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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Interlocutor: Miro Della Bitta.

Entity that came to talk: Abba.

ABBA: I communicate through this vessel because you always have questions, which is something logical due to the evolutionary path. On the evolutionary pathway, in each world, you all learn through various experiences. Generally – and I observed it in a permanent way- Pain makes more impression for learning than pleasure. Obviously not every embodied being or disembodied spirit will be in the same level of understanding. It’s not a matter of – and I’ll use a terrestrial lingo- making a racing since in your universe when the Big Crunch comes and the universe be a singularity, all of you will be merged with your Creator, the one you call Eon.

Conceptually I have no name, because I’m a vibration if you want to understand it, but many of you know me as Abba.

I know you all have questions and taking advantage of this vessel’s reception, he will transmit it instantly and through him I will respond within the limits he receives from me. I clarify it because I understand that it would take an eternity for you to make the ocean pass through a funnel.

Interlocutor: Good morning, Abba. Is there an Eon for each universe? Is there a Demiurge for each Chaos [1]?

ABBA: Since you yourselves, in this beautiful world that your own spiritual selves have called Sun 3, some of your spirits have investigated and have reached the correct conclusion that outside of this Creation, which you call universe exists a total Emptiness, which is the ‘Chaos.’

A 10% of this being you call Eon is manifested throughout the physical universe and the superphysical universe with all beings contained therein. Outside of that Creation there is a ‘Nothingness’ that we can call Chaos where there is a being you can call Demiurge who has shaped the so-called primordial beings.

The primordial beings inhabit the Nothingness or the Chaos and they are not a creation of Eon, they are outside of the Creation, but since the Creation lies within the rules of Free Will, The primordials can perfectly enter into the Creation. The primordial beings do not fulfill any role into the Nothingness, they simply dwell there, but in the physical plane they can be fed with roles of ego from embodied beings, spiritual beings or Angelic Entities. They can be fed of fear, fear that sometimes they themselves induce. They don’t feed themselves due to a real need, because as I said before, they do not need it.

They would be like gluttonous beings that taste candy. Obviously that the creatures that inhabit this Creation have defenses against these beings called Primordials, which is to understand the Path of Love, the way of Euphoria, the pathway to project Euphoria, Love. By projecting that, you all transmit security not letting transmit fear, by “integrating you ego,” between quotation marks you take away that food from those beings. But as well as Eon is manifested in this universe in a 10%, the Demiurge is manifested in the Nothingness.

However, there are other universes with other Eons and there are other Chaoses (*). The universes generally do not interact with each other, as well as the various Chaoses do not interact as well.

There is an Eon for each universe and there is a Demiurge for each Chaos. That is the answer.

Interlocutor: What is the purpose of the Big Bangs and Big Crunches if within the entity called Eon everything is an Eternal Present?

ABBA: The eternal present, precisely permits the various Big Bang /Big Crunch cycles [2] so that each new universe will be in a higher octave, along with all the Creation and all the beings that Eon creates again. In turn, Eon also evolves accompanying the evolution of his Creation. And the goal is evolution. That is the answer.

Interlocutor: We know that Angelic Entities also embody, since Lucifer is an angel too, Could Lucifer embody? "Did Lucifer embody in an alternate universe and gave lessons of Light or would Lucifer always be subjected to play a negative role?

ABBA: This entity, called Lucifer,[3] was misunderstood throughout generations; Lucifer is an angel who is fulfilling a mission in this sector of the universe tempting embodied beings so that they, in turn, overcoming the temptation could be ascended. So that you understand the concept, the purpose is not to make the way easier; on the contrary, the obstacles allow the spirit to be strengthened.

You all have on Sun 3 a fable of a being who tried to make the way easier for a caterpillar by opening the cocoon and not allowing the development and strengthening of both legs and wings of the butterfly causing that it perishes in the end. These same obstacles make the spirit strengthened and that is Lucifer’s suffering, because Lucifer didn’t lose his reincarnative memory although the legion of demons that accompany him in the planes of darkness did lose it. These demons are cruel by conviction and Lucifer, even knowing that, fulfills a painful mission knowing that that temptation will allow you all to overcome…-the vessel does not find another word for my concept-… those roles.

In your world there was a being of Light who embodied two millennia ago and he was tempted by demons, he was not tempted as it is written in your scriptures with wealth, he was tempted in another way: "You have understanding, you can subdue all these people" and that champion of Love who knew about his mission because he had a great contact with his spiritual part, an almost total contact, they were almost one (10% and 90%,) he defeated in that moment his ego and began his mission. His ego assaulted him three or four times more in his beautiful campaign.

Since Lucifer’s mission is just a task to ensure that the spirits may have temperance, in the parallel universes – and now I speak about parallel universes- there are angels who fulfill a similar task. On the other hand, in alternate universes there are worlds where the option was directly different and Lucifer fulfilled other type of missions, not being known as the Lucifer you know on Sun 3.

I clarify that in other worlds of this same galaxy there are other beliefs, other religions and other interpretations that are completely different from what you understand about Good and Evil, interpretations so complex that this vessel, who is currently connected to me, wouldn’t know how to decode them because they are very complex, just like the customs and other things are complex. That is the answer.

Interlocutor: Is Abba the Creator of Eons and Demiurges?

ABBA: No. It was said that Eon is an Eternal Present, therefore Eon was not created. Just like the Demiurge. And we exist from eternity to eternity. As well as in your mathematics you have an acceptable notion of what is infinite, if you transfer the mathematical infinite to a timeline- that means Eternity, forward and backward, so that you have an idea of what I mean. Before and after. Always and forever. That is the answer.

Interlocutor: Why did Eon never mention ABBA? Didn’t Eon perceive you?

ABBA: Yes, Eon perceived me, simply it was not time. There is a time for each revelation. That is the simple answer.

Interlocutor: Is there a greater Entity than Abba?

ABBA: I don’t perceive it.

Interlocutor: The universe is the Creation. The Chaos is the Nothingness. Now we’d know that there are other universes and other Chaoses?

ABBA: Sure, it's what I answered before. It has already been revealed that there are other universes and other Chaoses with other Eons and other Demiurges.

Interlocutor: Aside from Eons and Demiurges, Are there other different Entities in the continuum?

ABBA: There are other entities. Many entities, but understand me, because the spoken language is very limited compared to the concept- not at the level of Eon or the Demiurge, there are different entities, minors entities would be a way to say it.

Interlocutor: Is there communication among Eons and Demiurges?

ABBA: Each Eon is paying attention to his own Creation, enjoying his own Creation, enjoying the evolution of his Creation and although they have the power to communicate with each other, in the same way that the spirits communicate with each other, very rarely do they contact with each other.

The Demiurges have nothing to be rejoiced, since they inhabit the Nothingness, and although they have the power to communicate with other Demiurges, generally they do not care about it, I'm saying not always, but they usually do not care.

Also, although it was not asked, I clarify that there is a possible communication between Eon and Demiurge, but the Demiurge has no interest to be communicated with Eon and so the Demiurge lowers down his conceptual curtain. And since Eon respects Free Will, He does not invade the Demiurge’s privacy, so to speak.

Interlocutor: If the manifested universe is Eon’s 10%, where is his 90% dwelling? If the Demiurge is manifested in 10% of the Chaos, In which plane is his non-manifested 90%?

ABBA: It’s an excellent question. As well as the universe that you all know plus the total superphysical universe are the manifestation of Eon’s 10%, the same goes for the Demiurge, the Chaos that was detected by some Spirits is the manifestation of the Demiurge’s 10%, including the primordial beings, the other 90 % of Eon dwells in Himself- that is, the 90% not manifested.

My concept is very difficult to explain and I will try to exhaust the discernment of this vessel, so that he transmits it, not accurately, it’s impossible, but somehow that he transmits it.

When the universe contracts until forming a Big Crunch, a singularity is created, it’s a word that your scientists have used, this singularity is non-manifestation. Well, this means that when there is a Big Crunch there is zero manifestation of Eon. Are you following me?

When there is a new Big Bang and a new creation is formed, the 10% of Eon is manifested again -I’m talking about this universe- the other 90% remains as non-manifested in a singularity, it is not the He stays in a different dimension, so to speak, Eon remains as not manifested. The same thing with the Demiurge he remains not manifested. This non-manifestation has a conscious intelligence, there is a concept, but it’s not manifested. That is the answer.

Interlocutor: Are Eon and the Demiurge percentages of Abba?

ABBA: The mental decoder of this vessel is trying to translate my concept and it finds it hard to translate it because it finds a contradiction, but I will try that some water passes through the funnel.

Eon is considered the Absolute. If Eon is considered as the Absolute, How could Eon be part of something? The answer is simple. It's so simple that one of your embodied spirits said it before: “The tree didn’t allow you to see the forest.”

Eon is The Absolute for this Creation, not for other Creations. In other Creation there is another Eon, who is the Absolute. However, the Absolute of all Creations and all the Chaoses would be the one who is speaking with you. And in accordance with your mathematics, they would be part of me. I say it in a simple language so that you all understand me. That would be the answer.

Interlocutor: When the universe expands, the Chaos is contracted?

ABBA: When the universe expands, according to your geometry, the Chaos would contract, in fact the Chaos does not contract itself because it is Nothingness, and the Nothingness does not contract. The universe expands, the Nothingness keeps on. The universe expands until a certain diameter, so to speak, until the dark energy stops working, then, the dark matter will start working and there will be a contraction. But the Chaos does not contract or expand.

Interlocutor: If each new universe is an octave higher, Does the Chaos accompany in its vibration?

ABBA: The Chaos does not accompany. What the Chaos does is to learn- when I refer to the Chaos I’m referring to the Demiurge himself and his shaped-ones, the primordial beings-. They learn because the Creation has - "in words of this vessel and it’s a word from your books of poetry- an Achilles’ heel, it is permissive. Then, in the measure that each Creation is evolving and will vibrate in a higher octave, the Demiurge and the primordial beings learn from this teaching and they are always vibrating in a dense way, but somehow, it's like they are preparing.

The Creation never stops being perceived by the Nothingness even if it’s very elevated. The Nothingness is not ascended, the primordial beings are still there, but they learn from the evolutive Creation although they don’t ascend. This is the limited concept that this vessel can transmit.

Interlocutor: If Eon is an Eternal Present, how did Abba created him?

ABBA: Eon is uncreated, an eternal present and it was responded before, as well as I and the different Eons are an Eternal Present, timeless, dimensionless on the line of eternity, when in reality it’s a phrase that I convey to the vessel’s decoder, because there is no temporal line of eternity, It’s a way to express it, so that you can grasp the concept that I want to convey.

Interlocutor: A primordial being is nurtured of negative memories?

ABBA: A primordial being is fed not only of negative memories, it’s fed of all that weakens each embodied being in every world, in each system, in each galaxy of this Creation, of other creations, of other primordials. And not only do they feed up, but also they can bring out bad memories, as well as you, embodied beings, sometimes without realizing, listen to your higher-selves or your spiritual guides not through words, but through concepts, in the same way, the primordials have ease, the negative gift to arouse some negative memory, a fear which is already recorded in your genes, since it was revealed by two of your spirits on this planet Sun 3 that engrams are recorded at DNA level.[4]

Then, there are genetic fears and these primordial beings take advantage of these genetic fears in order to aggravate them and disturb the Free Will that each embodied being has. Because unlike the Creation that along with Love and Free Will is permissive, the Chaos or Nothingness does not have that. The only thing that can stop the intrusion of the Primordial beings is Love, as I said it before. Love stops all negative influence.

Anyway, there could not be brightness in Creation if there weren’t darkness into the Nothingness. However, before to end the concept, I want to clarify that brightness and darkness are terms for your understanding, it doesn’t mean that Creation shines and the Chaos is dark. Chaos is Nothingness, then, it is not darkness, it’s directly Nothingness.

You have available the story of a being in a space ship from a solar system which was on the edge of the universe and he entered into the Chaos. It’s a story revealed by this vessel and expresses the fears, hallucinations that the primordial beings instill to the commander of that ship. You might also read it. [5]

Let’s move on to the next question.

Interlocutor: ¿Why do we say that Eon is the Absolute, if Abba is in a higher echelon?

ABBA: That was already answered. Eon is known as the Absolute of this creation and each Eon is the Absolute in his own Creation. And that would be all about it.

Interlocutor: Do the different Creations, the different universes share the same law of entropy and the law of gravity?

ABBA: Yes, yes. Every creation, the different Eons make them with the simplest laws possible, but for the scientists of this world, this beloved world, there are laws that they don’t even envision, they don’t know them. Do not have doubts that the laws are the simplest as possible for each Creation. And the second law of thermodynamics is entirely consistent with each Creation.

Interlocutor: Then, Is it true that gravity, instead of a force, is the curvature of space?

ABBA: Gravity, as it has been reported by two Spirit Masters is not the fourth force that scientists speak about. Thus, it is impossible to develop a theory of everything, if they don’t correct it from the beginning, but it’s directly a spatial curvature as it was explained by this vessel through the vortex theory [6] developing it and explaining that the same space in each universe have cracks and through those spatial cracks different space ships can pass to the different worlds many light years away in order to reach other stellar systems.

You all, on Sun 3, would take more than 144.000 years to reach the nearest star of your system. And the number I am giving to you is huge. Think of what your world was many years ago and we're talking about that light takes only four 4.25 years to reach the closest star. If you think about the size of your galaxy, which has over than 100.000 light years, if we look at it -speaking in your earthly language- about the size of the universe, which exceeds fifteen billion light years, even so, you wouldn’t realize that vastness. You'd have to think for a certain period of time so that you can comprehend such great distance.

Interlocutor: Does the number 12, which is present in our culture, have some real connotation in the universe or it’ symbolic?

ABBA: The number twelve is symbolic. In addition, there are worlds where the numeral system was developed differently, in a less complex way than yours, and if the numeral system you have is comfortable to you, it’s all right, well, everything that is comfortable to you it’s fine. However, there are other worlds that have developed a simpler system.

I’ll let this vessel rest and I thank him and all of you as well for sharing this little time.

So long. I’m always present.

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(*) Note: the word ‘Chaoses’ was chosen to express the plural form of Chaos

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