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SESSION: 29/Sept/2010

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguín.

Entity that came to dialogue: Tera-El, who was Nikola Tesla’s Thetan

Tera-El: It's an enormous enjoyment that strikes with light to the deepest corners of the concept, the fact of being able to serve as a Spirit Guide. My vibration, as an entity of the 5th plane, sublevel 9 is modified permanently. I've had different vibrational tones, I've had the fortune to incarnate in beings that in one way or another have fulfilled a mission usually incomplete, but I have helped thousands of people to find their way. I don’t believe that the messages are always transcendent because the message will reach a needy soul and that is the most important thing.

You all have known me with many roles in the physical plane, but I have also embodied in other worlds. You can call me Tera-El. In my previous incarnation, I collaborated with many discoveries, in my current incarnation; I am also working with many paradigms.

What is a spirit guide? A spirit that seeks to guide a 10% embodied, who is on the Path of Light, whose thetan can be in a plane of Light 5 or the Angelic Plane 6, but whose 10% is going through various crises, which may not be serious, perhaps they are existential. And as it has happened to many beings guided by me, they don’t know, sometimes, what the most practical decision is, as though they were facing a road that splits into two paths and they can think:

- Will I take the path of the left? The path of the right? Will this one be good? Will this other be bad? Will both paths take me to a good ending? or will they guide me to a narrow alley where there is no turning back?

However, you all think, think well, it’s not me the one who has to say which way to go, I mean that each being is responsible for his/her own decisions. Of course that I, as a guide, have the possibility to guide, but sometimes, that 10% is submerged in internal struggles that may be roles of ego and in that moment “they turn a deaf ear” to my concept. I dare to say- perhaps very imprudently- that there is no embodied being on Sun 3 that has not gone through a time of crisis of indecision big or small, and in many cases they feel like standing on the edge of a cliff waiting for the final thrust or perhaps some arms that hold them and pull them back away from that depth.

We all are important, each one in his/her own way and it has nothing to do if you all embodied as a male or female, or in which region or which family, or if we are alone or if we have a family, if we feel we are supported or outcast, if we believe we are self-sufficient or we have low self-esteem, it has to do with understanding that if we embody is due to a specific reason and we should give honor to that incarnation because, regardless of our choice, it’s a divine grace to be embodied, and to whine consciously or unconsciously in our thoughts or in a loud voice, it doesn’t stop being an act of ingratitude towards our Father, who loves us all so much.

There are always crossroads. These intersections should be solved by we ourselves, understanding, grasping, comprehending our inner immensity. We all are the universe itself, figuratively speaking. What today is misery or loneliness or misunderstanding or a doubt or a longing, this misunderstanding is transformed into understanding, doubt into certainty, longing into hug, darkness into light, mistrust into confidence.

We must be alert to dense vibrations, but we must not fall into a paradoxical contradiction that being alert wears us out, even more than the same harmful vibrations. I have said more than once that Euphoria filters negative vibrations; I have also said that we cannot always vibrate in Euphoria.

In my plane, thousands of times I have suffered for the other. As a 10% incarnated, I have cried, literally, and I’m still weeping for the misery of the other, for the misunderstanding of the other, for beings that may not understand your thinking, for beings who are in the planes of Light spiritually, but in the physical plane run into failure falling caught by roles of ego that pull and pull and pull them down. In the Spiritual Plane, one suffers a lot, but the enjoyment of seeing someone who is moving forward, recompenses you.

There is a story you already know about, but I’ll tell it again: When the beloved Master Jesus walked with the little strength he had towards the Golgotha, those who had thrown flower petals at him while he entered into the city on the back of a donkey, later on, spat in his face and threw stones at him. On his face drops of blood were running down and tears from his eyes, but he did not cry for what was coming at him, but for those who were left behind and didn’t understand him and those who had not grasped his message thoroughly. One suffers for the misfortune of the other, but one rejoices if one saves a soul.

I have the fortune, the enjoyment, the bliss of guiding several people in the physical plane, males and females. Generally, a Guide is not designated. We agree with the thetan of the embodied being if he/she wants to be guided, although later on that 10% incarnated doesn’t perceive the guidance while being submerged in earthly problems or egotistical struggles , which not necessarily have to be reactive, sometimes they are struggles with oneself thinking: “I don’t fit in into this society, the environment does not understand me, what I need I don’t have it here, I had better lives in the past.”

The past is an anchor that drags you down to the seabed. There is the here and now; this moment is what will be useful, this moment when you say: “Yes, I can. I must stand up. I must confront, I must look at myself in the mirror and with healthy pride feel that I have the ability to achieve goals and to know that I can be helpful and that I know how to do it, and understand that they love me and understand that Love is the greatest feeling, and understand that I’m part of the Father.” And to understand that near or far you have someone who loves you.

I'll be always in touch. Tera-El, Plane 5 sublevel 9. I have traveled many roads, I've worn many soles of sandals out, I've embraced so many people, I've been in so many worlds... I’m an eternal grateful. You must also be grateful. May the joy fills your soul, may Love enfolds your being and the Understanding reaches you.

Angels and Spirit guides

Nikola Tesla

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