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Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to talk: Master Ien-El (Jesus the current Solar Logos)
Interlocutor: Is there an Entity that will give a message?
Master Ien-El: My brethren, sometimes it’s so hard to spread the Word because there are few receivers from the other part, not in the sense of quantity but in the sense of understanding. "Few receivers" does not mean "ears that don’t listen" but "few people who understand."
Interlocutor: Is the Master Jesus communicating?
Master Ien-El: That’s right. I have transmitted the word on countless occasions. Many times there were divisions, but I already announced that. Many times there were crises, but I foretold that. Sometimes schisms. Sometimes rebellions. I'm not a friend of transgressions; I am friend of nonconformity, which is not the same thing.
Why nonconformity? Am I encouraging that you do not agree with what the Father gives us? No, but there are nuances. Somehow, a brother can be happy with his life, he can be a farmer who has his wife, children and animals. However; that person can be in disagreement with his life, because instead of having ten employees he would like to have a hundred employees. Not to exploit them, but to help them so that those workers the day of tomorrow become independent and they have also their own plantations.
The issue is not to be in accordance with what we know. The issue is to want to have more wisdom. But that wisdom is not going to fall on deaf ears if it’s applied and if that knowledge is implemented for service by men for mankind. I mean what I've always said: watch over your neighbors.
So, Let’s not be conformists, let’s not stay idle by not lifting a finger. Let’s do things, "for", "to" others never for us, but thinking about the helpless people, thinking in those who need a helping hand.
Don’t attract guilt complexes either. We have two hands. If there are a hundred hands stretched toward us we won’t be able to help. If we grab our heads in a gesture of powerlessness, we will occupy these two hands in ourselves and we won’t help others.
Then we have to go slowly. Do we have two hands? Well let’s save two souls, and then we’ll save other two souls, and then another two souls, and let’s teach those saved souls so that they help other people as well so that they don’t stay sterile, because otherwise who are we saving? To the pigs that are only concerned about themselves? It would not make sense!
It is an arduous task that we will have. Why do I say "we will have"? Because I am with you. I'm involved.
Interlocutor: You concept is Clear. Master. Is the current humanity really prepared for these teachings? It seems that all these lessons you all give us are ahead of our time.
Master Ien-El: Do not underestimate so much humanity. My brother Johnakan said it, and he has said it more than once in recent times: Perhaps more in the last decade, as well as in this country as in others countries on this planet, books have been written, not only about spiritual help, but also about communication, sometimes religious books, sometimes not, but always on the subject, and many books have been written in the last decade as well as in all the time before this humanity.
Sometimes you will run into idiots, you will meet very important people at times, sometimes you will meet ignorant people who think they know, sometimes you're going to find people who know and hide their knowledge for modesty, and others hide it because they plot something in the shadows. Sometimes you will also meet people of Light.
What is the most difficult issue in this case? That sometimes the same embodied Masters compete, they do not join, each one of them is seeking to excel.
Even my vessel, who is the incarnation of my brother Johnakan, sometimes competes in his heart because he thinks that others may have more knowledge than him. And I don’t doubt that it’s so.
Let’s remember that an embodied being does not have the total reincarnative memory. He does not remember when he was Ananda, the cousin of my brother, Siddhartha, he cannot remember when he was my beloved disciple.
Of course, he knows about his past lives through contacts, but not as a memory, unless he does a regression.
As it was always said, each incarnation is like a test that one is performing, and one does not remember the lesson approved the last year, in this case we are talking about a past life.
Then, even though the spirit has more wisdom, being embodied that wisdom does not always arrive to the incarnated part from the higher planes, in spite of having a certain amount of "instinct" or "consciousness" of it.
Let’s remember, and this was also said by my brother Ruanel that even the “Clear mind” is reactive, I smile at the word Clear- because it didn’t exist in my time.
However, this is a logical thing. We are spirits, we are constantly evolving. Some people will say: "How a Solar Logos is going to evolve?" Of course! Who was the last solar Logos? Who was the former Solar Logos? And where are they now?
Other people will say, "The Divine Energies evolve?" In fact Divine Energies evolve!
The time will come when the Divine Light that is flooding me will finish its evolution, it merges with the Creator and another will be the Dimensional Logos, because it will have another mission.
Another issue, which is important to remark, is related to the rivalry between human beings. On the physical plane people compete, and they have in the reactive mind a kind of question about "who is better". Sometimes they compete by curiosity, sometimes carrying a statistic. Okay, okay! Here no one judges. It was always said "Not to Judge."
Who's more, an Eloah or a Divine Energy? What a question! Because some people will tell me that An Eloah because the Christ Energy or Buddhic Energy are in the plane 7 and Elohim are in the plane 8.
It was always said that the higher planes can look at the lower planes. However, the Christic Energy and the Buddhic Energy as well as other Divine Energies, such as Prana, Kundalini, and others can see the plane 8 of the Elohim...
Interlocutor: Is Prana an Entity?
Master Ien-El: Of course. Sometimes one doesn’t remark this well when speaking about Prana, Kundalini and others. They are Entities. This is important to be transcribed because it will help what you are doing, which I foresee it will be a total success.
The Kundalini Energy is a tangential Energy, a living Energy just like the Christ Energy and the Buddhic Energy.
The Christic energy can somehow guide a body, as it did with mine while I was incarnated as Jesus almost two thousand years ago, at a particular time of my campaign.
However, the Kundalini Energy is rooted in all the embodied beings, in all living bodies, as well as on this terrestrial plane and other planets of this system and others systems.
Then, what is the reasoning to use? Is Kundalini a universal Energy that spreads or is it a living Energy that has its own category and character?
The answer is both of them. Bridging the gap, because what we seek here is not to make comparisons, as well as the Absolute Eon, to whom I call my Father, the one I love and enjoy- He has his own personality but in turn Eon is everywhere. The Energy Kundalini, by the grace of the Father, also has its own personality, but in turn it invades, by saying "invades" I mean that it gives a gift, a grace to each one of the living beings.
Interlocutor: That’s clear.
Master Ien-El: Finally I want to approach a subject that you have a big question about, the subject of commitment and indifference, to be involved or not to be involved. I agree that one should not get emotionally involved, because if we get involved emotionally, we won’t be effective.
When one says that the surgeons are not involved emotionally, because they might make mistakes with their hands while operating, it seems correct, because it has to be in that way.
I say this without ego; I was one of the supports as for Impersonal Love: "Love God above all things and thy neighbor as thyself."
When speaking of loving your neighbor as yourself we are talking about Impersonal Love, not about committed love. So when I talk to about commitment, I’m talking about committing impersonally, not emotionally... Is that understood?
Interlocutor: Clearly.
Master Ien-El: I’m talking about a commitment for life, a commitment for the other person, to educate, to love the other, but I repeat not emotionally but impersonally, with that love of fraternal hug.
In that way, if I hug the other without commitment, and for some reason the Father knows that that person has to leave this world, or that person is suffering a terminal illness, I will suffer for that life impersonally but not emotionally, because if I suffer emotionally I would void myself. It is important that you all understand this.
Interlocutor: It is very clear, Master.
Master Ien-El: It’s very difficult for a child who does not commit to a parent or a parent who does not commit to a child, which is even worse.
I’m not unaware that one thing is talking and another thing is feeling the loss of a daughter, the loss of a wife, the loss of a parent. Of course, you will have a pain, an internal tear!
However, the more we learn to live it in an impersonal way, the more we are going to realize that it is the law of life and our suffering will be less and we won’t be void.
One sometimes wonders: "The law of life, a baby maybe dies of a disease within two years? And I respond: Who knows the secrets of the Father and why that happens?
Interlocutor: That is clear, Master. For a long time I’ve been looking for an explanation about the theme of "illusion" in the sense that the universe seems illusory. If so, I wonder, for example, where is the Master Jesus from 2000 years ago? The answer would seem that he doesn’t exist. But did he ever really exist? Where is John Zebedee, his beloved disciple? Now is embodied as Jorge Olguin. However, Was John Zebedee someone tangible or he was just an idea that someone imagined?
The point is that if I see a woman I like, I cannot help thinking while seeing her that she's an illusion, a fantasy, because what real existence can exist in less than a hundred years? If nothing lasts, perhaps not even the memory of existence.
Master Ien-El: My brother Johnakan was asked a few days ago if time was an illusion. Johnakan, My brother said, "No, time is not an illusion because time is something tangible that animates the universe." And this answer is correct because it is so.
Interlocutor: However, this universe will vanish some day!
Master Ien-El: But in the meantime it existed. I will give a guideline, and it’s an issue that I should not approach, because it’s mundane and somewhat basic, but It would be convenient that I explain it.
Let’s suppose that you have a dream and in that dream you are living a romance with a real or fictitious person with whom you fantasize. But suppose that ten years ago you had a real romance with a person.
Your question then would be: "What is different today, in my mind, now that both, the dream I had five days ago and that real experience I lived ten years ago are over? Because what I lived just vanished.
Interlocutor: That’s precisely the issue!
Master Jesus: Let's be realistic; let's use a little common sense here. What you've lived in your dream, in your fantasy; it’s a dream or fantasy. What you have lived in reality was real.
John Zebedee existed in flesh and bones. That at this moment he is another entity, in another body, it’s beside the point. On the contrary, Johnakan, who is the Entity that embodied in the past in Ananda and John Zebedee, now is embodied in this vessel and it’s more evolved than in previous incarnations, because he has the wisdom of those two incarnations plus this one.
Interlocutor: I understand. Ananda and John Zebedee did not disappear, but they are added to the current Johnakan.
Master Ien-El: You have understood the concept. The current Johnakan has the three wisdoms, and if this embodied being, who now is my vessel, has the "cunning" -I say cunning not in the sense of malice, but in the sense of knowing how to use wisdom effectively in the shortest time and with the least effort- he would know how to reconcile everything and he will have the Light of the three. Isn’t this a beautiful thing to transmit to the others?
Now, if this brother of mine does not vibrate in resonance with me and he falls prey to his reactive mind, then he will not be able to enlighten anyone and he will fail in his mission.
And I tell you this in confidence –write it down if you like- He can even drag me down!
Interlocutor: I don’t understand. If the incarnated part of Johnakan fails, Doesn’t he only drag his Thetan down? Why you are also dragged down?
Master Ien-El: The answer is simple: because I'm committed to him. I am very committed because I love him. And despite my high position I don’t just love him in a purely impersonal way, but also in personal way because we shared many things in the previous incarnation, he as John Zebedee and I as Jesus.
We have had beautiful experiences. We've held meetings at lodging houses. In some of them there were even thirty or forty people, where we told stories, the same Johnakan has already narrated some of them, sometimes we had great feasts, and in those great feasts I subtly gave no lessons such as those narrated in the Bible because they were subtle lessons.
Maybe I said, "Look Brothers! we're here eating, how beautiful it would be that tomorrow, each one of you tell others what we have lived, and hug your children, your wives, and those who you go out fishing with. Enjoy fishing with your workers, those who you hired, because there were many people who had boats and they hired twenty or thirty fishermen with their nets, and the next day, the next weeks, the jamboree lasted. So, they lived fishing better after what I had said.
There were a hundred short "Sermons on the Mount." Which were not recorded in the Bible, but How many people have moved forward because of that?
Of course, the biblical words have been recorded, but in small measure. There are some Gospels now that are called "Apocrypha," which are real. What you need to do in order to differentiate what is real and what is unreal, is to use your common sense. Understand that!
I’m appalled when I’m depicted in some Gospels as a cruel creature when I was a child. That is not true.
Notice that the original Jesus, before of being invaded by the Christ Energy was a cautious being, a being that paid attention to others, trying not to speak. Perhaps I was even, from the age of twelve years old, a creature a little arrogant.
You'll wonder: "Was Jesus arrogant?" Of course, don’t forget that I didn’t have the memory from past incarnations, now it’s not time to reveal them, but I had a little dose of arrogance.
But that dose of arrogance helped me to confront those great teachers of the temple. If I had not had that arrogance, some stories wouldn’t have transcended.
I confronted the teachers of 40 to 50 years old in equal terms and I have beaten them, not to humiliate them, because I never had the intention to humiliate anyone, but to teach them better.
Interlocutor: Master, Did you defeat your ego completely later on in the desert?
Master Jesus: Correct. But it was necessary somehow to defeat them, so that when feeling humiliated they learn.
Interlocutor: Do you mean that in certain circumstances a well-applied dose of arrogance can be useful?
Master Jesus: Of course! I want that this message be recorded in the right way so that finally, when these messages be disseminated, everyone can understand its true meaning.
Then, commitment is worthwhile, but without involving the emotional part, because otherwise you all will suffer, and if one suffers, then one stops serving and one is no longer useful.
I have suffered for others, but not for the pain of others but for their ignorance, because if they defeat their ignorance, they also defeat their suffering.
This was said a long time ago by my brother Siddhartha, always stressing that the primary evil is ignorance.
Interlocutor: There is a question I wanted to ask for a long time and I believe that if there is an answer, only you could give it to me. Is the Absolute, the Father, Eon the last one or Is there someone else? The question aims to find out if the Absolute or the Father is simply a smaller Entity and there is another Entity embracing everything, and once we merge with Eon the evolution goes on to that other Entity in the same way.
Master Ien-El: I will speak in parables. I said it once before, but now I'm going to say it otherwise, and for the record. If anyone wants to understand let him understand, and if anyone has eyes to see let him see. The Father is the last and the first. This is the answer. And if there is any question, it remains, it’s important that people keep seeking. [1]
I embrace you all with my Golden Light.
Interlocutor: Now I remembered your original words. "The Father is the Alpha and Omega." So long, Master, and my eternal gratitude.
[1] A decade after, in the session held on 08/MAY/2008 the Existence of ABBA (the Absolute of all the Multiverses) was revealed, and Eon was known as The Absolute of our universe.
Important Clarification:
I want to clarify that spiritual and angelic Entities may be seen as traces of light, although sometimes they show themselves to the eyes of people in an anthropomorphic shape, as they were seen in their last incarnation.
Spirits are mental energy concepts, as well as the Angels, who were wrongly painted by Renaissance painters such as infants or adolescents with wings.
The spirit of the Master Ien-El (Master Jesus in his last incarnation) is also a bright line of Light, but that does not stop him to appear in human shape to be recognized, as it happened in the image above.
The other figures of the Master Jesus are merely allegorical and not intended to show a religious significance, but a spiritual meaning.
Professor Jorge Raul Olguin

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