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The physical laws cannot be violated and among these laws there is one law that says that no man can live without eating and drinking, therefore, those who say that they can do so are simply lying. Moreover, this feat cannot be taken as a sign of spirituality by any means.
It is important to remark that a true spiritual Master conveys messages of Light and provide Service to his neighbors, something that this alleged guru is far away from.

The true path of Light has nothing to do with sacrifices, meditation, prayers, mantras, fasting or any other religious feat whatsoever, but with SERVICE (Love in Action)

And speaking of Buddhism, when Nagarjuna was to be appointed as the new Buddha, he renounced the title, preferring to remain useful serving to the people around him. This is called Bodhisattva! Contrary to those religious leaders who walk with majesty, deceiving people and thinking they are embodied avatars or disrespecting the figure of the beloved Master Jesus, who was the true example of humility.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity to dialogue: Master Ruanel.

Interlocutor: Master I’d like to know the truth about a young man who is apparently fasting since December 2, 2005; I gathered all the information about him on the internet, his name is Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as Bamjan.

Ruanel: There is a huge contradiction on this. The contradiction is that Siddhartha sought illumination through balance. This young man believes he goes in search of enlightenment, but he is in the wrong way.
First of all it’s not true that he does not drink liquids. We know that the laws of the physical plane state that no living body can live without water for so long time. That does not exist. He takes sips of water at certain times.

Interlocutor: Does he eat as well?

Ruanel: Yes, although very little, he eats.

Interlocutor: So It’s not true that he does not eat at all?

Ruanel: No, it’s not true. He eats lightly, but he eats. With regard to that he has to stay quiet, losing weight, making that kind of sacrifice in order to reach enlightenment, That’s not coherent at all.

Interlocutor: Are there engrams that make him act in that way?

Ruanel: Obviously that it's an engramic case. Enlightenment cannot be found in that way. Enlightenment is sought only through Service, as the Master Johnakan says.

Interlocutor: But then, this young man must be cataloged as insane...

Ruanel: Yes, and most of his followers as well. And with regard to the donations that that they give to him, obviously that he is being manipulated by unscrupulous people who are only interested about the commercial aspect of this case.
In exchange for the offerings the young man does not give anything. One thing would be to answer some questions or give some advice to needy people to reverse a bad situation. However, here we are talking about mere offerings for an alleged campaign of Illumination, which is completely wrong.

Interlocutor: in Which spiritual plane is this Young man?

Ruanel: He is in the plane 3; he is a spirit of error.
Interlocutor: Why is he not in the plane 2?

Ruanel: Because he questions many things, but he does not reach cruelty.

Interlocutor: Is he really always in a position of meditation?

Ruanel: No, not all the time.

Interlocutor: Does he move, then?

Ruanel: Yes, of course.

Interlocutor: Then, there is a huge "turmoil" in all of this.

Ruanel: Obviously. And being incarnated, let’s think that he also has to do his physical needs.

Interlocutor: You're right; I had completely forgotten about that... How many hours of the day would he spend in a position of meditation?

Ruanel: He can spend easily 16 hours.

Interlocutor: What about the rest of the day?

Ruanel: He does his needs, he eats moderately...

Interlocutor: In any case one has to be really mad or directly reactive to spend so many hours in that position without moving...

Ruanel: No, it’s not like that, not without moving. Bridging the gap, he is like those "human statues" who can be seen in all the squares of the world, they can be without moving for some time, but then they make small movements to avoid being numb.

Interlocutor: What he does can lead him to disembodiment?

Ruanel: Yes, he’s very weak, if he does not take care of his physical part, he will end up disembodying.

Interlocutor: Is there anything more to say about this case?

Ruanel: No, just to repeat that this is not the path to Enlightenment. This young man is completely wrong. And it’s very strange that he has many followers, because amongst the people who follow him there are many people who know about Buddhism and they know that Enlightenment has nothing to do with that.

Interlocutor: Can we say that all of this is only a fraud?

Ruanel: On behalf of the people around this young man and who manipulate this situation commercially, the answer is yes.

Interlocutor: This young man believes that he is actually the reincarnation of Siddhartha Gautama?

Ruanel: Yes, but of course he is not.

Interlocutor: Do you agree if we conclude with the session here so that the vessel rests?

Ruanel: All right.

Interlocutor: See you later then.

Email received: Life without food

Dear sir / Madame
Last year there was some news of an east Indian man who hadn't eaten, but just drank water for so many years, the American military were interested in him and asked him how he did it? He said he meditated a lot, which lead them to say he hadn't got time to do that. Do you know the outcome of this?
Paul. A.

Dear Friend:
The case of this Indian man is a hoax, it's a matter of common sense, nobody in the physical plane can do that, there is a session we had about a boy called Ram Bahadur Bomjon in Nepal, who also claimed to do the same thing... and you know what?

He used to eat unbeknownst to the people around him and drink water as well.

The spirit of this boy (Ram Bahadur Bomjon) is a spirit of error of the plane 3, completely mistaken about illumination and the path of Light.

The true path or Light has nothing to do with meditation, prayers, fasting or mantras, but with SERVICE (Love in Action).

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