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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Eon, the Absolute.
Interlocutor: Eon?
Eon: I’m here with you, trying to respond your questions.
Interlocutor: Perfect. Do you have some message or should I read what I already have scheduled for this session? Then we’d see... Is that Okay?
Eon: Perfectly. You can ask.
Interlocutor: Good. There are several questions that have arisen after we communicated with you. One of them is the issue related to movement; if Eon is Everything there would not be place to move. And if the movement is conceptual, therefore you wouldn’t need space, when did it start? Did it always exist?
From our point of view, every movement has to begin at some moment, even the movement of the sea had to have a beginning. Another issue has to do the last sessions we held with Morganel and Johnakan-Ur-El on the investigations beyond Eon- that is, as if Eon was not the Everything in fact. The initial question is: Why do these spirits have to investigate when in fact they could ask Eon directly?
The following question is related concretely to the ‘Chaos’, the Demiurge, the Primordial beings and of course the bubble universes. Another question, which perhaps would be the most difficult for us to understand, obviously: How does Eon perceive himself? How do you interpret your own Essence? Which is Eon’s happiness? That is, about someone who knows everything and has everything, being in a continuous present without changes and without being able to change anything.
So that the question is clear, Wouldn’t Eon say something like: How strange I am, I have always existed, nobody created me and I cannot change anything because according to my essence, of what I am, everything was made from the same eternity, like a circle that always existed, for instance, if our Creation had a beginning, it would be necessary to wonder what there was before and so forth. To me it’s difficult to perceive things from an eternal-present point of view. Well these are the questions I have for this session.
Eon: Dear son. We are going to have a dialogue and I will give you some sentences because it is not easy for this vessel to translate my concepts accurately. “I know all that I know.” And as well as one of my sons called Socrates practiced Maieutics, I will make you practice maieutics, so that you understand my sentence "I know all that I know." Can you try to explain it to me?
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand that it is a paradoxical sentence because "I know all that I know" would mean that there are things that Eon wouldn’t know. That’s the interpretation I can give.
Eon: It could be an interpretation. If you, my son, a homo sapiens sapiens, could have a mediumistic dialogue with an ant of your world and the ant had enough abstract thought to understand you, your knowledge would be so incommensurable to the ant, because you have knowledge of almost all the matters since you have grown up.
Interlocutor: But there are things that I ignore. Would it be the same thing with Eon? Are there things that you ignore?
Eon: I "know all that I know" means that in my Everything I don't ignore anything.
Interlocutor: In your Everything…
Eon: ...I can ignore what there is beyond that Everything. I have been manifested throughout your physical universe and in the different superphysical universes. There is nothing in the universe that escapes from me or that it’s outside of me. However, paradoxically the universe is expanding. If the universe is expanding, the following question would be... and I already know the answer, but I also want you to think so that you lucubrate it, where is it expanding? Over what is it expanding?
Interlocutor: Sure that would be the question.
Eon: Over something called 'Nothingness', over something called 'Chaos.' If I am the manifested universe, I am expanding...
Interlocutor: Yes, but Eon is also the non-manifested universe. That is, we are not speaking of the physical universe only, but also the superphysical or spiritual universe. Are we speaking of Everything when we talk about expansion?
Eon: I’m manifested in all the universes. In the parallel universes, I manifest myself in the alternative universes thanks to the Free Will that you can create...
Interlocutor: Physical and superphysical?
Eon: Of course.
Interlocutor: Okay. Now I understood. I know that apart from what I know, there is something more. The question would be: Does Eon know or does Eon ignore if there is something beyond Eon?
Eon: I know that there is something more. But it was not created by me. In fact I don't call it 'Creation.' I call it ‘Manifestation.' All that you can perceive with your senses, with your instruments, the galaxies, the theory of the dark matter, the theory of the dark energy, the supernovae, the black holes, the event horizons. All of that is my ‘Manifestation.’
Interlocutor: Yes, but if You are an Eternal Present, How can it be that Eon is really expanding?
Eon: Because in your present I’m expanding.
Interlocutor: Ah! In our present. Because from your point of view Everything is already made. There is no expansion.
Eon: There is no expansion from my point of view...because everything was, everything is, and everything will be. Everything has happened, everything is happening, but also everything will happen. Then, a moment will come when this universe begins to contract, in which I will also contract... How can I be contracted?
Interlocutor: Part of Eon!
Eon: Not part of Eon. Eon! Now I’m expanding, so that you understand me, because it is very difficult that the mental decoder of this vessel perceives me accurately you know?
My manifestation is expanding. My manifestation then will contract. All of me is outside of this manifestation, in another plane outside of this Manifestation. However, when I'm manifested, I manifest myself insede of something. That something you can call it 'The Nothingness' or 'The Chaos.' Then I begin expanding over that chaos. That Chaos was already inhabited by another manifestation called the Demiurge, who would be the non-manifestation that in turn shaped some beings called primordials that always existed; one could say that I always existed as well.
Interlocutor: So. Everything is an eternal present and any other thing we talk about is an eternal present. To us it only passes by. Am I right?
Eon: What these beloved beings, brothers to you and sons to me, have not said, the investigators Morganel and Johnakan, who have investigated very well, accurately, it is that there is something more.
Interlocutor: Beyond the Chaos?
Eon: Let’s suppose, I say it for you that, on one hand there is the Everything, which is me manifested and on the other hand there is the ‘Nothingness’, which is where what is manifested is opening up, expanding. Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Eon: But I didn't manifest entirely- that is, outside of my manifestation, I am also in another plane, which is unknown to you. That for the time being you cannot reach. Then I am expanding, one could say, occupying the place, taking out part of the Chaos, taking out part of the Nothingness
Interlocutor: All right, but being Eon...
Eon: ...but as well as these Masters, my sons, have discovered that the universe is not infinite at the moment that it’s expanding, against what scientists say, I could say that in that manifestation, the Chaos or the Nothingness is infinite because it allows the expansion of my manifestation. Do you understand that?
Interlocutor: Yes. But from the point of view of Eon, Does Eon perceive that He is expanding?
Eon: Yes, totally.
Interlocutor: ...because if everything is a present- that is, Is there a future that Eon doesn't know? I don’t know if my question is clear...
Eon: No, no, no. I know all that happens to my manifestation, what has happened and all that will happen.
Interlocutor: But, if you are expanding, Does it mean that there is something that Eon doesn't know?
Eon: My manifestation is expanding in this heart-throb called Big Bang. When it reaches a limit, my manifestation, which is balanced, will allow that that dark matter with its gravitation contracts the universe. But then, in my manifestation I will also begin to contract until the Big Crunch takes place. I will be manifested again and I will produce a new heart-throb, a new Big Bang.
Interlocutor: Okay, but from the point of view of Eon, all of that doesn’t happen, it happened because You are an Eternal Present...
Eon: And it will happen because from your point of view I’m an Eternal Present, I’m an Eternal past and I’m also an Eternal Future. Apart from the Eternal Present. Because you see it from my point of view as though I perceive everything in all the eras. Of course I perceive everything in all the eras of this universe, of the previous universes and those universes that will also come. And the measure of time would be so huge, so huge that it would be impossible to transmit it to you. Impossible.
Interlocutor: But wouldn’t it be contradictory if we speak about expansion and about an Eternal Present at the same time?
Eon: It is conflicting for you to understand, but no, it is not contradictory. It’s not contradictory.
Interlocutor: So, Eon expands and Eon knows the future of that expansion.
Eon: Of course! There the eternal present is marked. But in fact, everything is relative, everything is relative. Although in me that cannot arouse admiration, because I know all that happened, what is happening and all that will happen, then, nothing can surprise me; because if you know something, how will you be surprised if you already know it?
When I say 'I’m surprised' it is in function that you understand what I mean. I’m surprised by the performance of Morganel and Johnakan Ur-El in your present, to such point that they are closer to discover that it is not true that the mass becomes infinite at the speed of light. It’s not true. And they have the argument to explain why it’s untrue.
And so you also ask me why I'm an Eternal Present and I can expand or I can move if I occupy everything.

Interlocutor: Is there a time for Eon?
Eon: I occupy all that is expanding, so that you understand me. If I occupy all that is expanding, the same expansion will make that everything expands. Do you follow me until here? With regard to if there is a time for me, all the times are mine.
Interlocutor: Sure.
Eon: Because I’m also manifested in time. But these sons of mine, Morganel and Johnakan are correct when they say that time is not a dimension [1]. Then the word space-time was not well approached, as well as scientists wrongly consider that gravity is the fourth force, [2] it was also badly approached. For that reason science doesn't advance, it has been stopped.
Interlocutor: Before you continue, I wanted to ask you on the base of what you are saying; Does that give a place so that there is another entity more or less similar to Eon?
Eon: You are saying that!
Interlocutor: No, no. I ask it.
Eon: No. I simply know what I know. And what I know is that I’m manifested in this universe , which is expanding over a ‘Nothingness’ inhabited by a being who is quite extensive also in his manifestation, the Demiurge, he is manifested in the Nothingness while I’m manifested in the Everything and at the same time he shaped Primordial beings that don't embody.
Interlocutor: Yes, now we will speak about that. With whom is alternating Eon?
Eon: With myself. What happens is that there is a part of mine that you don't know, and that part which is not manifested is in another plane, outside of the physical and superphysical manifestation.
Interlocutor: Wouldn’t it be something like alternating with a mirror? ...
Eon: It could be something like that, but it is not exactly like that. It could be something like that, but it’s very difficult to explain it to your minds.
Interlocutor: But which is Eon’s happiness, Could you give an example?
Eon: What happens is that you have a sense of happiness different to the sense of the happiness that I can have, because you yourselves are based on projects and affections. Your happiness is a project, and it is all right. Your happiness is an affective relationship, and it is all right. Your happiness is a trip, and it is all right. Giving life and it is all right, achieving goals, and it is all right. If I am an Eternal Present to you, I don't have goals.
Interlocutor: And would not there be happiness then?
Eon: I don't have projects...I don't have to your mentality, a partner... I don't have anything of that and yet, I have everything. Why? Because you all are my manifestation, then I experience happiness through your happiness. Do you understand that?
Interlocutor: Yes, yes. Totally.
Eon: But not for me in the strict sense. What is not manifested in me doesn't have goals.
Interlocutor: Would it be something like a Thetan, who enjoys, let us say, of what happens to the 10% embodied.
Eon: Correct.
Interlocutor: Would it be something like that?
Eon: The thetan, the non-incarnated part, perceives through the five physical senses.
Interlocutor: Sure.
Eon: And if you, being incarnated, have pleasure, your spiritual part or thetan will feel this pleasure through you.
Interlocutor: Sure, because definitely, we both are the same spirit.
Eon: And I perceive that pleasure through you, as I perceive the pain of failures, the pain of anguish, the pain of the hostile acts.
Interlocutor: Sure, but Eon knows that this is transitory.
Eon: Or eternal, because there is always a manifestation, there is always an expansion, there is always a contraction, each life in the physical plane is ephemeral, the spirit embodies in this and in other Big Bang. And happiness is ephemeral. Everything is ephemeral and at the same time nothing is ephemeral. Everything is relative.
Interlocutor: Sure. Now, from the point of view of Eon, Isn’t something strange that you perceive a crucified Jesus eternally suffering on the cross or Kennedy being assassinated at the same time…
Eon: And I perceive a Jesus loving eternally and I perceive H’s suffering and I perceive H loving as well.
Interlocutor: Okay. It is clear. But from your point of view, Isn’t something strange that with you power you cannot modify that part of your Essence?
Eon: And what would I modify it for? If it is going to be again, other characters, other actors. What for?
Interlocutor: Well, but Couldn’t you modify it? Couldn’t you modify your essence?
Eon: You have made famous a sentence of mine when you asked me: "and why yes?" and I tell you "And why not?"
Interlocutor: Yes. It is a good answer.
Eon: And you have always commented this sentence. And the same Johnakan, who is a dearest son, thinks that according to the earthly jargon, I would be beating around the bush saying: "And why not?" Simply, there is no other answer. What would I modify it for?
Interlocutor: It is something like asking a piano the reason of being a piano, because its essence is to be a piano. And there is no other answer… Am I right?
Eon: Or why the musical note 'E' can end up altering certain genetic pattern, because it vibrates in a syntony that it can end up altering certain genetic pattern. And the musical note 'D' cannot do it.
Interlocutor: And does this exist from eternity to eternity?
Eon: And it will continue existing for eternity.
Interlocutor: A little difficult and we must understand it, although in an abstract way. Before we move on to what exists in that ‘Chaos’ or ‘Nothingness’, Can the spirits be contacted with you?
Eon: Yes. They Intention and they are contacted much more easily than you do. You will ask me: Why didn’t these beloved Spirits ask me instead of investigating on their own?
Interlocutor: Yes, yes- that was the next question...
Eon: Because they understand that they don’t have everything…- and here I copy from a sentence of your world- "…served on a silver platter" and that it is necessary that they also search, as well as the dear Johnakan proclaimed a very valid sentence "The goal is the quest", they enjoy that quest; they don't enjoy having everything served on a silver platter. Then for that reason they don't come to me. That doesn't mean that in certain moments they do come to me. Thousands of times they have come to me, but they don't have to say it.
Interlocutor: Very well. It is clear. A correct answer. We would move on to see what happens, I would say between quotation marks, “outside of Eon.”
Eon: I will comment it because this vessel is a little tired. I know the Demiurge since time immemorial, he is a being that would be antagonistic to me, and his point of view is as respectable as mine. I create Love, and he creates indifference. And he manifested that indifference balances the Love I created and that it is necessary as a counterbalance factor. As well as in the particles the positive pole and the negative pole exist, he would be to you the negative pole.
Interlocutor: Sure, but what is the relationship between You and the Demiurge?
Eon: There is no relationship. The Demiurge is directly the antithesis. It is the 'counterpart.'
Interlocutor: But I refer to the relationship in another sense. Not in a relationship of equality or similarity.
Eon: We don't supplement ourselves, we don't debate...
Interlocutor: But you both are different entities, just like Jorge and me?
Eon: Different entities.
Interlocutor: My question is if that Demiurge embraces Eon or it is a...
Eon: No. Eon does not embrace the Demiurge either.
Interlocutor: You both are different entities.
Eon: Yes.
Interlocutor: Now, outside of Eon...
Eon: The Demiurge has been known in different eras because, although the Demiurge is an entity beyond of the superphysical world, the same as me, I manifest myself in the superphysical world apart from the physical world. I am beyond the superphysical realm. The Demiurge too. And the particles shaped by him called the Primordial beings inhabit the superphysical universe. That is, they inhabit the superphysical ‘Nothingness’ or the superphysical ‘Chaos.’ However, they can interact in the universe manifested by me. They can interact and they do it. If you asked me, naively, why do I allow it? I would tell you "because I am also- between quotation marks- “bound to the Free Will I created, and I must respect it.”
Interlocutor: Sure. Now, we have Eon on one hand and you say that there is no other entity, let us say, similar to Eon, Don’t you know that?
Eon: I don't know.
Interlocutor: There it is what you said before: “You know what you know.”
Eon: Correct.
Interlocutor: Okay, Then there might be other entities, but if they exist, you don't know them.
Eon: No.
Interlocutor: Perfect. And Is there another Demiurge?
Eon: I understand that there is not.
Interlocutor: Okay. the question is: Has that Demiurge also been uncreated? Is he uncreated? Has he always existed?
Eon: I understand that he has always existed.
Interlocutor: Now, we have a future, we would say. We will be integrated in a certain moment to Eon...
Eon: I know where you want to go. The Primordial beings won't be integrated to the Demiurge because there is not a cycle for them. In them, there is not a cycle. You’ll see, you will approach that topic.
Interlocutor: Can I ask you one more question?
Eon: Very shortly.
Interlocutor: Where is Eon going? because I know that I will disembody someday, but, which is Eon’s future?
Eon: I don't go anywhere. I am. Analyze this sentence: “I don't go. I am.” So long.

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