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“The Cycle of Death and Rebirth”
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Radael.
Interlocutor: How do we choose to reincarnate? What matters to me now is to clarify the process of reincarnation...
Radael: To embody the spirit simply intentions...
Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understand... I, as a spirit, intention and I embody That’s it? I guess that before we embody we have to ask the Lipikas to do so...
Radael: No, because Free Will prevails. If one asks the Lipikas is only to receive guidance for a better option. But they do not command nobody to incarnate. The Divine Free Will prevails always...
Interlocutor: For instance, A spirit of error, knows how to embody as well?
Radael: Yes, of course. The spirit intentions and embodies...
Interlocutor: Well, what happens if a spirit is in the plane 3? Does the spirit wish to embody? How is the process?
Radael: A spirit wishes to experience the physical plane, a spirit is eager to return in order to experience the five senses. For instance, in the plane 3 there is so much confusion, the spirits have feelings of guilt, feelings of guilt like saying: "Then it was me the one who did something" ... Let’s think that the roles of the ego are there, as you say in the physical plane, always at the order. Then, the roles of ego, make you "go crazy", I say it between quotation marks because in the spiritual realm there is nothing like this. Madness does not exist in the conceptual plane, but there is confusion.
Interlocutor: Is the spirit eager to embody even knowing that only embodies a 10%?
Radael: Yes, of course, because that 10% transmits all the experiences to the 90%... you transmit to me all the experiences. This is a logical thing...
Interlocutor: But I transmit to you all the experiences as if you were outside of the picture because you don’t get involved...
Radael: Yes, I do not get involved, but often, when a certain 10% makes a mistake, a hostile act, and sometimes the thetan is in the plane 4, the Thetan says:-“Oh, oh, what problems is my 10% getting me into? And then the thetan tries to send to his causal body, a message of reconciliation, a message of serenity, and obviously the thetan is not heard, because, and I've told this many times, when I, as a thetan, communicate with you, you're not going to hear a single word in your ear, but you'll have an idea, a concept in your mind...
What happens is that the noise from the physical plane will not allow you to perceive that idea or concept, and you'll go on with yours...
Interlocutor: I understand... Then, when we decide to embody... What's the next step?
Radael: The spirit directly intentions...
Interlocutor: We just “jump to the pool” so-to-speak and that's all?
Radael: There is no "jump". That is only imagination of some writers.
Interlocutor: What I want to know is the whole process of incarnation; it is an issue that we have never approached.
Radael: For example, I’m a spirit and desire to incarnate in a certain family. I know that this woman is about to conceive, and surely there will be a clash of interests with other spirits, perhaps hundreds, who also want to embody in that womb.
Interlocutor: And then?
Radael: The one who intentions first embodies. So, there is nothing simpler than this. For example, it’s as if you were on the physical plane, in a gigantic city, and looking for a rental car, you try to get an available car and another person wins the first hand and take it and you stay in the middle of the road frustrated. Well, metaphorically speaking, the spirit that intentions first embodies.
Interlocutor: Is it that simple?
Radael: It's that simple. And sometimes there are so many entities waiting in line to incarnate that the spirits are on the lurk, and even more in that era when there were not many women conceiving, at least on this planet...
Interlocutor: To me this is a novelty...
Radael: Ask yourself: If you are a 100% Spirit and you want to embody, but there is not a human vessel in gestation. It doesn’t matter how much you intention, you won’t embody if there are no vessels available.
Interlocutor: Well, if it’s not a vessel on this planet, the spirit can embody in a different planet, in the same way that if one can’t take a taxi, one can always take the next cab...
Radael: Right, it's that simple, but what it’s not easy is the mission you’ve set for yourself...
Interlocutor: Well, one thing at a time ... When does the spirit embody?
Radael: When the body begins to gestate in the womb... [1]
Interlocutor: Is that so simple?
Radael: That's right... Our eagerness to set a mission for ourselves, there are thousands of reasons, it always depends on those spirits who incarnated before. I’ll mention some of them before we conclude because I want to let this vessel rest since he is quite exhausted.
There might be an abortion, an accidental miscarriage or there might be a provoked abortion and the spiritual entity that was incarnated returns suddenly to the spiritual plane...
If the Spirit is a Master Entity, the Spirit will understand although it won’t share the thinking of those who abort him, and somehow the Spirit is going to feel compassion or mercy for those beings that stayed on the physical plane and killed him while he was embodied in the womb. However, if the entity was a spirit of error, who wanted to embody whimsically just to feel the physical plane or whatever reason, and suddenly it’s aborted, it will feel hatred, anger, vengeful feelings against those beings who cut off that possibility, because that spirit will have to wait in order to incarnate again.
On the other hand, they can cut off the mission in other ways. For instance, if you love philosophy from the spiritual standpoint and you want to embody as a philosopher, and suddenly your elders- that is, those who embodied before and play the role of your parents, want a different thing for you, for example that you become an architect or a mathematician, and then they impose these disciplines and you adapt to that situation, and your love to philosophy ends abruptly.
Then, not always a certain mission is accomplished; it depends a lot on chance. For example, you want to study medicine in order to become a renowned Doctor and you end up being an accountant.
Perhaps you wonder, once incarnated, how I could do in order to remember what I had planned as a spirit. The answer is NO, You do not remember. However, since you and I are connected; you, as a 10%, will have a small idea of what your mission was or what you were going to be, but as a child you don’t remember. Something is going on through your mind: "What is happening, I'd like to do this when I grow up," as the children usually say.
As you get older your longing to be a philosopher will be gestating, but there are plenty of reasons that may prevent it. Suddenly you have a brother who is studying something else and you get carried away with that stuff and then you erase from your mind the idea of being a philosopher.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Radael. 
Interlocutor: I’d like to know about the steps for reincarnation in animals and I’ll refer specifically to animal spirits [2]; that is, those spirits that embody in animals for example insects, cats, etc. How do they embody if they lack of discernment?
Radael: The answer is very simple... We, as spirits, choose to embody because we have a spiritual concept, which is called reasoning, although there are other spirits that have minor spiritual concept and they can only embody in animals such as a bear, a wolf, or even an insect or an amoeba, in which case, since they have no opinion on what is best for them, they are guided by the Lipikas who show them the body more compatible for them.
What the Lipikas do –and I clarify that there are different Lipikas in different worlds, it’s not that there are Lipikas only in this world for all the universe because that would be absurd- Then, the Lipikas guide these minor conceptual entities, just as you would guide your pet in your home, for example a dog or a cat and you call it by its name in order to give it food or you teach it how to eat or you take it outside for a walk to exercise it.
Interlocutor: But where the initiative comes from?
Radael: Obviously from the Lipikas. The Lipikas guide conceptually these minor spiritual entities so that they embody in certain bodies animals or plants, and they obey because they recognize the Lipikas as Entities with greater intelligence to guide them.
Interlocutor: As if they were pets?
Radael: Correct.
Interlocutor: Well. That’s clear... Here I have also scheduled a question, which is quite interesting topic because we have never approached it before:
"If someone’s thetan disagrees with what the 10% embodied is doing on the physical plane because it’s creating more bad karma and the thetan decides to make focus in order to provoke an accident to the incarnated part and kill it, Can a thetan do that? If so the thetan would create more karma. "
Radael: For example, the thetan can make focus on the sight of the 10% while driving a car, either because they are unhappy with the 10%’s behavior or because there is any other reason that comes to mind, and it makes the 10% disembody in a car crash.
Interlocutor: Would that be fine?
Radael: If the Thetan is a Being of Light, inhabiting in the planes 4 or 5, The Thetan will absolutely respect the Free Will of the 10% incarnated, even though its incarnated part is committing many hostile acts...
Interlocutor: Must The Thetan respect the Free Will of the 10% even if the 90% is at risk of lowering down of plane due to the bad behavior of the 10%?
Radael: Yes, even in that case. Remember the case of Elisabeth, a friend of yours, whose spirit was in the plane 5, sublevel 9, who in a past life was the partner of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, and now her thetan lowered down to the plane 3 because she abandoned her child and committed other reprehensible acts... The thetan cannot make that its incarnated part disembodies because it must respect the Free Will of its physical part.
Interlocutor: What about the spirits of error?
Radael: They can do it and thus they create karma themselves, of course, because they think that they’re the owners of the truth...
Interlocutor: In short, if a thetan decides that its incarnated part disembodies, the thetan is capable to do so...
Radael: Yes, but I repeat, a Spirit of Light of the plane 4 or 5 will never even try that.
Interlocutor: I understand the point perfectly... And wouldn’t it be justifiable, not in the least, to make disembody a 10% knowing that it will plunge down the spirit from plane?
Radael: No, by no means whatsoever.
Interlocutor: According to your explanation, I presume that the spirits of error have made disembody their incarnated parts very often... Is that so?
Radael: Absolutely!
Interlocutor: Now, let's pretend that a 10% is suffering a cruel torture and that condition is not karmic. Not even in that case, the thetan is authorized to make disembody its physical part?
Radael: No, it’s not authorized; the thetan must respect the Free Will of the 10%.
Interlocutor: But I have to assume that the Free Will of the 10%, who is suffering tremendously, is to be released from that suffering through disembodiment... The tortured person obviously don’t want to be tortured...
Radael: It's the same... Do not take the incarnated spirit (10%) as something independent from the thetan (90%)... I, as 90%, am going to feel the same pain you feel because you, as 10%, will transmit it to me instantly, and although I won’t feel the physical pain as a spirit because I don’t have physical senses, the sensation will be the same...
Interlocutor: Oh, I didn’t know that!
Radael: It’s not that you suffer a torture while on the physical plane, for whatever reason, and I’m going to be hanging out in the spiritual plane... I repeat that a Being of Light or a Spirit Master will never provoke the disembodiment of the incarnated part.
Interlocutor: So, the spirits of error that have provoked the disincarnation of the 10%, then, have created karma to themselves?
Radael: Absolutely.
Interlocutor: What happens when a 10% dies because of torture inflicted on him/her? Let’s suppose that the 10% is being tortured by the most barbaric instrument of torture such as the so-called head crusher.
Radael: If that 10% were you, I would immediately wrap you in Light in the moment you disembody so that you don’t have the slightest feeling of resentment towards those who tortured you and for what happened to you. I would make you understand that you were merely playing a role on the physical plane...
Interlocutor: And What happens if I disembody holding grudges?
Radael: If you disembody with anger or holding grudges, with the reactive mind; that resentment would make me hesitate and maybe we would lower down to the plane 3... Then immediately I’d have to say something like - and now I'm dramatizing so that you understand me better-: “- Wake up, wake up, you're in the spiritual plane, yours was just a role, wake up!” It would be like someone on the physical plane that slaps your face on the cheek so that you wake up.
"It was not real, you were playing a role, you must not hold any grudge, It’s over, you feel nothing. Let’s move on to something else".
If your reactive mind keeps controlling you saying: "No, I must take revenge!" by thinking that automatically you would make us descend from plane. Now, if you said: "Okay, it was a moment, I felt pain, but now I feel sorry for my torturers, not for me" then you assume truly your plane, the Mastery plane 4. And that's good.
Interlocutor: Your explanation is very clear... Now, the next question is: What happens if the person is being tortured and has no karma, but the thetan makes disembody the 10%anyways?
Radael: The thetan creates karma likewise because it’s interfering with the Free Will of the 10%, perhaps the 10% doesn’t die in that torture and keeps being incarnated.
Interlocutor: In that case the karma would be smaller... Is that so?
Radael: Of course.
Interlocutor: To conclude with this topic we would say that in all cases there is a behavioral evaluation of the spirit?
Radael: Right.
Interlocutor: So there are no fixed rules...
Radael: Correct... I'm going to leave because the vessel is very exhausted and he should be allowed to rest...
Interlocutor: So long, Radael.

SESSION 27/Sep/06
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Radael. 
Interlocutor: All right, I understood that the life I’m living you, as my thetan, are living it as a role like something impersonal. I have a doubt... For example at this point if I asked you to look back into the past, how far back can you remember? Can you remember from the moment of our creation?
Radael: Until the moment of our creation, not the creation.
Interlocutor: The moment of your creation as a spirit?
Radael: Yes, of course.
Interlocutor: The moment you were created by Elohim?
Radael: That's right... I remember that at that moment I "woke up", put it between quotation marks, I remember having a concept and little by little I'm slowly forming myself, I perceived that I'm exchanging concepts with others spirits, trying to figure out what we are, we perceived that each one of us is unique...
Interlocutor: Is there any kind of surprise in this awareness of being?
Radael: No, on the contrary, we take it as something normal, not strange, just like a baby on the physical plane who is growing up and living his live normally. In the same way we take it as something natural that we were created. We don’t wonder: "Oh, what are we doing here? Who created us? Who brought us here? "The issue is not so complex, we directly accept it without questions, and we acquire conceptual knowledge making exchanges... We still cannot incarnate because we have no suitable conditions in any world to do it, then we are in the spiritual planes... As time goes by the presumption of identities appear, personalities... Some spirits start acting with some kind of petulance and they descend automatically to the densest planes, the roles of ego appear, the competition... But this does not happen in seconds, but in years, earthly years I mean...
Interlocutor: Is there a feeling of happiness or is it neutral?
Radael: It is neutral in the beginning; there are some doubts, uncertainty to see, to understand why we were created...
Interlocutor: And as for goodness and solidarity, Is it also neutral? Specifically, you, as spirit, Did you feel yourself neutral?
Radael: There was a certain neutrality, but also an intention to help those who had doubts... Also I perceived many other spiritual beings with roles of ego obviously not immediately but over time...They were like spiritual factions vibrating in syntony and separating from others, and that doesn’t stop being roles of personality, roles of ego... So what is sought is that there is a general harmony, and when one approaches these factions that have been isolated from others, it turns out that they consider one as a conspirator, as a spy from another group, another faction: -"Are you going to spy on us to see what we are conceptualizing" ... It's like right there espionage is created... It is somewhat comical and tragic at the same time. Let’s say that the roles of ego have taken the first steps at the moment of the creation of the spirits... What else can I say?
Interlocutor: This is all very clear... The next question is: What would be the reason for which some spirit want to embody in an amphibian being? I ask it because it seems that the spirit is free to decide the vessel in which it will embody. I wouldn’t embody in an Amphibian or a Langar, for example... then it would seem that incarnating in a human or a humanoid would be the most logical decision.
Radael: Long ago I communicated with the thetan of an amphibian being and it has had 32 incarnations on this type of organism in different places. The last planet on which he embodied was Braco. And he has conceptualized: "Why do you always seek to incarnate as a human if as an amphibian is more comfortable?." Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly.
Radael: What happens is that there are spirits that are adapted to a certain kind of incarnation. If the spirit feels comfortable incarnating as an amphibian, also thinks that embodying in this way is the best, it’s the same with the sexual gender... Most species have male and female sexes, and if you have had –let’s say- 112 incarnations, perhaps you will embody 100 times playing the role of a male because you feel more comfortable in that role, and 12 times as female because you feel more uncomfortable in that role...
Although the spirit is sexless, when you embody it’s like you enjoy more playing that role and you feel more comfortable in a certain role compared to another... All of this is to quibble, as you say in the physical plane.
Interlocutor: What would be the difference between a man and a woman? I refer to this planet, what would it be? I mean, a man always says that a woman is incomprehensible...
Radael: I'll repeat a phrase from the Master Johnakan: "There is no difference; both genders are looking for the same thing, the personal love, both genders in a certain moment can become selfish due to roles of ego, both genders don’t understand each other... It's not that women are incomprehensible... Surely if someone says this phrase is a male...
When I contact Thetans whose roles are women they say that the incomprehensible one is the man and that the man doesn’t know what he wants.- They put a man on a pedestal of “macho” a male chauvinist as though the man is promiscuous.
On the other hand, when I contact the Thetans whose roles are masculine they respond: "Promiscuous with whom? Promiscuous with a woman? Who makes me promiscuous? A woman! Who is actually the promiscuous then? If I, as a man, am promiscuous I have to have a counterpart that allows me to be promiscuous. Then, if I’m promiscuous is because there is a woman who makes me promiscuous.” Do you get the pun?
Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly...
Radael: Then, it is not that one of the two genders is more complicated than the other. As spirits we all are "equal", put it between quotation marks because we are not all equal, some have more understanding than others, but there is no difference between male and female. Each one has a different emotional field. Surely the woman is more emotional, and as a matter of genes she will be less polygamous than men, because as a matter of a command of the mammal, a matter of genetics, the greater number of females a man has, the greater the continuity of the species will be.
The thing is that homo sapiens sapiens, the human being now has a cultural pattern where the majority of countries practice monogamy, something that genetically the human male has not yet overcome. The biologists always say that...
Interlocutor: Are women more susceptible to engrams than men?
Radael: No, it's the same... Some people say that because they think that women are more emotional than men and then they are more likely to receive engrams, but no, it’s not true, rule it out completely.
Interlocutor: What about the roles of ego?
Radael: Neither, both genders have them alike...
Interlocutor: To conclude this session, how do extraterrestrials perceive themselves? I wonder if aliens see us in the same way that we perceive them. I do not know if my question is clear. For example, we perceive aliens as deformed grey beings, large bald heads, and so on. Do aliens have a different kind of vision toward us? Specifically, Does an alien look at me in the same way that I look at Jorge Olguin?
Radael: No, An alien does not look at you in the same way... I'll explain it... On the planet Earth you see a horse, a pig, a cat or a dog, etc. These animals have sexual intercourse... Well, they are not looking for each other because that cat is more beautiful than the other or that zebra or goat is more attractive than the rest. They directly feel that the female is in heat and then they mate.
Human beings are rational and they have full analytical mind when incarnated, in this case I embody in you and I seek other factors, we look for physical beauty, we also look for inner beauty if it’s possible, although there may be disparity of ideas but there are mutual agreements...
We, as human beings, will never mate with another alien race because we would reject them due to their ugliness... I cannot imagine a homo sapiens sapiens copulating with a female grey alien or a female insectoid for example, first of all because the genitalia are different ...
Interlocutor: But I meant...
Radael: Do not worry I'm going to that... These aliens also have rational mind, they do not copulate like animals, as a matter of sniffing at the female in heat, but they copulate rationally as the homo sapiens sapiens does, I mean they copulate based on physical attraction, an attraction of ideas, then obviously that among them they see each other as beautiful and when they come to Earth they see the human being as a monster, and therefore they think: "How am I going to have sex with someone like that?"
Interlocutor: So there is another interpretation from the other side?
Radael: Of course there is another interpretation! Although the same spirit that embodied in a Grey alien can embody in a human homo sapiens sapiens, when the 10% spirit embodies that 10% has no reincarnative memory, therefore he sees the Grey alien as a being that rejects. He can shake hands cordially, but he will never feel libido for that female Grey, because, I also said it, the reproductive organs are different.
Perhaps the Grey's penis is completely different from the human’s penis, and the vagina of the female Grey will be different from the human female's vagina. Not to mention the insectoid beings or vegetable beings...
Interlocutor: So, always the perception of things is interpreted by the mind...
Radael: Of course! Let's clarify that we're talking about the interpretation of the mind without the reincarnative memory... Then, each race is going to see itself as the most beautiful, the most acceptable and it will see the other races as different, although they accept them.
You, as human being, will see a woman homo sapiens sapiens and you will see her slim, pretty, but if you see a female alien X, as you say on the physical plane "She would be totally indifferent to you" Similarly, the female alien would see you, even if you were handsome, as if you were a wall.
Interlocutor: Could we get out of this subjectivity?
Radael: No, not being incarnated, we cannot get out of that subjectivity. You can love a female alien impersonally, as a great friend, you can love a being from Antares 4 as a philosopher, but you will not feel any physical attraction.
The issue of personal love is a very complex issue... As the Master Johnakan said: Impersonal love is fueled by the feeling and personal love, on the other hand, is fueled by feeling and emotion.
If the emotion is positive, worthwhile, it will be an unselfish personal love, altruistic personal love, a personal love that will give almost the same as Impersonal Love.
However, if the emotion is negative, then it will be a manipulative love, a controlling love, a love that is going to undermine the other person... Do you understand that?
Interlocutor: Perfectly...
Radael: Then, personal love itself is not negative. It’s negative or positive depending on which emotion it’s fueled of...
Interlocutor: One question more... From the spiritual point of view can you see things objectively? As embodied beings that is impossible for us.
Radael: Of course, from the spiritual plane, we do!
Interlocutor: How do you perceive a cockroach? I ask because it is a bug that provokes repulsion unless in exceptional cases.
Radael: We perceived it as a being that has a mental decoder with minimal conceptual capability.
Interlocutor: Is there the same rejection that we feel for these bugs in the spiritual plane?
Radael: No, not at all, the rejection of cockroaches is completely subjective... We, from the spiritual point of view, perceive all living beings, we catalog them, and I hope this is not taken as an expression of ego, according to the rational capacity of the decoder...
Interlocutor: In short, then, and this is the question, how do you perceive the cockroaches? Beautiful?
Radael: Neither beautiful nor deformed, we simply perceive them as a concept of life with a very limited mental decoder...
Interlocutor: Is that all?
Radael: That's all ... So long.
Interlocutor: So long Radael...

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Radael. 
Radael: This vessel had a debate with the 10% of Kar-El, who in this life embodied as female. Kar-El is an Angelic Entity of the plane 6.2. Well, Kar-El, incarnated as woman, had a little argument with this vessel, who is embodied as male in the plane 5.9, about health problems...
Interlocutor: Yes.
Radael: Why a spirit decides to embody in mission and chooses genetically to incarnate with certain health problems? These problems will hinder him, will obstruct him to fulfill that mission and if the spirits succeeds, it’s going to be “with great difficulty” (as you’d say)
That happens to this vessel, and also happens to you, as interlocutor, your own health issues in this case hypertension and other problems. It's like they may cause that some sessions be delayed or that you can’t work with your computer and transcribe some things, because in that moment your health problems may hinder you and you have to go to the doctor and during that time you could be working at home. Do you follow me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Radael: What Kar-El transmits to me at this moment, not the 10%, but her 90%, is: Although the spirit chooses the family in which to embody, the region, the planet, the economic status, the state of health. Remember that there are millions and millions of spirits thirsty to embody! hungry to embody! – using a phrase out of context- because they have desires to feel the physical plane, to experience the five senses.
Interlocutor: That’s clear.
Radael: Then, and just as this vessel was joking with a friend of the Iberian Peninsula, you're not going to be in a waiting line thinking:
-Let’s see that family, this family of this name, in this region... I don’t like this vessel because genetically I will be born obese... Let’s see... wait ... let’s see... in this province there is a family that seems a little better.
Because from behind someone taps on your shoulder:
- Hey man, make up your mind! Choose; otherwise leave that place to me!
Speaking figuratively they “tap on your shoulder” because a spirit has no shoulder.
Interlocutor: So, the spirit knows all these genetic things and more?
Radael: The Spirit "knows" relatively, but also, an engram can cause a genetic problem, you already know that...[3]
Interlocutor: Yes.
Radael: In addition, if I choose a certain mother and father, I also inherit other genetic problems that are not mine...
Interlocutor: Of course.
Radael: Genetic problems that are not mine! For instance, this vessel that channels me has little hair; his father 20 years older had more hair. He inherited alopecia from the family of his mother, genetically, but it’s not an engram of his Thetan, Johnakan.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Radael: The health problems that may have this vessel, the problem of his ear, the problem with your hypertension. Sometimes the spirit doesn’t choose that to go through a certain vicissitude or a certain test or, as sometimes one would say: -“Well, I choose this body, already!” And it’s not as you would say:- “As luck would have it or I choose this vessel and we'll see what happens” it’s not like that, but it’s like there is a kind of "luck and truth." I didn’t choose to have hypertension, but ... it's like “It comes with the package."
Interlocutor: Oh, yes, I understand.
Radael: It was very important to clarify this, way too important to clarify this.
Interlocutor: Okay...
Radael: As spirits we don’t know everything of everything.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Radael: We don’t know everything of everything.
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