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One of the ancient questions that many people have wondered from the beginning of time is related to which one is the true religion, without being offensive, they apparently don’t understand that the logical answer is quite evident: "All religions are false."

The Master Jesus, now Solar Logos, clarified this issue two thousand years ago saying that the Father does not need intercessor, it's enough if a person loves his neighbor selflessly by providing SERVICE to others in order to be saved or (ascend to the Light). He also said that "everyone will be saved according to his own works." This means that all the rites, dogmas or religious beliefs whatsoever are meaningless as a way to "go to the Father" or "to be saved". It’s important to interpret these words in their true sense, because the spirit ascends to the Path of Light by being benevolent to others. 

In this context we also realized that even atheists or agnostic people can find the PATH OF LIGHT if they are truly altruistic and if they live to love their fellow men through service (Love in Action).

How hard is that to understand? In the end no religion can help the spirit to ascend to the planes of Light, because if a cruel spirit of error of the plane 2 embodies, its goal would be to ascend to the plane 3, even though it’s also a plane of error, but the main purpose of the spirit will be to ascend to the planes of Light 4 or the plane 5, which is the plane of maximum Light.

The Ascended Masters inhabit in these planes of Light, and they live to serve those beings that need assistance and guidance, some of the most illuminated spirits that inhabit in this plane are the Master Jesus and Siddhartha Gautama, however,all the spirits are equal and the goal of all the spirits is to reach the plane 5.
Some religious rites, particularly those that demand that women cover their faces or other harmful teachings that prohibit blood transfusion, have their true origin in engrams. These teachings have nothing to do with Free Will because they are the product of the reactive mind.

The truth is that God Does not need to be worshipped or to be obeyed because he has given us all the gift of Free Will. Unfortunately those people who self-inflict torture to their bodies believe that in that way they are going to be accepted as worthy people in the eyes of God, but they are simply wrong.

God simply wants that we all love each other in spite of any religious difference that we might have, even more, He does not need any sacrifice for us to make, so that we be loved by him. Also, God does not reward the righteous and he does not punish the wicked, for that reason the Law of Karma exists.

For instance,if you tie a rock to your neck and jump to the water you will certainly sink into the water, but if you grab a lifesaver, perhaps you will remain between waters. Now, imagine that any hostile act is like a rock, and any religion would be like a lifesaver, perhaps it won’t help you to emerge, but you won’t end up in the abyss either.

Many people commit hostile acts in the name of their religion and thus they act in ignorance, although ignorance and religious fanaticism are not synonyms, there is a high correlation between these two terms. (read Human cruelty)

The powerful classes, from the beginning, have always deceived us by creating these false religions in order to control us because they knew that well-educated people are not easy to manipulate as the ignorant people are. Therefore, the spirits of error are the true creators of religions and no Master of Light would ever say that some religion is something favorable because religions are only a mean to manipulate people by imposing dogmas and of course by creating fear in those who are afraid to offend God.

Why would you offend God? God is not offended because he has no ego, the Masters of Light are not offended either, because they live to serve others, and thus they have learned that forgiveness is an act of arrogance. Would Jesus be offended? Jesus obviously will not be offended either because he is beyond the ego as well, but some Parents teach their children to be afraid of a vengeful god in a Bible or a Quran saying that if the child does not fulfill certain ceremony, he is not going to be worthy or he will not be accepted by the Father. This is a narrow way of thinking. Sometimes we say to many people that if they want to believe in something don’t use faith; use common sense instead, use coherence, but people do not use coherence.

Now, let’s talk about fundamentalism in some Eastern countries where directly they speak about 'holy war' or Jihad. They talk about holy wars as if it would be a flower without fragrance, like speaking of light that does not shine, like speaking about water that does not wet, or about a loss without pain. That is not logical, speaking about a holy war would be something like speaking about a “merciful killer”, it makes no sense, it has no coherence and there is no common sense.

Some people took offense when we said that Mohammed became a spirit of error when he committed many crimes in the name of his new religion, and even more when we said that he was influenced by spirits of error when he wrote the Quran, they don’t use common sense when they read, they don’t understand, they don’t see the Light because their religion act like a veil on their eyes. Later on, those who were looking the Path of Light were deceived and they confused respect with fear. Those who were teaching them, show them examples of champions of arrogance rather than examples of humility.

Any religion is like a hypnotic command or engram, How many people have not yet understood? And although we have said it many times, it’s not bad to repeat it again, The path of Service is simple, you don’t need to be a doctor to help people or to be like the Mother Teresa of Calcutta whose deeds were meritorious of a being of Light. You can start with simple things such as paying attention to those who need comfort, by helping a blind man cross the street, Service begins in the smallest altruistic things you do, no one said that Service is unattainable to the simple human being. You can only ascend if you channel that true Spiritual Love.

The Spiritual Path seems simple if one describes it, because the Entities of Light have always taught that in order to ascend spiritually one must act with altruism. This task seems simple if it were not that human beings are dominated by the roles of ego and they cannot see beyond their noses.

All religions and various spiritual movements agree that the way to the Light can only be achieved if one gives Love as Service. But over the centuries the original messages given by these great Masters have been distorted.

For instance, most of the worshipers of various religions have a misconception about the Spirits of Light, these Spiritual Beings that are so loving and devoid from any prominence that they only live in terms of guiding and serving the embodied beings that are wrong.

These beautiful Spirits suffer if they see other people suffering and they rejoice in the joy of the others. They transmit messages of guidance, for the beings that are lost and cannot find their way through the path of life.

Many Messages of Light from the various spiritual Masters speak about Love, which to me is the opposite of indifference (some experts say that the opposite of love is hatred, but let's think about it: If Love is service and indifference means that you don’t care about the suffering of others, I think that this one is the opposite of Love).

And yet, people failed to understand because there is a misunderstanding regarding to the role of these Entities of Light.

These Spirits of Light communicated their Mercy and transmitted their Light to the minds of the people, so that they understand that by providing Service to others all of them can ascend to the Light. But now, due to the same religion, people only ask health, work or love, without thinking that the role of Light is to give.

This is the paradox of Religion, “The closer they are to the temple, the farther they are from the Path of Light”They forget the wise words of the Master Jesus, saying, 'If I give you a fish every day, you will depend on me to eat, but if I teach you to fish you will eat by yourself.” The long parades at religious festivals should not be made to ask, but to give. And then you all shall receive. Where will you go? The choice is for you to decide.

Email received:

Here, in India, people visit temples, and worship over a thousand idols, with different names at different locations.
They also describe and believe the miracles that they have experienced by worshipping these idols.
Also, there are epics or holy books recorded, worshipped and followed,such as the 'Bhagvat Gita',' Ramayana',' Mahabharata', various 'vedas', etc, which the holy people claim to be God's own words,
written by a mediator, for the people.
For various problems, people perform 'pujas' , 'havans' , observe fasting, etc.
Are these things true and holy?
If yes, then till what extent should they be followed or worshipped.
Please reply.
I am confused. 

Dear Friend Many people do not fully understand that the true path of Light has to do with Love and Service only, religions have complicated everything and
they have manipulated people from the beginning. keep in mind that in the spiritual planes religious beliefs have no value at all.

For example, the mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi had different religious beliefs when they were incarnated, however, both of them are Spirits of Light at the moment. Why? Because they followed the path of Service and they succeded in their respective missions.

The fact that many people worship different idols has no relevance at all, as long as these people love their fellowmen truly. Even an atheist or an agnostic person can find the path of enlightenment if he/she is an altruistic person and loves other people selflessly.

We don't try to change their religious beliefs because we also respect their free will, but the truth is that you are are free to do whatever you like as long as you don't harm other people.

Also God doesn't need to be worshipped, He has given us all free will and He only wants that we all love each other through Service, he is not a jealous God because his love is unconditional. In short, any religious belief or practice has no validity in the afterlife, only love and service can help you ascend to the Light.
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