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We discussed previously that our planet is actually a sentient organism, which has a vibrational connection with all the living beings than inhabit on it, In essence its frequency has been changing during this year to the point that some people have become more insane and cruel and others who do not adapt to this change are becoming more violent and deeply aggressive.
This has been detected by many people who have been struggling with the rise of vibration and they have realized that time practically slips by faster in their own perception, also, they have had presented insomnia, synesthetic feelings or even headaches.  This issue has to do with the Schumann resonance which usually had a value of 7.83 hz, (in this post we spoke about it). In this year this frequency has reached values three or four times this usual frequency, no wonder why people have become more reactive and showed less empathy or compassion to others.

In addition, we pointed out that our Mother Earth is moving forward to another plane of consciousness, a subtler vibration in which all the creatures will eventually have to cope with or they will feel some degree of disarray and detachment from Earth itself.

So that you all understand, all the living creatures on this planet, Humans or animals have a symbiotic relationship with the planet, as a matter of fact, we all live on this planet because the planet has “agreed” to have us on its surface, so to speak, essentially we are like tenants or parasites that live on Earth, and each one of us has to choose either to ascend or to perish.

This is going to be another paradigm, It’s the planet the one that choses who is going to inhabit its surface, not the human or extraterrestrial beings, this is the main reason why those alien beings chose to hybridize their DNA with the human race because they cannot live on this planet for longer periods of time without dying.

Now, the Evil Satanic Elite (ESE)that still has a deeper control over these presidents and politicians from powerful nations certainly know that their time is short and have planned to slow down this process because they cannot stop it, and have launched a massive attack chemtrailing the skies from certain cities with poisonous materials (Heavy metals, virus, bacteria) designed to make people ill and kill as many people they can, this pathogens have solar protection and nutrients so that they keep spreading its virulence and infection during more time.

Also, they know that they have to keep spreading violence and terror throughout many places in Europe and middle East so that people feel insecure, worried and mostly in fear, this is key so that they gain some time in their global agenda of control, this is why they have launched these false flags attacks in England/Europe/US blaming terrorist organizations.

This ESE has planned a population reduction during the next years worldwide and they envisioned that wiping out from the face of the Earth at least one third of the population, would certainly be easier for them to control of the people who are, in their own words, undesirable and useless, they have been doing so slowly with negative additives in the food and water and vaccines. They have been controlling the international bank funding wars and killing many people in the process. Now, they want to create a massive false flag event that has to do with religious beliefs and astrological signs that will be scheduled in September and October of this year. They have been discussing that a “prophet” will have to appear saying that the second coming of Jesus is at hand or the rapture of the church is near, however, this will be a holographic projection because they do have the technology to make things appear on the skies, they did it with 9/11 already and few people noticed it.
During this time it’s not sure if there is going to be an economic collapse, but seeing what the picture is it would be better if the system collapses because then, more people will wake up and realize that money is only the fuel for this system of oppression that is currently destroying our society.

Speaking about society, The ESE has been methodically destroying the core of our society, our family values, this is the main reason they have been funding  groups that promote feminism, abortion and sexual degeneracy in music and movies industry, just to mention a few. Obviously the agenda is to desensitize people when they watch violence and rape in the media.
This evil agenda has been funded by the well-known Bauer family (aka Rothschild) one of the 13 bloodlines that controls the international bank in England, France and other countries in Europe, they have literally put a black magic spell on money and that is why many people are  eager to get money above all things.

The occult rituals of the ESE have gone deeply insane, lately there has been an increase of (blood sacrifice of children, satanic abuse, pedophilia and many forms of mind control on the people who work with them) the ESE are not aware that they are slaves of the system (most of them have MPD (multiple personality disorder) and that’s why they became arrogant and developed psychopathic behavior, they have infiltrated the secret services and now they are criminal organizations.

I want to remark that it’s actually a great moment in the history of this planet because those beings that inhabit on this planet and do not have the same level of consciousness in the physical part will have to leave or accept the new level of vibration. They are running out of time and it’s up to us to embrace the vibration of Love and kindness to all Humanity and the planet, we have to move forward and stop being greedy people because from the moment we put our energy in the love we should have towards our neighbors and do not pay attention to this love of money they put on the masses, their power over us will cease to exist.

Remember, even if the ESE has esoteric or magic powers through demons djinns or alien entities, we have the upper hand on this fight because we have the Love vibration they will never be able to grasp from God, It’s because we have this closer relationship with the God of Love (EON) that most of the people do not know that these entities envy us and they fear that we all wake up soon and realize that we all can be free from their chains and that we do not need the money they offer to achieve the full potential we were meant to have from the beginning.

Finally, it’s very important to end this post saying that this fight is not going to be easy, but we must not forget that keeping the love to others is the key part of success, perhaps during your meditations these evil forces will attack you, but you must not fear at all because you must know that we are more powerful through the Love we have, know who the ESE are, educate yourself, do your own research, meditation or channeling, but above all things always focus on using all your knowledge for the good of the people around you.

Love and Light to you All!!!

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