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Characteristics of Alien life forms and alternate universes
SESSION 05 /SEPT/ 2008
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Javier M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Johnakan-Ur-El
Interlocutor: Johnakan? Are you communicated?
Johnakan-Ur-El: Dear brother, I’m here, joyful to be once again communicated with the physical plane and I’m always trying to investigate different questions for you- mysteries, enigmas- but we know that everything has an explanation. The most important thing is to understand is that the universe has life on its own, the universe is alive in the same way that you all understand that Sun 3 is alive in the physical plane, it has volcanic activity, seismic activity and then, it’s a living planet in the way you understand it. The same thing happens to the universe, the fact that it’s an expanding universe and it is a universe that has many worlds with different biological conscious units where we, as Thetans or spirits who have not yet embodied, can embody perfectly, fitting in perfectly, communicating through the mental decoders of the different beings throughout the different worlds of the various systems and galaxies and so on.
Interlocutor: In all this vastness of different beings, various intelligent biological units such as the homo sapiens sapiens, Are there physical entities that have different senses compared to us? More than five senses or perhaps different senses?
Johnakan-Ur-El: Notice that on this planet, Sun 3, there are insects that communicate through their antennae, there are reptiles that have infrared vision, there are mammals that are perceived by the smell before being displayed, others have virtually a diminished vision and they communicate through ultrasounds. In other worlds there are also beings who communicate with each other through their antennae, they are beings similar to the terrestrial insects, but they are much more advanced and they have communication through their antennae. The antenna is somehow like a guitar string that transmits a certain vibration, which is received by the antenna of another entity, in the same way that your vocal cords convey a coherent sound which is your language while you are embodied. These beings, who communicate through their antennae, perceive the vibration from an intelligent insect and the communication is 100% perfect.
They have a second system of communication by beating their antennas creating a sound that can be received by the internal organs of these entities, which are similar to the ears of the beings on Sun 3 and thus, it allows remote contact, being unnecessary the contact they have through antennas. However, the contact between antennas is much more intimate because they can express things without telling a third party, if they don’t want that others know what they are talking about, just like when two people are in the physical plane and they whisper a secret in the ear, for example.
There are other beings that have developed a dermatological organ and they contact with each other through the skin, they transmit a certain vibration that another being perceives also through the skin. Then, obviously they have sense of sight as well as we have on this world, when we are incarnated as homo sapiens sapiens, infrared vision, heat vision, just like other reptiles that instead of visualizing their alleged preys, they perceive the heat emitted by their bodies - other beings have developed the sense of hearing, not only do they perceive the ultrasound of terrestrial bats, but also they perceive very low-pitched sounds, very low-pitched sounds...
Interlocutor: Well, obviously, we could embody in all of those biological entities, as spirits, Couldn’t we? That is, if the decoder is similar to the decoder of the homo sapiens sapiens?
Johnakan-Ur-El: Correct. And the concept of the mental decoder doesn’t have to have necessarily the same. The decoder can be a little more elementary because we, as thetans, have embodied in ancestors that had a more primary language, a primary form of communication and a more primary mental decoder and yet we, as spirits, embodied in those creatures. Obviously we were subjected to minimal tasks because the abstract thinking in anthropoids on the physical plane began not so long ago. This means that we, as spirits, can live experiences in other worlds, embodying in very basic beings, even helping the race to evolve; races that do not even know how to handle fire yet. Why wouldn’t we do it? It’ doesn’t stop being a mission.
Interlocutor: Within this vastness, Are there biological units in the whole universe capable to demonstrate the spiritual existence? I mean the existence of the spirit itself?
Johnakan-Ur-El: There are races in this galaxy and other galaxies that have greater contact with the thetans, these beings communicate more completely, as though they were their own mediums, but to prove it, it is more difficult by the fact that we, as thetans or other 100% spirits, inhabit a superphysical world and not all the beings have the ability, or the gift, if you want to call it like that, to perceive us.
It’s true, and I've already said it more than a decade ago, we are in 2008, that the Homo sapiens sapiens can perceive much subtler vibrations with the corner of the eye. That is, with the side of the eye he can perceive much subtler vibrations than with the center of the eye; I have said it in more than one occasion. Then, you yourselves can visualize spiritual entities, Angelic Entities, even elementals of nature with the corner of the eye. You may be doing an assignment or studying something and you can see a figure that passes by and you are seeing a spiritual entity. Usually- and I have said it at certain times- the superphysical entities can be sighted like streaks of light, lighter, darker, not with shapes, but sometimes the beings of light can be present in some ways to make it easier for you the vision or the beings of error appear with shapes, not to make it easier for you because they do not care about it, they do it due to spiritual attachments to those shapes they had when they were embodied, Is that clear?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Johnakan-Ur-El: Well. There are races that have that ocular vision, with the corner of the eye, more developed and getting out of focus, just like this vessel does, they can see the aura of living beings, when I say living beings I’m referring to people of the physical plane, in other worlds there are beings who, blurring the vision of the eye, can perceive in some way beings of the superphysical world. Then, they can verify that there is something beyond the physical life, even those beings that are skeptical of the spiritual world. However, any of you on Sun 3 -and this is important for you all because this topic was approached very shortly- any of you can see superphysical entities following a sort of rules: Putting out of focus, unfoucusing or blurring the vision and paying attention to the sides, watching with the corner of the eye, and you can always see entities. Always.
I believe that most of you have seen entities and due to that sense of denial, which sometimes is caused by fear or engrams from past lives, you all take away that from your physical memory. When I speak about your physical memory, I’m referring to you neuronal memory. Yes? You take it away; you do not accept it, you do not want to digest it directly.
Interlocutor: And maybe because it’s very fleeting figure and we have always doubts as well.
Johnakan-Ur-El: Or that it was a coincidence, or you thought you saw something and you find it easier to say: "Oh, I thought so" than accept it
Interlocutor: I have a question, now that you mentioned these entities. I have noticed, while watching the night sky which is something I usually do, some "fleeting shadows" because they are like shooting stars but they are like shadows, I have seen them even on moonlit nights and suddenly one can see them like a dark streak and obviously these shadows are not birds or any other animals. What are these shadows?
Johnakan-Ur-El: They are Space ships. Ships from other worlds that come on mission of exploration or some determined reason and obviously to avoid being detected by most of the people, they do not have a lighting system, but obviously on the contrast of a starry sky or a full moon night, the shadows can be perceived. They are ships.
Interlocutor: Yes, Jorge told me in advance that they could be ships. Well, now we would approach a series of questions that have to do with the alternate universes, which is a topic that was left hanging. First of all, How an alternate universe is created? Where does all the necessary matter come from in order to form an alternate universe?
Johnakan-Ur-El: The most important issue is the easiest one to explain: The matter is already there. When we talk about this creation, -and today we’ll talk about this creation, it’s not necessary to go beyond this creation- This creation is the manifestation of this Creative Entity called Eon, who is our Father. It’s okay that we call Eon our Father because Eon is the one who has created us, regardless that my own 10% -this vessel- has perceived another entity beyond called Abba, but our Creator, the one who created the various Elohim giving them somehow the raw material so that they create us as spirits, is our Creator, Eon, our Father.
The same input materials, created from his own manifestation, allow to create the alternate universes. Alternate universes with their own matter, because sometimes that can be misunderstood. Many times I have explained that with your decision makings you all can create an alternate universe and many of you can understand: "Yeah, but is an imaginary alternate universe" No, it’s not an imaginary alternate universe; it is a real alternate universe.
A while ago a person asked my 10%: "We know that there is a future precisely because it was revealed that in the future, using mathematics and physical calculations, a machine was programmed so that it could travel through time, then, we have knowledge about the existence of a future, let’s say the year 2500.” However, I have also said, in several opportunities, as alert messages; that we have a very worn-out planet and that we are like parasites on the planet and we are depredating it, we are creating the greenhouse effect, we are destroying rivers, water streams, destroying soils, provoking animal extinction, contaminating groundwater and on the other hand, the same human being on Sun 3, who combines the greatest geniality not seen in other worlds- this was said by the Father himself, Eon- to the point of creating great paintings, composing music that on other worlds they would be unable to compose, because although we, as spiritual beings, can embody on different worlds, here on Sun 3 there was a mix - and here Eon himself admitted, where the Homo sapiens sapiens has a super-decoder- and I hope that those who read this do not swell up their ego- a mental decoder that fits right in with the spiritual concept and then the human being on Sun 3 is creative, he composes melodies, paints landscapes or paintings more than wonderful, and yet, the same being, in turn, is absolutely destructive, the human being destroys himself, destroys his brothers in permanent wars since the beginning of history. For that reason Eon said in more than one occasion: “It’s as though you were kindergarten children, but with guns."
And the question of this person was: “Then, Is there a possibility that the planet Earth could collapse?” But according to you, who have communicated with beings from our future the Earth will not collapse. And if it happens, what? Then, what my 10% responded was that if the Earth, due to several wars or because there was a cataclysm caused by the human beings succumbed, an alternative universe would be created, an alternate universe in which that other future would continue existing perfectly. It's not like those movies in which you see that something is changed and that future ceases to exist. That is not consistent with physics. The future keeps existing, but an alternate universe would be created, which would be real for the survivors, those who survived the cataclysm, there wouldn’t be time trips during that period of time, there wouldn’t be this bright future, instead there would be a future of distress, a future in which everybody will have to start rebuilding.
Interlocutor: and What happens to the matter of those alternate universes that dry off?
Johnakan-Ur-El: it goes back to the base matter, which is already there...
Interlocutor: This one is part of the Creation…
Johnakan-Ur-El: Let’s think -and this was revealed by Eon himself- only is manifested a 10% of Eon’s. Even with everything I've learned over the last millennia and all what my 10% has remembered during the recent decades, it’s so much what we do not know yet. When we say that this entire physical universe and the superphysical universe I live in is only the manifestation of Eon’s 10%, there is a 90% that even I, as a being of Light, don’t know. Surely all that matter that forms those thousands and thousands alternate universes comes from that 90% and the matter of those universes that dry off, goes back to the 90% of Eon.
Interlocutor: It's a very valid speculation. Yes.
Johnakan-Ur-El: That's right. In addition, using common sense, here I will approach the topic related to Abba, the Entity that my 10% has channeled. Abba is not the creator of the different Eons from the different universes. The Eon who created us, the one who has been manifested in this creation we all know- at this point we are not interested in other universes- for the moment, I am saying that we are not interested, then, we are talking about this universe, which is more than magnificent for us of how big it is. Most of the people have no exact notion of the actual size of this universe and we are already thinking that there are other universes.
Eon has always existed, in my humble opinion, then, Abba has not created him. Abba is directly an Entity beyond the universes and I have understood from what I've investigated that among each universe there are different Chaoses that are isolated from each other, then there are different modelers Demiurges or primordial beings, because if there were only one Chaos among the different universes- that principle you all call Yin and Yang would be cut off because there would be many Eons, many Fathers for different Creations and one single Demiurge. Then, the Demiurge would be the counterpart of Abba and no, it’s not like that, the Demiurge is the counterpart of Eon. Eon is all Love and the Demiurge is the opposite of love, indifference, and the primordial beings feed themselves with the insecurities, fears, and so on. And in my humble opinion Abba is The neutral part.
Anyway, it would be prudent and another second session with Abba will be scheduled for many people who had many questions, at least there is an average of twenty to thirty questions to ask this neutral Entity, in my humble opinion.
Interlocutor: It will be very interesting Johnakan, of course. What happens to the spiritual parts that animate the embodied beings from alternate universes? We know that a spirit can be divided at the most in three different universes, and the 70% remaining stays in the respective spiritual plane. We know that alternate universes are almost infinite. What happens with the alternate universes created by other people? Who are the entities that animate those creatures from those alternate universes?
Johnakan-Ur-El: I've already thought about it and I'll dig deeper. Let’s suppose that my 10%, through decision makings, creates different alternate universes -and so that you understand what I mean- I'm going to say the word "divide." I can divide myself up to 30% more than that I cannot divide myself, due to a certain law, which exists, and I don’t have the answer to that, there is a reason, at least I don’t have the answer to that, I admit that I do not know why I only can divide myself up to 30% - but even if I could divide myself in a 100%, I couldn’t animate more than 10 alternate universes, but in this case, in order to have my own energy and to animate my incarnated parts, I have to have, by common sense, a non-incarnated 70% so that I can charge myself with the energy of the Creator. Yes? Then, I cannot go beyond of that 30%. That would be "my" explanation.
But what happens if you, as embodied being, know my 10% and you create an alternate universe where my 10% occupies a place and at the same time the Professor knows my 10% and he creates an alternate universe in which my 10% takes part as well, and a hundred people also create alternate universes in which my 10% is involved? Then my 10%, Jorge, is going to be participating in 100 alternate universes. Obviously-and this I don’t have it clear honestly, it has to do with the energy of Eon that will animate, in some way, those other 10%’s from those alternate universes. That’s my explanation.
Now, it was also said that there are several alternate universes that last, then I, as a thetan, will give priority to the alternate universes that endure, which are not many ever- and this is already a speculation because the future cannot be foretold. Then the "Jorges" who will be animating those alternate universes are going to have part of me, those alternate universes that last. The alternate universes that do not last will be the alternate universes from others, For example: If you create an alternate universe through a decision taken at the last moment, a part of your thetan will animate that Javier from that alternate universe, Are you following me until here?
Interlocutor: Yes
Johnakan-Ur-El: But if the Javier from that alternate universe is contacted with another Jorge, who would be another being similar to the 10% that I animate, perhaps the energy of that Jorge comes directly from Eon since it may be an alternate universe that does not last because it’s an alternate universe of yours, not created by my 10%, then I wouldn’t animate that Jorge, as a Thetan. I don’t know if my answer is clear.
Interlocutor: Yes, in any case there can be more than three alternate universes that will endure due to my own decisions, then that would cause that somehow those beings have to be animated as well...
Johnakan-Ur-El: Yes, they would be animated by Eon, although I myself have said more than a decade ago that Eon himself has to be "subjected" to his own laws... Eon created this world with laws, then it’s impossible that cubic planets exist, it’s impossible that gravity instead of attracting repulses and so on- then, there are things that Eon himself cannot change, but animating an embodied being; that Eon can do, He can give even intelligence, roles ego, suffering, needs and that being from that alternate universe will have the same needs that you have here in this universe you think is real.
Now, and perhaps here I, as a Spiritual Entity, will complicate things because you did not ask me, however, the idea came up to me. What if in that alternate universe there is a professor Jorge animated, not animated by a Thetan, but animated by Eon and what if he develops mediumship and wants to communicate with his 90% and he didn’t have a 90%? Obviously, since God is all mercy, as Eon is all mercy, I have no doubt- when I say "I have no doubt" is always between quotation marks because one is not sure of anything- that the one who would be contacted with that 10% would be Eon. It is my answer. It is not the truth. It's a real possibility. Yes? But...
Interlocutor: Yes, maybe all of this may have something to do with the 90% of Eon not manifested. We do not know that either.
Johnakan-Ur-El: Exactly. We do not know that, and it has been debated. Another 10%, who is a very dear person to my vessel, who lives in the region beyond the mountains, has asked this vessel, my 10%, why only animates a 10% and not an 11% or a 9%? and well I understand that it’s a law. Why we are contacted only with 10% of Eon? I Understand that it is a law. There is also a pending session if this vessel can be contacted with the 90% of Eon. What lies beyond? Why only a 10% is manifested? All of that is pending. And it is wonderful that there are things to be learned.
Interlocutor: All in good time.
Johnakan-Ur-El: Of course.
Interlocutor: Abba referred to this universe as a sphere, then we should also assume that those alternate universes are spheres, Aren’t they? How should we imagine them?
Johnakan-Ur-El: In my humble knowledge, as well as the superphysical planes are not up because generally the human being since ancient times always related to God or the gods pointing at the sky, we know that that heaven does not exist as such, but they always pointed at the sky, in fact the superphysical universe is here in a different vibration and therefore it cannot be perceived. So my knowledge tells me that those alternate universes are also here in what we’d call another dimension, and here we can use the word dimension, although my 10% and his collaborator, don’t like the word “dimension” because other schools also refer to dimensions, but we call them superphysical planes. However, in this case the word dimension would fit in, it would be in another dimension different from the mathematical dimensions of quantum physics. Different, but it would be also here, just like the parallel universes.
For some reason there were beings that at some time had the gift, the quality or whatever you want to call it, to extract objects from another universe and that was performed by the beloved Master Jesus, whom I love so much. If you don’t have more questions... I’ll leave...
Interlocutor: No, we completed the series of questions we had.
Johnakan-Ur-El: I love you all impersonally. I send all my Light and when I speak of my transmuting Violet Ray I speak of transmuting negative into positive. It is a spiritual transmutation. That's all I can transmute. But it can always be transmuted under your consent. This means that if you have a negative behavior and you are bathed wilt Violet Light it doesn’t mean that you’ll change like a magical spell, you will change if you accept this change. So long.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Johnakan, and so long.
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