mechanical engineering, I have also some knowledge in biology, and I have knowledge on ‘crack engines’ -as we call it- to go through another space. Gravitational engines do not work in this Great Vacuum because, since we are going away from the galactic arm, we have no way to propel us or to return. Luckily our ship is one of the last models and it has four types of engines and we can perfectly go into it without any uncertainty. We have optical viewfinders, computer viewers and various sensors aside of a super energy field, a super energy field capable to resist the storms of the gas giants, only reducing 5% of the shield, the energy shield of the ship.
From my experience, I consider myself a very coherent person, a very little imaginative being. Our civilization, unlike yours, is not based on superstitions or myths. We are a very coherent race after so many thousands of years of technical advance and although we believe that there might be unknown energies in the universe that we do not perceive, we have specific sensors that have reached to capture at least the densest of the superphysical universes.
Then, we have developed the theory that when our physical life comes to an end, there is something that animates us that goes to those other higher vibrational worlds. But in any case, we are not impressionable; unlike all of you, we’re not scared of the darkness over clarity and mystery, we have it only for fun to our children.
Although we have recreation through animated holograms, so that you realize what I mean, they are like your movies but in a third dimension. We like the games, we enjoy sports, we have defeated all known diseases and sometimes we make the mistake of creating our own new virus, new viral strains and bacterial strains. Sometimes it's like I think that our civilization wants to play to be the creator because although we are a very materialistic world, sometimes it's like we wonder, as many other worlds do, where we came from and why we are here. So, that’s the reason we want to find out.
As Braick, I have thirty-eight years old and I have been a widower for ten years, I have a twelve-year-old son called Soick who stayed on the planet and I miss him very much, as much as I miss Filack, who was my great love, and who died for not taking care of herself in her laboratory, while experimenting with energy she did not know how to control and she was exposed to something similar to what you would know as your radioactivity and she died in less than forty-eight hours.
Today I have a headache. I'm going to my cabin. We have devices which are very similar to your clocks or watches and we wear them in our right wrists. They signal -pushing various buttons- where each biological unit in the ship is, the twenty-two people and suddenly I see in the background, leaving the dining room in one of the panels, the figure of a woman who does not appear in the sensor and I approach to her… and It’s her!
- But you, you're dead!
- Who says that Braick?
- You have died many years ago! You've been exposed to radiation! I myself have seen you; I myself authorized so that they incinerate your body.
My common sense tells me that I'm hallucinating.
- “Touch me, if you think that I’m a hallucination.”
- It's not possible. Let’s suppose that there was a misunderstanding. Let’s suppose that you have not died. Suppose that another scientist died in your place and you've lost your memory. There may be a thousand explanations. What are you doing on this ship? Why don’t I detect you with my sensor?
And suddenly I see that her eyes change of color and she says:
- "You don’t detect me because you never loved me because you are a person who is doomed to be alone.
- “No!”-I began screaming-.
And I'm on my knees and then I close my eyes tightly, I clench my fists...
- "I never stopped loving you; I did not find another woman.
And when I opened my eyes I saw that there was nobody around me, nobody. I mentioned my experience to Dan, who is the second officer on board and he told me:
- "There were many months of confinement, stress, loneliness, and our minds trick us.”
The Dr. Sackard tells me:
- "I did not want to comment it, but now that Braick said this, I separated from my husband because we didn’t get along well and as my ambition was to move forward in my work, my son was with him and few months ago I found out that they went recklessly practicing his favorite sport, which was air car racing, they crashed and they both died instantly.
- And what has that to do with this?
- That I heard my child on my bed saying: "Mom, I miss you. When are you coming back?” I hugged him, I touched him, I felt his warmth, I kissed him and then I told him:
- No! -And I rejected him. It’s a trick of my mind. You are dead because of your father.
- You want to see me dead, Mom!
And then the color of his eyes changed and I felt dizzy, when I came back to my senses he was gone.
I, as Braick, was impressed very much with the doctor’s story, but it coincided with my story.
I asked the captain Ahur if we should not return because the trip was wearing us out.
- "Our orders were to capture any sign of energy.
- "Captain, Aren’t these signs? Could it be that we grasp more with our senses than our sensors?
That night I couldn’t sleep. And I say night because we were controlling ourselves with a clock in the computer, which made us fulfill our time clock. Because as I said our planet had many similarities with yours, the one who is inhabited by the vessel who is channeling me.
I had nightmares. The next day I woke up and did not see anyone. I looked at my sensor and I only saw my green spot. The other twenty-one spots were red. They were not there. I panicked. I Panicked in solitude. I started running through the halls. I heard sounds. I heard like wailing, footsteps, metallic sounds, doors closing, gates with a rotating handle, so that you have an idea very similar to the ones of your submarines, I get to the main deck, no one, then I heard the voice of a child in my ear: “Dad?”
I ran through one of the hallways chasing that voice: "Dad! Dad!" and I saw him, with small freckles...
- You can’t be here! You're not here!
- "Dad, it’s me... Don’t reject me again. Do not leave me alone. Why do you always leave me alone?
- "I didn’t leave you alone. I have to fulfill my mission. I will not leave you alone.
- "Dad, you always left me alone. Why do you do that? You Never took me with you.
- "You're not here. I'm not talking to you. I don’t want to be crazy… See? I don’t get your signal. You should be on my sensor, see? And I see two green spots.
- Yes, I am here Dad, Do you see?
- No, It’s not! Because the sensor is on my skin, I would be the green spot, any other biological unit would be in red!
- Dad… it’s red!
And I looked again and it was red. But recently it was green.
- Because we both are one, Dad! Because we love each other very much, Dad!
I felt like a sort of light dizziness and vertigo and when I opened my eyes, the doctor asked me what had happened. The first thing I did was to look at the sensor and there were twenty one red spots.
- "I dreamed about something and there was nobody here...
The third officer showed up crying dreadfully. The doctor and I stopped him and he told us that he couldn’t stand it any longer, he loved his mother. He was thirty-four years old and since he took care of his mother he never married. And now, just when he was going out on mission, she was playing the role of victim by telling him: "Do not leave me alone because when you come back, you are not going to find me alive."
However, he wanted to fulfill his mission and he left her. Now he had seen her mother in his cabin, much older, with white hair and when he tried to caress her, her face began to discompose, her hair began to fall off until she looked like a skeleton and he passed out; when he woke up there was nothing, practically almost eleven of the twenty two members of the ship had had this kind of unbearable experience, absolutely unbearable.
The captain does not want to return. We need to make him come to reason. We are not talking about mutiny, but we have to seize the ship because something bad is going to happen.
The doctor, being reasonable, said to me:
- "First let's talk.”
And when we went to the captain’s room we found him rolling on the floor as if he had seizures of an old illness from a millennium ago, very similar to your epilepsy. Suddenly he is hard. I took the captain’s pulse in the jugular and I heard him breathing. I felt in my fingers his blood pressure and he opened his eyes. Breathed air and he said:
-"It can’t be, it can’t be” I didn’t like the military career. I enrolled to satisfy my father’s wishes. My father always has beaten me up since I was a child telling me that I was not good for the job. I was so upset, he offended me very much that in the military school I was the best. This is the third ship that I command. And my father didn’t have the pleasure to see me commanding it because he died two years ago. And now he showed up in my office to tell me that this mission was stupid, what was I going to discover in the Nothingness?. That I would always be a loser. I grabbed him by his neck and told him:
- "I’m not a child. You can’t talk to me like that. You'll always be a jerk; you were born as a jerk, you lived and you’ll die like a moron.
I slapped his face two, three times, he laughed more. I squeezed his neck, I choked him, I squeeze his neck hardly, I really wanted to kill him, until I reasoned that it was not possible because he was dead already. And then, I saw that I was squeezing thin air, and I despaired and I had an spasm, I left the cabin and I ran through the hallway, I fell... until I saw you all.
- “Let's go back captain.” I have an idea of ​​what is happening to us. Perhaps we have very sophisticated sensors, but they do not capture what's here. There are energies that are feeding from our pain, from our fear. Energies that work with our emotions, our memories and have so much power in our minds that even... Captain, Look at the, she has come to embrace her son, to touch her son. We are a coherent race. We are a strong race. We have hundreds of years of good sense. We do not believe in myths. The visions do not exist. Nothing has power over us. I think they didn’t have it, but now it seems like they have it. Apparently they do not respect our free will. And they are energies with power. Let us go back captain, please!
Perhaps it was useful what happened to you, so that you listen to us.
-No. –The captain said-. It is a challenge. We have to do something. We have to run tests. Our word itself is useless. No one will believe us. We have nothing recorded. There are no recorded holograms. We have nothing in our computers. Each one of us has heard things, but when you rewind the recorder of the spacecraft, nothing appears. It's in our minds. We have to move forward.
The next day Shaphil, one of the technicians, in a panic attack took a tool, which locks the gates and he stabbed it into his chest. The same happened to Sayas, the assistant doctor, who grabbed a scalpel and she cut her neck. Those were the first two casualties.
I talked to the captain again.
- "We all will die. It makes no sense. What explanation do you have to this?
- "The most logical explanation: “We are a coherent race. Loneliness, stress, missing our families...”
- "No, captain. Things appear to us. Now all. Each one of the twenty people, who are still alive, have seen something or someone. Always a loved person, something poignant to us, something we miss. It's an energy that plays with our memories, our emotions, our fears, our longings. We are puppets to those energies. These energies enjoy destroying us. We will all die, the ship will continue aimlessly into the Naught.
He did not pay attention. It was such his ego that he had to prove to the memory of his father that he could bring evidence, so, one by one there were casualties.
And finally, I am, sitting on one side. I look at the sensor, and I see only a green light. I alone do not know how to turn the ship back. I do not know how much equipment is vital for me to nourish myself or oxygen. It's a huge ship, but there is no vital energy for many years, besides I don’t know if I would stand it.
…And I hear footsteps, and I see a figure like a hologram. When I stand up, it fades away. And I have no fear, because our race has common sense. There is nothing outside the normal patterns that can interact with us. Not even these energies have power.
With the little knowledge I have from each one of the crew members, I’ll see how I can handle the computer controls so that the ship could return and once again approaches to the spiral arm of the galaxy I can send a distress signal through the sub-space.
And I ran quickly to the controls, when suddenly the doors were closed behind me and I stopped hearing the hum of the engines and the light goes out and I wrap myself, I'm shivering with fear, cold, and I feel that someone cherishes me.
- "Do not worry, son.
- Mom!
- "Here I am. Stay calm.”
- "Mom, it’s not you. You died many years ago, you were dead, but it's your perfume...
In the semidarkness I see... I see her wrinkled hands... and it’s her... and she comes looking for me, so that I rest. I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want more visions. I just don’t want them to play with my fears.
And suddenly she sits down and I lean and put my head on her lap… and I fell asleep longing that my heart stops beating.
At that time I’m a 100% spirit and I perceive in the physical space the ship that departs away with the corpses, and I intention to return conceptually to the galactic arm and it’s hard for me to move, because sometimes, as a spirit, in what would be the Universe I had like conceptual networks where I was able to move and then I focus my concept to the closest system, like when you throw a tripod in your world, which is set at a point and so I can move slowly out of the Nothingness which terrifies me, even being a spirit.
The last thing I want is that I have those visions as a spirit just as they appeared to my 10% when he was incarnated.
They are energies that inhabit far beyond. They are energies that play immersed in our memories and they bring out our emotions, they are fed from our fears. And I understand that as well as they do with the embodied beings, they do it also with us, 100% spirits. Finally, I arrived to the galaxy and I felt like a static. I'm into what the Creation is, and although I have understood that the spirit cannot be damaged, at this point I feel protected.
Thanks for listening.
Interlocutor: Thank you DoAsh. Thank you very much.

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