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Previously we revealed that our planet had been seized and hijacked by alien beings thousands of years ago and instead of invading our planet in a conventional way, as we saw in many movies, they had silently controlled the human population by means of infiltration considering our race as a DNA resource of experimentation.

Back in those days our planet was colonized unbeknownst to the majority of the people who dwelled on Earth. In the physical plane they planned the control of humanity by implanting false beliefs and religions, creating a hierarchical society in a pyramidal way and manipulating our DNA, so that our psychic abilities were clouded and we do not perceive clearly that we were slaves. These beings designed the mechanism of control that works even in our time, the system envisioned to enslave humanity and consequently put in place was known as money.

These Alien beings managed to infiltrate in our society, mixing their DNA with human people in key positions of power, which were known as royalty, These Elites now believe they have the right to rule the world and they consider themselves as unique and special, just because their DNA is part human and part alien and have “exotic” technology at their disposal; at the moment they were known as kings, princes and royalty and they preserved their genetic lineage through the ages. Nowadays they are part of this select group that controls the economic power, the military and technologic advances for the future of the human population.

Although it might be hard to believe it, the human race is now considered a subservient race by these beings and a source of DNA material for experimentation and manipulation, they know how valuable our genome is and they have always tried to boost their own genetic pool in order to achieve a hybrid race that will replace the present Homo Sapiens sapiens in the future, this is one of the reasons they keep in mind for their plan of human depopulation.

Mankind ignores the hidden agenda of the Elite, even though their plans are hidden in plain sight, but now we are going to focus mostly on the spiritual prison that was established by this colonizing force, which was called accurately “Matrix” by many people, interestingly the best way to hide the truth was portrayed in sci-fi movies and series, I can mention the British series called “the prisoner” during de 60s as well, which was released by people in the agencies of intelligence, who wanted to transmit the truth using this strategy.

The history of the conquest of this solar system and the galactic wars occurred thousands of years ago is quite extensive; and was partially disclosed by contactees, mediums and clay tablets, it could take many books to explore it, however, we are going to say that after the previous humanity that inhabited this planet was defeated and enslaved, the colonizing race implanted a holographic prison capable to entrap the souls of those human beings that lived on this planet, the intruders put in place this technological mechanism in order to force an eternal cycle of reincarnation by hoodwinking those who died. They put in place a holographic grid, which is monitored from the moon and it’s designed to deceive those souls that disembody on this planet.

This also can be hard to believe, but if we consider that our moon has a strange behavior and controls many aspects of the living beings and cycles on Earth, we can certainly say that the moon works as a command and control center, which is operated remotely by these alien beings and it is spying on us since it was put in its current place thousands of years ago and it could be even artificially built. This fact is known by governments, secret agencies and even the Vatican.

Returning to this holographic grid, if it were not in place, we could embody in other planets or go anywhere we wanted in the universe using our free will as we said it before, however this is not the case at this moment. Many souls have been dropped on this planet from other planets, evil and cruel beings from other solar systems have embodied on this planet and their memories have been wiped out when they were born.

In addition, many spirits of Light from enlightened beings that lived on other planets have volunteered to work on behalf of the spiritual evolution of this planet and try to break free from this cycle of slavery, but their memories have also been wiped out, due to the same mechanism, however some of them have managed to remember some things because this holographic grid has actually holes and it’s not working properly as it should, Luckily now, more than ever, it’s possible for humanity to escape from this prison planet.

The mechanism is unknown to our present science, but this energy grid that captures the souls of those people who die on Earth, works like an illusion or a holographic reality and it operates disguising holographic entities as dead relatives, angels, beings of light, religious Avatars or even as the Master Jesus in many cases. These characters appear in the Afterlife or near death experiences according to the religious belief of the person that disembodies, the purpose is always the same, their plan is to trick those souls so that they cannot escape from Earth and these souls are forced to reincarnate over and over again repeating incarnations always on this planet, these fake entities of light induce the souls of the people who die, so that they follow through the light or they go to the light at the end of this holographic tunnel in many cases, and since the soul has no memories from past lives in that moment, the soul falls into the trap.

It’s very important to underline that this Spiritual trap only works on Earth, which is why many people call it “prison planet” , this grid does not exist on other planets and the soul has free will to go anywhere in the universe. Luckily the vibration of this planet is changing and human consciousness is expanding more and more, which is why this Energy grid has some failures and a strong spirit free from ego and attachments has the unique chance to escape from this trap once and for all and end this cycle of reincarnation.

The key to success on this plan of escape from this “Matrix” has to do with self-determination, every night while meditating before you go to sleep focus on returning to the Absolute Eon or focus on going to any other planet in the universe that has a higher spiritual vibration and by the moment you pass away you will remember NOT to follow any light or spiritual Avatar. Do NOT believe it even if a dead relative talks to you, do not believe it, even if the Master Jesus appears in front of you with radiant light. Ask yourself always: Why would the Master Jesus take the time to talk to you and tell you that?

This system of prison is designed to manipulate your feelings and attachments, stay strong and use your free will if you want to be free in the moment you realize you have passed away, because this trap will trick you to keep you imprisoned on this planet. Should you follow this plan you have a good chance to stop the cycle of reincarnation on this planet, if you do not want to embody again here. In the end it’s a matter of personal decision, because each one of us should not be forced to embody or choose unwillingly where to embody. Luckily for all of us many people are awakening and sooner or later we hope that humanity breaks free from this prison and exert their own sovereignty, self-determination and  free will without being manipulated or deceived, It’s time to stop being lied to and break free. The most important thing is that you do NOT relinquish your free will or your sovereignty to any god or being. Remember that the Absolute does not need to be worshipped or to be obeyed, Eon created all of us with free will and that law is respected by everyone in the universe.

All the Light to you all!!!    

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