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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to talk: Ien-El. “Master Jesus” Current Solar Logos

Dear friends, it’s a huge joy to be communicated with you through this vessel again. Truly, I say to you that the physical plane is a beautiful learning. You might say, dear brothers- that in this life which you consider so real there is joy and there is suffering. Obviously I cannot deny that, I've experienced it more than once when I was incarnated. But think that every experience is useful and valuable.

Think, dear brethren, that there are situations that are incomparable, immeasurable; they cannot be cataloged because they go beyond all measurable things. Underneath all hazardous things there is like a traced road that each being should walk. Situations, dear brethren- that may seem unfair, unpleasant, annoying and they can condition you.

However, understand dear brethren, that each one of these situations has left you a mark. For the moment let's abstain from cataloging that mark, if it was positive or negative, if it has conditioned you or if it has shown you a horizon that somehow has changed our route to a different direction we previously had, changing our path. However, copying myself from your spoken language, let’s be optimizers and let’s think that that turning point, as you say, which changed our direction has left that mark for the better. And then, indeed, let’s catalog that mark as positive.

You will say: -'But Master, I am feeling with conditionings due to several episodes in my life.’

And it's true, it's true. And truly I say to you, dear friends, that even the conditionings are motivating.

You will say:- 'But how, dear brother? When we are conditioned, sometimes, we don’t dare to confront situations. How can the conditionings be motivating?

-Brothers, Why don’t you trust in the strength of your own spirit? Take each conditioning as a challenge, so that it becomes a boost that allows you overcome obstacles.

-But brother, what are you saying? If the same conditioning is an obstacle, if the same conditioning is a barrier that stops me and disturbs me, it causes me restlessness.

-'But verily I say unto you; that there is something called temperance. Temperance is like a blacksmith that forges the sword, and he warms it up, strikes it with his mace, then he re-heats it and immerses in cold water. And so, as well, the spirit is tempered. Dear friends, if there were only joy, there wouldn’t be such temperance. Temperance requires sorrows, anxieties, joys, griefs, fortune, failures, falling and re-emerging.

-'But brother, how about my wounds, my bruises, these scars that are left in my body, in my soul, how can they strengthen me? I touched them and they hurt me.

-Of course, because they remind you that they are there, but they teach you.

- What, brother? To avoid further setbacks?

-No, because I truly tell you that there is no experience similar to another. No experience can save you from future downfalls.

-'But brother, then what good can all that learning give me if you say that they are not going to avoid further setbacks or new obstacles?

-But I truly tell you that you will have something new, which is temperance. And that temperance will give you the strength to successfully face new obstacles. It’ won’t prevent that your wounds don’t hurt you, but those wounds will be insignificant when the Light comes at you at the end of that part of the road, because the Path that leads to our Father is infinite. But Truly I say unto you that what is not confronted it’s not learned. What is not confronted doesn’t produce achievements and what doesn’t bring achievements, brings frustrations.

And truly, I say unto you that courage is not feeling fear, is not being anxious, is not having insecurities, etc… because all embodied beings feel them.

Courage has to do with confronting and rising to the surface. And I truly tell you that the later satisfaction compensates the injured feet that walked the previous rocky road. And there are no scars, no nicks, no pains: only joy. And you will have the strength because you’ll be able, with that strength, to reach out the hand of the others and lead others as well as you have been guided and form a chain of solidarity, mercy, compassion and growth. And as my brother, whom I love, Johnakan Ur-El says: "Service is Love in Action." But there is no way that Love transforms itself into action without confrontation.

And the words without the Action are barren, sterile. You can pretend to throw the seeds into a fertile field, but if you pretend, you will reap something feigned. If you sow real seeds, there will be harvest.

Service is Love in Action. The word ‘Love’ is very pretty, but it doesn’t transcend, the Work transcends, the Actions transcend, the attitudes, the courage of our own Spirit. Without courage one does not transcends.

Dear brothers, I am with you always encouraging you all through Love, transforming it into Actions.

All the Light to you. And for all times. Never think that I will leave you alone because I am with you at all times.

Ien-El: Ieshu Ben Yosef. Thank you.

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