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Lately, many events have come to pass and it’s time to unveil those beings that have hijacked the political, financial and economic power on this planet, we have mentioned a hierarchical entity that from now on we will mention as ESE, from previous sessions, This ESE is now divided in two separated heads, and their plan, as usual, is to take over any institutional entity and thus control the world, so to speak.

Many years ago we published a post called the “Elohim Conspiracy” which narrates how this particular group of people had contact with an off-planet civilization, well, this group of people literally became the “chosen people” by this alien race, who used them as a Trojan horse, in order to gain control over this planet by means of infiltration instead of invasion. This is pretty evident when we read in the Bible how many nations were systematically destroyed and wiped out from the face of the Earth when in contact with this “chosen people”.

Now, this particular trend of destruction has been resumed at present, even more after they gained once again power and economic control than they once had, when they became a nation in the Middle East during the last century. It’s important to remember that in ancient times there were conflicts, wars, ritualistic blood sacrifices of animals and even children destined to the ‘enjoyment’ of these evil entities that were usually called ‘gods’ such as Moloch, Ashtoreth, Baal etc. Back then, in Babylon and the Biblical times, these ritualistic practices were performed by priests in the temple where thousands of animals were murdered i.e. (2 Chronicles 7:5) These rituals were made with the purpose to grasp magical power from these entities in exchange of etheric energy released through the pain of the victims that were sacrificed in these bloody rituals.

It’s no coincidence that after WWII the pain and torture had to continue because these evil entities feed on the pain and suffering through the blood of the victims, for instance, 9/11 was a ritualistic sacrifice given the facts, numbers and date. The ESE, at present, is pushing frenetically more and more conflicts because their time is short and they need to sacrifice more children in satanic rituals and more soldiers in wars, to perform their satanic magic, but they have not been so successful in their plans, because there are still good people on this planet who know that Love and Service are elevated frequencies and many more have awakened to the truth  and their consciousness grew up so that the ESE cannot attack easily those who vibrate in Love and Harmony and for that reason the ESE will not prevail in their evil deeds.    

Today one can see that many politicians have been bought off and blackmailed and no one can attack openly or criticize and accuse the “chosen people” of the crimes their rulers committed because they managed to control the legal system and practically have a monolithic control of the MSM and the monetary system in the USA. They have been pushing false flag operations, open wars and social turmoil in the countries of the Middle East, Europe and America ever since the 9/11 attacks and they have caused the refugee crisis after the invasions they promoted.

Those who have been arming the puzzle from this site and have been digging deeply in the geopolitical framework and recent events, certainly know how they operate and thus they will not be surprised when these events keep happening, from time to time because they  operate by means of deception and Cabalistic magic, which is why the dates are particularly important for them so that their heinous attacks go unpunished, also, they keep using the Hegelian dialectic in order to get the results they want for mankind, which is total domination. They are moving now the pawns of this geopolitical chessboard in order to rot away the lifestyle of our present civilization using elements like radical Islam, Feminism, LGBT movements, groups like BLM and other financed groups form the alt-left and alt-right. 

Following this Machiavellian scheme of control and infiltration among nations, they have been breeding conflicts where there were few or none; they have been funding these radical movements to destroy the core of western civilization, which is mainly based on Christianity principles and strong family bonds. Their main goal was to undermine and, if possible, eradicate the moral values of a stable family and undermine the individual structure of the Christian family and eventually the structure of Western nations; For this reason, we know that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are not a hoax since they have successfully overthrown kings in the past and presidents in the present time.

This contacted nation, have preserved the covenant they made with this off-planet force and even now they are highly protected because their leaders have been hybridized in order to keep on this plane following the guidelines given from their off-planet leaders. Back in the medieval ages during the time of the Templars some technological artifacts were recovered and remained hidden in many secret places, this is particularly well-known by the Vatican as well, which also explains the fact they have their own telescope called “Lucifer” to monitor the return of their “masters”.

The true historic recollection of this planet was hijacked and remains hidden in the Vatican Library, books, ancient manuscripts, ooparts and gadgets from ancient civilizations have been carefully stored there and the history we usually read in history books is basically inaccurate to say the least. Historical facts have been concealed, distorted, added and even obliterated in order to accommodate the data with the official history they pushed ever since and the dogmatic narrative we find in the public libraries, this is the main reason we support historic revisionism.

In their last chance to control and detach people from their natural connection with the planet they seek to push the (AI agenda), which is why they have been investing huge amounts of money in the next 5G mobile technology, which we mentioned previously, in the hopes to promote their agenda of trans humanization, this move is easy to foresee because this money could be used to solve many problems of our current society, which needs critical attention in areas such as: Education, Jobs, Health insurance, Social infrastructure destined for the welfare of the people, but no, they are using this money to gain technological control by means of this very expensive satellites that cannot be override on Earth and thus control human population in the long run.

Since they do not care about the rest of the world, but only themselves, they have managed to dumb down the children at the school, they have misinformed, brainwashed and mind controlled the average men and women through Mass media propaganda and have divided many nations creating havoc and disorder.

However, not everything is lost, because each one of us you can use the logic and knowledge we gathered to stand up against the ESE, that is, by not relinquishing our sovereignty, free will and self-determination to them, we do not have to support the ESE financially, we do not have to buy the new technology they plan to impose on us in order to control us, we can refuse to follow their game because we have the power to choose what is best for us and our planet.

I have always said that we do have the power to change ourselves and the World, the change starts from within us, we have been granted free will by the Absolute Eon and we do not need to seek salvation from him because the Absolute does not require obedience and submission from us, for this reason it’s not advisable to worship or ask other entities to help us because we would be relinquishing our sovereignty and our inner power to these beings or angels and that is what we must avoid to do at all times.

Above all things ground yourself and pursue the noblest thoughts of Justice, Love, Service and caring about others, even if they disagree with your perspective, because our beliefs might not be always accepted, but the essence of our spiritual message is more important and life changing for the good. The master Jesus said it best: “by their fruits you will know them” I believe that if more people refuse to follow the pattern of destruction sponsored by the ESE and avoid giving time, energy and money to their projects, we can be victorious and overcome the feelings of distress anxiety and terror the ESE always tries to push over us, because that is what they want to do to us, they want to do us harm, but we are more powerful than them since we have the connection with the source of all Goodness, you might call it God, Eon, the Absolute or whatever you like, but the ESE has no knowledge about Love and freedom, which is why even the energy from the Universe will backfire at them. 

Light and Love to you all!!!      

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